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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee
can't you see
is killing us all

San Francisco in one of the richest cities in the world -  with have an abundance of BILLIONAIRES - other filthy rich - and the divide between the poor, more the indigent - greater than ever - we have seen - before.

I took a tour to see what is happening on ground zero - I was disgusted - nearly puked - to see how our City and County of San Francisco and more our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has treated the thousands of poor - sleeping on our streets.

No one seems to care - and thousands of people walk by - as if these human beings - lying there - do not need help and the dignity of all human beings - is now being adversely - impacted.

Under the bridges, under bushes - and more and more in the hundreds - the poor - many unkempt - now invading our neighborhoods. 

People in the neighborhoods - are shocked - so many people contact me - that I had to check and see - things first down town - to realize - that those in power at City Hall - and more in Room 200 - of full of it.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly,  those in charge of the Mayor's Office of Housing - like Olson Lee - should all be ashamed of themselves.

Our City and County has been named after Saint Francis of Assisi - the Saint renowned for his compassion - here, we have our City officials - playing with fire.

In any other civilized country - they all should have resigned. Instead they all will be eating and drinking - making merry - and none of them - have any concerns - about the thousands of poor - that have no shelter - no family - and most important no LOVE and shared COMPASSION - that our City of San Francisco is know for - all over the World.

We have thousands of units - vacant - more market price housing - defying decency, mocking the poor, the infants, the children, the youth - young adults.

Most importantly - seniors - sleeping of our streets - many of them - belonged to the " middle class " - now, they have fallen on bad times.

God is watching - these gremlins - these evil City officials - who think they can speak from both sides of their mouth.

More - at the many - " press conferences " - look at you in the eye and lie - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - will NOT leave a legacy - he has single handedly - created this mess.

Where is the Safety and Protection to those that most need it?

Where is the compassion - through out the year?

Why are these folks in office - when they cannot represent - and who invited them - to serve the people?

All this in the land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - the land was stolen, the women raped, the children taken and incarcerated in Boarding Homes - you could kill a Native American - up until 1927 and fetch - a measly - $5.

We have sufficient people in San Francisco - and we do not want this invasion - of folks that have no soul - more like cardboard - known as "techies" - they can do back where they came from.

They have brought an increase in rent - one bed room units now going for over $3500 - and many families three and four - sharing a one bed room - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks this fact is funny?

Now, we want to bring the festivities linked to Super Bowl 50 - to San Francisco - the people united - do not want this to happen - to be paid by the tax payers.

The 49ers moved to Santa Clara and they can have all their festivities there - El Nino will play a role - that will favor the people - the Mayor and those lackeys - who favor the 50th festivities - lined to the National Football League - will suffer the consequences. 

It is not too late - to move the festivities - out of San Francisco - all of them.

Such events - shenanigans, ploys and machinations have happened before - and the result has adversed those that pay taxes - money taken from our General Fund - to make up for the huge - losses.

Much, as we have been forced to pay - in the past - with the sordid so called World Yachting Events - other events - put on by Oracle, Sales Force - other filthy rich corporations - that use San Francisco - like a dirty rag.

The poor could have  been accommodated at the " Armory " on Mission Street - large enough - to shelter hundreds.

 The City of San Francisco - chose to sell it to a Porno Company - the City and those who in the Real Estate Office who work for our City - must be ashamed of themselves.

The Armory  had hundreds of beds, blankets, and all the essentials - needed in an emergency - to accommodate those in need.

Here is the Mayor, Edwin M.  Lee giving excuses - saying that it is not true - that the homeless have increased - on our streets.

YES -  you have to be BLIND to speak to the contrary - Mr Mayor and those like you that have NO compassion.

Shame on San Francisco - and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who are busy - enjoying their so called Christmas Holidays.

More, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell - one worse than the other - and all of them a disgrace to the human race.

Take a tour of our City and County of San Francisco - with a huge budget of $ 9 Billion - Yes 9 BILLION - and here we have the homeless - facing the heavy rain - the inclement weather.

As I said there is a God - and no one who harms the poor - will get a pass.

" Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven ".

Never, ever in San Francisco have we seen - so many homeless, the mentally challenged - on our filthy roads.

Adversely, impacting safety, filthy conditions that can bring about diseases, many entering our buses unkempt - exposing the innocent and those with frail health - putting the innocent in harms way.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee must walk the streets - and see things for himself - he talks too much - and now is the time and season - for him to take his ass to the streets and see things for himself.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has got used to tell lies - but, things are catching up - the people are fed up - and the last Elections - reveal the real - facts.