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Monday, December 21, 2015


All over the world " climate change " and more sea level rise - have change the minds of the " nay sayers " - who now have all the empirical data - that points to climate change - and the many adverse impacts.

Here in the United States we have a population of about 313,233,000 - not too bad - considering we have large tracts of land, lakes, rivers, hills, mountains and so on - an area of 3,717,812.8 square miles.

It is important to remind the world that all of this land was stolen, taken by force and belongs the Native Americans.

It is also worthy of note that many Native American tribes - live on Reservations.

The land of the Native Americans forcibly taken from them - and many of many - second class citizens in their own land - know now as the United States - once known as Turtle Island.

Climate changes has adversely impacted the wine production in Burgundy,France.

In recent years the grapes are smaller, the harvest earlier, the sugar content greater - and those monitoring the quality of the various high graded wines in and around Burgundy, France - fearful the quality is not so good.

In Australia the hot climate has created - fires all over Australia.

Again, adversely impacting millions -life stock, homes, farms, forcing thousands to leaves their homes - and creating untold havoc.

Climate Change is alive and kicking - and many still keep polluting the Earth.

The Earth has the capacity the heal itself and survive - human beings - have only one chance - we must save ourselves for future generation - if we do not - we have but ourselves to - blame.

Here in California the 8th largest economy in the world - we used to be the 5th largest - we have endured - five years of drought.

This year - we have heavy rains - and we are blessed to get the rain - and what is more - heavy snow fall - where it matters - to fill our reservoirs. This is on the West Coast.

Today, December 21, 2015 we receive an inch and half of rain - it has been a long time - since we have received - an inch and half - al long, long - time.

On the East Coast of the United States - heavy rains have caused floods. Before that it was snow - as much as 20' a day - in some places. Tornadoes, hurricanes - and all this and more - because of Climate Change.

In the Indian Ocean the Maldives Islands will be no more - these islands will be drowning soon.

Sea level is playing havoc. The government of Maldives - has an agreement with Australia - where soon the population will move - the details have to be worked out - but, most of the world is not aware of this and more.

The recent gathering of leaders - agreeing to deal with Climate Change - in Paris, France is a breath of fresh air.

A friendly agreement to release less - Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere - is something to be commended.

The agreement is not binding - there is no mandate - it is an agreement of " good will " - and this may work - as most world leaders are on board.

Earlier Climate Change Agreements - failed - those held in Japan, in South Africa, in Brazil - this one worked - held in Paris, France.

This agreement followed - soon after the mayhem - the killing of innocent people - by the terrorists - who will go unnamed. 

China, the United States, India lead the world in spewing Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

Depleting the Ozone - creating a hole - allowing access sun light - to create adverse impacts - warming the Earth - causing all sorts of problems.

The Polar Bears are adversely impacted - the North Pole has large glaciers - falling apart - huge islands of ice - floating - and some of these large islands of ice - have been seen at far as New Zealand and Australia.

The melting of the ice cap in the North Pole especially - must not be taken lightly - we still have some - " nay sayers " - who fail to comprehend - that we must not take our sojourn on this Earth for granted.

The indigenous people - the First Nations, the Aboriginals, the Native Americans, the many tribes from all over the world - have been dear to my heart - and I have been blessed to meet them and work and fight for them - all these many - years.

Climate change does not happen in a vacuum - it has its origins in GREED.

In past years we have had people cut old growth forest - the red woods in California - trees that are thousands of years old.

Killing thousands of Buffalo not for their meat but for their skin. Other kill the whales and think other much. Other over fish - with greed on their mind. We know such people - and we fail to speak up.

Others have cut large tracts of forest in South American more Brazil - greedy business magnets - who steal, kill, rape the indigenous people - and clear cut - large tracts of forest.

It is the same in Africa and other countries like Indonesia - where large tracts of forest are cleared for wood - the animals, the birds, other live.

Other live forms like "frogs " - adversely impacted - pleading to us two legged human beings - for mercy.

I have been blessed - to travel to many countries - and to see things for myself.

Meet people - who in our dialog - have revealed to me - information - closer to the sources and locations - as I have described - above.

A couple of days ago I met a scientist who lives in Norway - far north of Norway are some islands - where the world's seeds are stored.

Recently, Syria which is experiencing all sorts of disasters - was forced to borrow some of the native seeds - from this source or depot.

Such mission will be common all over the world - as many communities - segments of our population - participate in clear cutting of our forest, burn large tracts, denude hills and cause soil erosion, contaminate rivers, lakes, and the watershed.

Agriculture is suffering - and MONSANTO and others - who use seeds and other forms of artificial engineering - more to adversely impact human beings.

We must preserve our Native Plants - grow organic - and stay away from MONSANTO and other demonic entities like them.

Climate Change is here - Sea Level is here - we are experiencing all sorts of tragedies - whales and all types of fish - landing our beaches - ill, and dying.

Algae one of a type - stopping the " crab harvest" in San Francisco.

These crabs when tested - have high acidity - that can bring about the demise of any human being - an entire - " crab harvest " - season - has been stopped and rightly so.

The Ocean is heating - and it has created the here in California - " El Nino " - the warm Pacific Ocean - creates winds that are warm - that mix with the cold winds from the North - and bring heavy rain.

We are experiencing them - right now - a month's rainfall in previous years - we have had that rain - in a couple of days.

For thousands of years the indigenous people - treated Mother Earth with great respect - always using and taking less - keeping in mind future generations.

Unfortunately - mostly the White men have been greedy - taking all they could - be it when they colonized the world - here in the United States - anywhere - where they seek precious metals, oil, wood - you name it.

Climate Change is here - we have an opportunity to halt the increase in the Carbon Footprint.

We must cooperate - every one - every Nation - not only China - where people are now forced to buy fresh air cans, use a mask , stay at home rather than breathe the contaminated air.

India is noted as the world most polluted - and there is empirical data to prove that fact.

The United States is playing with fire - we have contaminated large areas with radioactive elements - we have one here in San Francisco.

Attempts are made to build 30,000 homes on land that is contaminated - a Superfund Site - high levels of radioactive elements recorded  - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - think nothing much of this situation.

Adversely impacting our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our senior - others with compromised health.

We have many Environmental Groups in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world - who give awards to other Environmentalists worldwide.

Right here in San Francisco - no one wants to witness and speak up - reveal the adverse impacts - in San Francisco -thousands are slowly - dying. We have a Superfund Site - in or back yard - registering, high levels of radioactive elements.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - stolen and polluted - contaminated - the land must be abated and mitigated.

Those, evil to the core - who polluted the land in San Francisco - must clean it up.

It is the right thing to do - and time is running out.