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Saturday, December 26, 2015


My good friends all over the world -  I have known - some of you my very good friends - for a few years and many for over 15 years - some for over 40 years - I can vouch that I have tried my best to do right - against all hurdles - and some times totally putting my faith and hope in God - to accomplish what I have in mind - to better this world.

This year 2015 with all the turmoil going on - all over the world - I used my connections to save people in situations - where most would not dare to address.

As I said - if in your heart - the fire is right - God will allow you to act as a messenger - an enabler - a supporter - a good friend - a Brother or Sister - to make good things - happen.

In San Francisco I thank the hundreds of Sisters and Brothers - who have worked with me - to bring succor to those that most need help.

God will bless you all - and most of us embrace all faiths - but when it comes to serving - you do what is right in your heart.

You all have given me a lot of inspiration - and those in power in San Francisco - know that your numbers matter - and a force to be reckoned with.

The Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee, the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the District Attorney George Gascon, the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr - others too many to mention - full comprehend - that our role is important at ground zero - and that our work and intentions - matter.

In San Francisco - more and more we see the poor - on our streets, under bridges, under bushes, in cars and in vacant buildings - just trying to survive. San Francisco is one of the richest Cities - in the world.

It does not help - that we are experiencing heavy rains, that it is cold outside and more in the night - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is vacationing in Hawaii - pathetic. There are important things to attend at home - and he is no where to be found.

Our San Francisco Health Department - is not disclosing how many poor and indigent people - have died on our streets -  during the weeks - we all are experiencing - inclement weather.

In our City named after Saint Francisco of Assisi - many have lost their conscience - they do not want to know anything much - about those who have fallen on bad times.

People are becoming selfish - and cold - and when you become cold in your heart - those of you that do this with intent - act evil and when you act evil - you favor the - " devil " - this is truth - and make no bones about it.

Our City has a $9 Billion budget - and we do have the resources to help those that are less fortunate - however, those making the policies - prefer hoodwinking us.

Millions are expanded on supposedly providing services to the poor and the less fortunate.

An audit will prove - the most of the money is wasted. We do not have one single entity - one single Department in San Francisco - that has all the information - to address the issues at hand - when it comes to the less fortunate.

The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Those in charge - when caught with their hand in the cookie jar - look at you in the eye and lie. But long for long.

The Great Master said " blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ".

Today,  in San Francisco - with intent - poor people are kicked out of San Francisco - and this crime - cries to heaven for justice.

Our City Administrator Naomi Kelly, our SF Health Director Barbara Gracia, others who earn more than 275, 000 a year - are quick to run to the bank - to check their balances - but too slow to represent and work for those that are suppose to work for.

Infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors are suffering - slowly dying - and this has NOT happened before.

This time it is happening for so long - that most people - are becoming nonchalant - looking at the poor and indigent - those suffering - and feeling little if no pain - sometimes looking at the less fortunate with disgust.

As human beings - we are placed on this Earth - for a purpose.

We as human beings beings must embrace all LIFE - and embracing all human beings - should be our motto - more if we are brought up right, have educated ourselves on issues, have a heart to do right - and more stand up for what is right. HOMO SAPIENS.

Recently I addressed the plight of the Black in San Francisco - some Blacks purporting to be leaders - taking bribes - taking hand outs - and selling out the community at large - more the Black community.

If we visit  the jails we witness over 50% of those incarcerated are Blacks - even though Blacks account for only 2% of the population of San Francisco.

Some of us advocates ask ourselves - why?

 WE ask this of our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - of our City Administrator, Naomi Kelly, the District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen.

The President of the SF Board of Supervisors - London Breed - and none of them - seem to care, less bother - and they will be held accountable - on all counts.

Each of us human beings - must stand up - for what is right - strong in our spirit - in this land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone and I represent them.

God willing in humility - we still have some vouching for those that need help - adjudicating issues - being educated on issues - contributing our God given talents to those that need help - to better this Earth.

During this Holiday Season - it should not be about BLING - it should be about HUMILITY - about SUBMITTING to GOD - there are many that understand - what I am saying - and those other on the sidelines - that want to do right - and need our support.

God Bless You All.