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Thursday, December 3, 2015


San Francisco is going to the "dogs" - the homeless everywhere and tents propping up everywhere.

Filthy, stinky, with sores and more - folks - entering the MUNI buses - a health hazard - and the stench emitted so nauseating - it  makes one puke.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has single handedly compromised - Quality of Life issues - in San Francisco.

The congestion on our roads is bad, the air polluted, the land and Bay contaminated - this is NOT - Beijing the Mayor truly thinks - by changing the skyline - is is doing something good - when he is acting - as a FOOL.

Petty crime has increased by leaps and bound in San Francisco.

Home break-ins, robberies, theft, assaults - everywhere - and those that commit such crimes - target the seniors, those vulnerable who cannot defend themselves - one even chose to try his luck on me - until I beat the shit out of him.

On Third Street and around Oakdale Street closer to Ingalls - on many days - I have counted the San Francisco Police Department - go round and round - driving their SF Police Department cars.

A one Block Public Housing - over 80 times - circling the Block - wasting tax payers - money.

Who is paying these officers to waste tax payers money - who is paying for the gas?

Yesterday, December 2, 2015 around 3:45 pm - closer to Paul Avenue - a Black man surrounded by the SF Police Department - guns drawn - the Black man apparently had a knife in his hand - he was gunned down.

One Black man and ten SF Police Officers surround him - and with all the training - they could not take him in custody - we need to review who is training whom - and how are they training them?

There are videos of the incident floating around. Pathetic - you want to deal with real gangs - go to Compton and try Chicago.

Another case for Chief Greg Suhr to worry about - some SF Police Officers - trigger happy.

Added to the foolish of the so called handsome Queer Cop - who run into folks - a hit a run - now, has to account for his foolishness. He needs to be fired.

On November 21, 2015 in the wee hours of the morning - someone called Dispatch and told them someone with a gun was in a unit - at 106 Burrows by San Bruno.

The location really is a CAFE that was closed for day -  has gated -and this was 1 am in the morning.

The SWAT team created a ruckus - tried to break down the gates - caused damage - and when they could not get in - the chose another - avenue to make their worthless - point.

Apparently, the caller said there was a " domestic violence" incident going on - and this was far from the truth.

The SF Police Department SWAT team - surrounded the building - 106 Burrows - tried to kick the gate to the CAFE -  with no results. Then guns drawn - ascended the stairs - and used undue force - to force a lady to open the door.

She told the SF Police Office she was alone with her children - and there was no " domestic violence " - in her apartment.

She was White - and may  be this prevented her from losing her life.

What is happening to San Francisco - and who do you think - needs some training linked to Cultural Competency - a mandated six monthly Psychological examination - and more when it comes to acting in such situation - more analysis and not making a fool of themselves.

We have the Street Violence Prevention - with crews and teams ready to go - from 10 am to 6 pm for sure. Available at other time also - why not try - method - where the local folks - trained - can prevention violence and for sure death.


This land belongs to the Ohlone and was stolen.

No one told anyone to develop the land and create - a disparity gap - the disparity gap in San Francisco is so great - that San Francisco - ranks below - RWANDA.


These few rogue cops cannot do their job.

There are folks selling drugs on Third Street - from morning to night - I bought this situation to the attention of the Chief of Police - where the other so called - law enforcement - drive by these folks - who stay parked in one place - do not feed the meter - and in broad day light - do their sordid - business.

We need facilities to address the serious cases of those who are mentally challenged.

We need training - and lead to CAREER job.

City build is a JOKE - they waste millions - and have not made any impact - when it comes to career jobs.

I have studied the Violence Prevention and Intervention for years - studied the RAP program, the Community Response Network, other fancy names Street Violence Intervention Program - the worst the Mayor's IPO model - that is going no where.

Quality of Life Issue - does not exist in San Francisco - any more - petty crime is every where - forcing those that want to be alive - to carry weapons.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys should be ashamed of themselves for ganging up on Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Creating animosity - creating divisiveness - typical for those that have a Napoleonic complex.

We now have a new Sheriff who is a lackey - time will tell.

Our SF Board of Supervisors - have no clue what is happening at ground zero - more Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, and Julie Christensen - one worse than the other.

We need to build on the programs that prevent those with non-violent crimes - going to 850 Bryant - a place known to many as " a hell hole " - others called it San Francisco's - SHIT HOLE.

The plumbing does not work - feces and its contents - contaminating large areas.

The electrical wires are old - and Blackouts are common.

The entire place stinks to high heaven.

The facility was built for programs to cater to situations and needs - in the 1950s.

We are here - in the year 2015 - and have nothing positive to show - more when it comes to - concrete REHABILITATION.

We have fifty percent of those incarcerated Blacks - when the Black population of San Francisco - is dwindling - and around 2% of the entire population - which is around 820,000.

San Francisco disparity between the filthy rich and the poor - is below that of RWANDA.

The idiots like Mayor Edwin M. Lee cannot not get it - those that support this JERK - do not get it.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee keeps giving Salesforce, Zynga, Twitter, the John Stewart Company, Nibbi, Cahill, Webcor - others large tax breaks and sole bids on a platter.

When will this nonsense STOP.

Wake up San Francisco and STOP spending a penny on NEW JAILS.

The filthy rich who are not invited here - need to leave San Francisco - while the going is good - soon they will - have to leave - in a hurry - at time is coming. 

This is Ohlone land and those that are greedy, sordid, evil in their ways - are not wanted - less invited to San Francisco. Aho.