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Saturday, December 12, 2015


San Francisco has always come together to speak to the TRUTH.

Today - and in recent times - our shared unity and destiny - lies with those to try to  lead with out a vetted Blue Print - try to lead others - and end up - misleading.

History has not been kind to leaders who have taken a stand.

Good leaders have had to pay in the past - with their lives - Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., others - too many to name - who did what they could do to inspire us and to take us to a better - place.

Today - in the Bayview the leaders who once decided - in the past 10 years - to serve the community - have failed - and this is a crying - shame.

The mostly Black leaders in the Bayview have failed - miserably to address - the plight of the homeless, housing as it ought to be addressed - with fairness and equity.

Addressing Transportation issues, liquefaction and flooding, poor infill more contaminated - land that once was the Bay - now being touted as prime - " water front property ".

Childcare, sound schools, safety in all its dimensions, health for our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - is lacking in the Bayview Hunters Point.

In the Bayview today, those with compromised health - is in the thousands - AIDS prevalent in segment of the population - beyond just the those know in the past.

Most importantly - the spiritual welfare that we were always known for in our homes is missing.

If you visit the Black churches - you see the Elderly who are clinging to their values - the children and many single mothers - missing young couples - the young adults - who see nothing viable and sustainable - which was the source and foundation - in years gone by - the Black Church and the grandmothers.

Those Blacks who came from the South - came here to the " promised land " and they attained much and left a legacy.

We have taken their legacy for granted - failed research, gather the empirical data, record the history of these brave, Black women and men  - who turned around their plight - brought HOPE to millions - and have failed to record the true - history.

Many lived in tents, in trailers, had to face the worse type of discrimination.

Not only Blacks - the Irish, and the Latinos too.

Many of us who are of age - know this - but most have not pondered to fathom - the accomplishments of those who had little - worked hard, travelled from Texas, New Orleans, Florida, New York - all the way to San Francisco.

Worked very hard, educated themselves, bought homes - built San Francisco - and made San Francisco - what it is.

Unlike many other cities in San Francisco - Blacks contributed to the making of this City and County of San Francisco from its beginning - its very inception.

I have written about this many times - and while we must honor and learn from Fredrick Douglas - who was a self-made man.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who had a vision for his people and world, many other Black women and men - their lives recorded in history - in today's world - we too much lead by example - and we must leave a - legacy that other acknowledge for good.

In recent times we the community - and those among us children, women and men in the Bayview - took on Lennar Urban.

The majority of us - did not compromise - but those who did - have done us - immense harm - and will live with their sordid actions - to speak for and be recorded - for all eternity.

The Tabernacle Group has nothing to show to the community that is holistic - a group of misled Black, pastors.

Trying to enter a field - that they know little about - as developers - pandering to Lennar Urban - in recent times - they have fallen on very - bad times.

The Tabernacle Group now wants to sue Lennar Urban - and should - so that the Courts may record for history - the TRUTH.

Kofi Bonner from Lennar Urban should issues a - a Press Release - about the on going shenanigans - and as a favor reveal to us all - all those Lennar Urban had on its pay roll - for years - including the Black Churches - who sold their soul - to the devil.

Hundreds of crooks mostly Blacks were on the pay roll of Lennar Urban that divided our community. To this day we suffer - to this day - we cannot trust - especially those that " bark up the wrong tree ".

Lennar Urban worked behind the scene to bring the " Gang Injunction " to Oakdale - in the Bayview - a one small square block that was targeted and has been targeted to this day.

Hundred of young Black men have died - it may be termed Black on Black violence - but who was behind this - senseless murdering and mayhem? Over 450 black men shot at, killed, murdered - Black on Black violence - we know this but we do not know this.

How many times did you see Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Angelo King, Derf Butler, Doris Vincent, others who purport to be the Black leaders - take a continued stand for good - and more in the last five years?

Our City and County of San Francisco has failed to address those that need help most - the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, our grandmothers who are the heroes of the day - and have taken upon themselves - to save the lives of thousands of Black babies.

No one asks anyone to sit from 7 am to 9 pm - whiling their time - at Third at Palou. We see this circus everyday - Monday thru Sunday - without fail.

Others - parking their brand new cars and doing illegal transactions - on Third Street.
Those purchasing the drugs - are those that need it - hooked on it - and to be frank mostly - Black and poor.

We known who they are - and we think - nothing of such - nefarious activities.

These actions continue to create a segment of the population - " the Living - Dead ".

Some Black folks - the loud ones - will seize the moments - to bark up the wrong tree. Mostly, because they are not educated on issues. Never bother to read, never bother to learn, never bother to listen to those that know.

Little knowledge is bad  - and then set upon targeting someone or some few - and act as if - we are participating in some kind of sordid lynching.

This nonsense must STOP.

