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Saturday, December 19, 2015


The Muwekma Ohlone

Our Universities, our Colleges, our institutions that matter - have been slow to take on the San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco Planning Commission.

Both the SF Planning Commission and the SF  Planning Commission -  have let us down  - the constituents of San Francisco.

An organization - dubious in nature - SPUR - has been putting out information - suggesting plans - other modes of addressing housing - transportation, pushing for high density, favoring market value units - less affordable housing for those make under $80,000  - all detrimental to the our Neighborhoods.

Our neighborhoods are diverse - we embrace true " diversity ".

We have unique restaurants, cuisine from all over the world, music and dance, and people that speak so many languages - that it baffles those from other cities - we have been blessed - but for those that have come to upset the apple barrel.

That is why all over San Francisco - we have been thriving - all these many years - more, since 1906 - after the great Earthquake - until the arrival of the so called " techies " and the evil, corrupt - selfish - developers.

Now  - with the invasion of the "techies" - AirB&B that owes millions in taxes to San Francisco, others - who do not have the best interests of our City and County of  San Francisco.

In the last ten years over 60,000 families have left San Francisco. Thousands of decent folks who contributed so much to our City and County of San Francisco. Never to return again.

More, the crooked developers like Forest City, Lennar Urban, that ignore - " cultural competency " that think they can bring their sordid methods and values from Miami, Florida - the East Coast to San Francisco - the premier City on the West Coast - know all over the world for its diversity.

The above when being instrumental in pushing so many away from San Francisco. Lowering the standards - three and four families living in a one and two bed room unit. Paying $3500 for a one bed unit - $4500 for a two bed room unit.

The City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - known for his compassion. We San Franciscans embrace all - the nonsense played before us  - has been stressing us out.

Crime is on the increase, shootings and killings, and the Mayor and those in charge - blowing hot air - spewing diatribe - and thinking - they can fool - all the people all the time.

In recent years - the flower children, the Grateful Dead, other bands and organizers of large music events - Bill Graham and others - have made their home in San Francisco.

In many of the artistic fields - we San Franciscans - have contributed so much.Those of us alive and kicking will do so - until we close our eyes.

Even today the many artists who still have remained - are putting their best foot forward.
The Burnin Man events started here in San Francisco - as I said - we continue to contribute to the artistic field.

Artists are the core to any culture  throughout civilization - not greed developers - and those that only have their own selfish and sordid - interests.

We lost many of our decent, tax paying constituents - during the era.

 I did what I could to accommodate many in the Presidio of San Francisco - but when the Presidio Trust - chose to target those that we had saved - increasing their rents - the artists had to leave - they could not afford the large rents - demanded - and more unfriendly - attitude.

Our City should save our artists and accommodate them with reasonable rents - not so much in a contaminated area - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that is contaminated - more, in areas that are clean and can bring holistic - results.

Our SF Planning Department loves to talk about Open Space - but no mention of Recreation Facilities.

We need the Open Space - with need more urgently the facilities to clean up, drink clean water, swimming pools, gyms, areas to protect the infants, the children, the youth, seniors from the inclement weather.

With a roof over one's head to rest, and participated in indoor exercises, other programs that can only be held in doors - wood craft, painting, dancing, Tai Chi, the many aerobic classes - now popular - cooking classes - much like we have been doing for years.

San Francisco Recreation and Park has become so bold as to break the laws and are now conniving behind close doors - to build a hotel next to the Place of Fine Arts.

 Over 20,000 signatures collected - to stop this idea - that is detrimental to all - we San Franciscans - stand for.

Phil Ginsburg and his gremlins must be ashamed of themselves.

Phil Ginsburg - does not even know the history of the Palace of Fine Arts.

 How many hotels do we need in  San Francisco - when we already have so many - match boxes - that accommodate those that visit our City - only to find so many homeless;  filth and dirt on our streets.

Our youth and young adults must be educated on issues - on important matters linked to Quality of Life issues.

Housing, transportation, safety, health issues like  sound hospitals and clinics - charity care for those that are poor and the indigent.

The Carbon Footprint that has increase by 800% in San Francisco.

Our City leaders - pulling wool over their eyes - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee, our City Administrator Naomi Kelly, others who we know - failing to comprehend the basics - ignorant and failing to review the empirical data.

The tons of concrete, the particulates from the many vehicles, the methane gas some 600,000 tons - City wide - latest empirical data - proves what we have been saying for the longest time ever.

One ton of Methane gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The City's Department of the Environment, the Department of Building Inspection, the SF Health Department and its Environmental Section - headed by Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell - failing our constituents - to review of these entities.

Greedy developers building Market Rate housing - have failed our great City.

These crooks not wanted in San Francisco - no one decent invited them - are building on land that belongs the Muwekma Ohlone that I represent - on matters like Base Closure, Land Use, Planning, Infrastructure, Transportation - you get my drift. Enough in enough. Aho.