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Monday, December 7, 2015


We once had some semblance in San Francisco - no more.
We now have an increase of shootings and killings.

Thousands homeless and sleeping on our streets - facing the inclement weather.

Quality of Life compromised on all levels.

Three and four families living in one bed room units - paying as high as $3500 and more. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed on many levels - and thinks that the -latest changes - to increase housing by building - high density units - with few Recreational Facilities - will help at this late - date.

We are shocked by the " spot zoning " - people are angry - and the "ire" has reached saturation point - and Mayor Edwin M.Lee thinks nothing of it.

Steve Kawa and Tony Winziger better sit down with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and find a solution - this is Ohlone land - and the ancestors - will not tolerate what we are now seeing- an increasing of suffering and people slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco.

The " bubble " will burst soon - and those "techies " that now are salivating - will be licking - their chops.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no vision, less leadership - no fortitude - he is a cardboard Mayor - he says much and means - nothing at all.

It is time we use our votes - meaningfully - for too long - have we brought in - spineless candidates - sell outs - " lap dogs " and when we do so - the result is what we are experiencing - today.

We are NOT mandated to invite those that want to come to San Francisco - and ruin our neighborhoods.

This land - all the land - every square inch - we see is Ohlone land.

The City and County of San Francisco got the land - for free. in fact they stole the land - raped the women, killed the men - forced the children to go to boarding schools - and all this and more - serious crimes - and taught in our schools.

The stakeholders - just put a stake in the land - claimed it and got it.

The history is there for all to read.

This land - all of it - belongs to the Native Americans - in the case of San Francisco - the Ohlone.

18 treaties signed between the Native American Tribes of California were never ratified - this by the United States government.

These facts are not revealed to the public at large. 

This history that matters - not taught to our children at school.

The thieves do not want you to know - the TRUTH.

These thieves want to keep this information hidden - but we must shed light - where there is abject - darkness.

We must expose those that keep people down - the thieves, the robbers, the greedy - those that continue to oppress decent, hard working people - those that have BLOOD on their hands.

Up until 1927 - Whites could kill a Native American and fetch $5 of the scalp.

Redskins is a term - associated with scalp hunters - few know about this fact - as they know little about most things - important.

The rich and those that are changing planning rules and regulation.

Land Use policies - housing policies - watering down the California Environmental Quality Act.

The Environmental Impact Reports and Studies - others pertinent vetting tools - linked to Quality of Life issues - these greedy, sordid scumbags of the Earth - they want it all for themselves.

In the last 5 years - according to reliable reports - over 30,000 families have left San Francisco - never to return - again.

Most of those who left San Francisco - contributed to building our neighborhoods - and now - we have the greedy, the "thugs" - those so called " techies " - who have no clue about Quality of Life issues.

They are " cardboard " - we saw them before - during the " dot com " - I dealt with them before - I see them today - useless, scum of the Earth - selfish - the worship the money they make - and are useless when it comes to Quality of Life - know little if nothing - about - " cultural competency ".