Quality of Life Issues have been compromised in our City and County of San Francisco. More in the Bayview Hunters Point - fostering - GENTRIFICATION of the worst kind.

The disparity reigning in San Francisco - has been determined - San Francisco ranks below Rwanda a country in Central Africa.

The gap between the filthy rich and the poor - and more those living pay check to pay check - is so wide - that is it comparable to Rwanda- that is one of the poorest countries in the continent of Africa.

I asked a few people if they knew where Rwanda was - most did not know - and many thought - South America! These were people who when to school - many passed High School - and many went to some college of sorts.

The Black community in the Bayview - must STOP barking up the wrong tree - and look at itself in the MIRROR.

Continued standing up for what is right is mandatory - we we do not do this - we all will be lost. We are now down to the last - 2% - yes two percent.

The glaring fact that 50% of those incarcerated are Blacks - must spur us to act with a vetted Blue Print - to address this chronic situation.

The Black leaders must stop throwing stones at others - when they have failed themselves.

We know who really led the fight and brought about to light - the many injustices - linked to Oscar Grant - shot and killed on the Bart Station in the East Bay.

That movement any way you look at it from day one was led by San Francisco.

I was there and the first one to report the incident - writing for IndyBay.

We do not need Oakland to come into our City and bring their injustices that are many - when Oakland still lags - and has to face up an address it many failings.

We appreciate the love - but not the raucous manner - in which it is expressed and the unruly behavior at City Hall - creating pandemonium and leaving a sour taste. Time will tell.

Again we love our sisters and brothers of Oakland - but when you interfere in our business - when truly those that must be held and be held accountable for  - are those who bark up the wrong tree.

Those San Francisco Black leaders - who hide behind fake shields in San Francisco - who must be brought to the fore - and be  adjudicated.

We must have a " independent body " - one that comes with the blessings of the Department of Justice - with the Attorney General of the United States of America - a Black woman - leading the investigation - fully in charge in large measure.

We need a Congressional hearing - to bring to the fore - those Representatives like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - who have been aiding and abetting the - " developers " while failing to acknowledge the Muwekma Ohlone who land this is.

Up until 1927 - Whites could kill the Native American and killed thousands of them - and sell Native American scalps for a meager - $5 ( five dollars).

These killings on our streets today - are tied to developers and land issues - priority given to building - " market rate housing ".

Removing poor people - mostly Black and thrown them on the streets - forced to face the inclement weather - and slow die. Many of them once - middle class - now homeless and designated as - " indigent ".

Every avenue has been created in the last 10 years - to remove Black people - and Willie L. Brown Jr. a former " thug Mayor " of San Francisco, many Black pastors, other Black sell outs have contributed - actively - to this situation. 

Lack of Wellness Centers, lack of sound facilities for the " mentally challenged ". More with that wrap around services - we know that - but, we prefer to go for the mundane - BLING - BLING - BLING.

Our San Francisco Unified School District - has failed to reveal and educated our children - on the true history of the Native Americans, the Black, the Latinos, others that matter and have built this City from its inception.

In today's Society we need - Law and Order.
We need law and order that respects the constituents. All segments of the community - with sound protocols - and as emphasis on " Community Policing " we have the model in place and it has been in place for the last 10 years.

We need law and order in San Francisco. We need to implement the PERF report - sitting on the shelves and gathering - dust.

We need to read the Unfinished Agenda - written over 20 years ago - and still available with the Human Right Commission - no one bothers to read - what those that had wisdom - put together.

We prefer to mention the - Outmigration Report " - that has some qualified suggestion - but nothing note worthy. Those who created it - side tracked the real issues facing Blacks in San Francisco.

If you introduce and give free reign to the anarchists - from the East Bay - all hell will break loose. That is a fact - and all the good we have - will be for nothing.

Some want that  mostly those pander, the sell outs want it - because of their short attention span. They can never see the glass - half-full. More importantly they cannot see - beyond their nose.

This turmoil that we witness today - will grown bigger and adversely impact thousands.

The Ohlone were here for thousands of years. Carbon dated 13,000 years.

This City and County of San Francisco - thinks that by ignoring this - " one known real fact that influences everything " - the City and County of San Francisco - can go forward. The City and County of San Francisco - must think - again.

To the contrary - what is going to happen - is that this City and County of San Francisco - is that the City will drown in the " cesspool " - of its own making - if we do not care for the POOR - and those that have fallen on bad times - through no fault of their - own.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that back him and advice him - and help put out fake - Press Releases - are in for a ride.

It will be wild ride - and you know that your foundation - is weak - even as you all are weak in the knees, spineless, asleep at the cockpit, have no fortitude and have NO - soul.

For how long can you divide the people - create divisiveness - LIE _ and think for a second - you are doing right - when you are doing - WRONG.

The Great Spirit sees it all - and your day has come. Aho.