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Sunday, December 6, 2015


" Black Life Matters " - understanding these words needs discernment, education, compassion, fortitude - most importantly - cultural competency.

I have said it before and will say it again - our City and County of San Francisco - be it the SF Board of Supervisors - the majority of them - and especially Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - are racists.

So is our Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - he talks the talk but has failed - to walk the walk.

The Mayor will admit that a Black man - gave the family money - a large amount - to keep his family restaurant afloat - that is when his father died - and his mother and siblings - had to survive.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - admits this fact - but has failed to serve the Black community - in San Francisco in a fair manner.

This happened in Oregon where the Mayor hails from - he is not originally from San Francisco - and will never, ever be.

Those that I mentioned may all be bewildered, confounded, and confused - to find out - how racists they are  -  the fact remains they are.

 The way they come to conclusions - the verbosity and more speaking in circles - their heart - NOT in the right place. Nonchalant.

How many Blacks have to die - so that we begin to fully comprehend as human beings - that Blacks have a life - and all life is precious?

Recently we were shocked to see many San Francisco Police Officers surround the son of Mrs Woods from the Bayview - shoot and kill him.

Her son - Mario Woods was mentally challenged - he needed help - and he was killed in cold blood.

Yes he was - no other way to - to dismiss this incident - ten, twelve officers surrounded the young Black man - and shot him - when he could have been disarmed.

If in all the training, it takes ten, twelve SF Police Officers to surround  a  " Mentally Challenged " young Black man  - Mario Woods - to shoot and kill - and fail to disarm this Black man.

Then something is critically, wrong - with the training given - to the San Francisco Police Officers - the instructors - and the Chain of Command must sit down - and fix this on going - nonsense.

There is discussion now that we need a brand new jail - spending over $300 million.

San Francisco has received a grant of $80 million from the State of California - to help us - invest in other programs that have offered Alternatives to Incarceration.

However, again and again - most everyone who is a racist, has no clue about life - want to solve problems - using incarceration.

They prefer - to take a short cut - and these chronic " racists" think - they can fool all the people all the time.

They want the $80 million to build a jail - not so much to use it - entirely - for Alternatives to Incarceration.

Blacks are dwindling in San Francisco.

More and more we see the Mentally Challenged - not only Blacks but others - a lot of them - just roaming our streets - not only down town San Francisco - now, more and more in our - neighborhoods.

Millions of dollars have been spent on " incarceration " - but parents, loved ones, others that have to deal with the - " mentally challenged " - are looking for - " supportive services".

Wrap around services for those that are " mentally challenged " - and little or no help is available.

It is a fact today that normal people are - heavily stressed - so imagine those that have some post traumatic stress.

Those, that that are " mentally challenged " - need help with supportive services - getting their medications - and are left to fend for themselves.

Then there are those who " prey " on our mentally challenged.

We see them all over the place - they sleep where they can - eat what they find - from the garbage bins - and we think that God is not watching - that we who can - we look, see, watch, and do nothing at all.

In my life time I have stopped many - mentally challenged - from being victimized.

One great advocate who understood this dilemma = comprehended the many underlying forces - was the former Michael Hennessy - may God bless him - all the days of his life.

The first thing he did when he retired - was take time to look after his loved one. Sheriff Michael's Hennessy's heart was always in the right place.

He did his best to serve those that need help most.
Michael Hennessy was a living saint - unlike the jerks we have today - who think they can step in his shoes - with their sordid - life style - morasses. 

The many services - the mentally challenge others who come out from our jails - receive today - originated with Sheriff Michael Hennessy - he planted those seeds.

Those who have stepped in today - want to do something - but their heart in not in the right place.

Yet, when there was a hearing - " Alternatives of Incarceration " - all sorts of clowns came out to speak about themselves and their fake programs - the usual suspects from the San Francisco Health Department - speaking in tongues - but no one mentioned - Sheriff Michael Hennessy.

No one took time to speak to the following and more:

The lack of Cultural Competency and the deep  - lacking of understanding - of what is means to be - " Black".

What is means to be an - " Immigrant ".

What is means to be " Latino".

What is means to be a " Pacific Islander" - a Samoan, a Tongan and so on.

What is means to be a " Filipino ".

 What is means to be " Asian" and within that sub-set Southeast Asian.

What is means to be from El Salvador and the other South American nations - Argentina and so on.

What it means to be from the other diverse nations - never, ever forgetting - the " Native Americans ".

That most in this Nation - have taken for granted.

There is no provision given to the San Francisco Police Department in their training - to have the representatives from these cultural backgrounds - to speak to the Officers - so that they can find out - more.

One can read something - hear someone speak to a fact - but it is another - meeting a live human being - and finding out -  how all humans are connected.

There is no lessons given on " human being and how we all are connected  - we now have methods linked to DNA testing - that can take us and our connectivity - to the first female - who originated from the Continent of Africa.

These divisions prevailing - from years of " blatant racism " stemmed in " slavery " - shades of color - lack of opportunities - creating hurdles to keep - some at bay - should not be here in the year 2015.

However, again and again Nepotism - other types of favors given to some.

Fair play denied to others - more in the City and County of San Francisco - more, prevalent in the San Francisco Health Department - cry to heaven for justice.

Millions are received - with statistics gathered from the Bayview Hunters Point - millions of dollars - and not one dollar is spent in the Bayview.

Again sell outs the likes of Aurelius Walker, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jone, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, Al Williams, the Tabernacle Group, Derf Butler, Angelo King - sell outs given contracts on a platter - we know them all - and are watching them - even as Blacks in the Bayview are used as fodder.

We can sit down and make some agreements - we need all to be on the same page - we must not allow the above to divide the community - they must be held accountable.

Blacks life Matter - but try telling that to a - " red neck " - some biased buffoon - who thinks she or he is superior - that type of mentality - must be flushed - down the commode.

We have Black so called representatives - that are Pathetic - use make up that make them look like a - lemur - one of them Malia Cohen.