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Friday, December 11, 2015


Crescent Developers is one to these crooked Miami based
developers much like Lennar Urban who have invaded San Francisco seeking to add to their sordid - fortunes.

These developers - wheeling and dealing - promising to invest over $165 million - Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan, Tiffany Bohee and others salivating - but now the deal is no more. It will adversely impact so called - " affordable housing prospects " - and the Transit Center - itself.

Crescent Height had plans to hook up with a Chinese financial partner Dalian Wanda Group - controlled by Billionaire Wang Jianlin - the third largest Real Estate mogul in China. In days to come we will learn more.

It is fun to watch the Transbay Joint Powers Authority and more the so called experts who do not have - " a vetted risk management at hand " - discuss their project - with fake goals - time lines that are falling apart - and now the " risk management " - linked to the many projects - at bay.

All sorts of gimmicks - presentations that have large loop holes - and those in charge holding an empty bag.

One factor the stand out - early on - the employees of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority - secured all their - " employees benefits "  - pension, workers compensation - they did these with haste - securing their personal interests - with haste.

More, since technically they are not even employees of the City and County of San Francisco. Millions invested in good for nothing TJPA employees. Employees who have failed the State of California and San Francisco.

It does not help the United States  Federal Government has decided NOT to fund many of the large transportation projects - in San Francisco.

That includes the High Speed Rail - purportedly now costing billions - large tracts of land needed by the High Speed Rail - involved in Court Cases - and there is more.

Wait until Crescent Height pulls some other issues from its bag of tricks - and jumps off the bandwagon - when it comes to 10 South Van Ness. A SF City property that was handled one on a platter to the crooked - developers.

Some crook took a 5% fee in the negotiation for the parcel - City Property - the normal fee is 2 1/2% and here we  are wheeling and dealing with crooked developers from Miami, China and others - who come into our territory - and hoodwink us.

We have a City Property at 10 South Van Ness - so why cannot we build affordable homes for families - more 3 and 4 bed room units?

 Why are we permitting - these Chinese and other developers - all suspect entities - trying to pull wool over our eyes?

Plans were afoot to use money from the Crescent Heights cash deal some $165 million plus to pay for the Transit Center - affordable housing.

Other benefits know only to the inner circle - headed by Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan - groomed by the former thug Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Why is San Francisco handing over some key City Properties - other properties turned over by Caltrans - to incompetent folks like Tiffany Bohee and others to handover to crooks?

Incompetent folks like Tiffany Bohee - who wants to make a name for themselves - trying to add to their portfolios - when they cannot report some basic ROPS and other document to the State of California - Department of Finance.

Now that Aaron Peskin will look into these deals in detail - enlighten the so called - " progressives " - we the people are interested in knowing - who should be fired and who should - truly go to jail?

We have seen the Chinese aid Lennar Urban on Parcel A - with visa concessions made to rich Mainland Chinese - who will NOT live at Hunters Point.

They will have access to come to the United States - and buy homes in Hillsborough, Santa Barbara, Napa - and they can afford it - with all the millions they have amassed from our Nation - we the United States - buying junk, contaminated products, and products that to do pass any normal and vetted - standards.

In the interim in San Francisco - high rents, congestion, lack of Quality of Life issues - have adversely impacted - thousands.

In the last 5 years - over 30,000 families have left San Francisco - the disparity divide between the rich and those that live pay check to pay check - is so great - that San Francisco is below Rwanda - a country in Central Africa.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his cronies think that wheeling and dealing with Crescent Heights, Lennar Urban, the Dalian Wanda Group, AECOM, Turner, Webcor - is the right thing to do - when it is not.

We need to put a " moratorium " - visit the deals made - check into the off shore accounts of those  key participants- who made the " sordid " deals.

Report the findings and  the vetted audits to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In recent days the shocking news of Mario Woods have trigged all sorts of questions.

San Francisco keeps talking about the Mentally Challenged but is doing nothing about it?

San Francisco keeps talking about the Physically Challenged - but is doing nothing about it?

San Francisco keeps talking about helping the Seniors - Seniors had left high and dry. Living in pathetic and filthy conditions - in the Single Residential Occupancy (SROs) - in San Francisco - infested with bed bugs, all sorts of pests - mice and so on. Shame on the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee and his so called cronies - that love those Press Conferences - ribbon cuttings - and spewing verbosity.

The SF Board of Supervisor Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell - must be exposed - the wheeling and dealing with crooked developers - who are now ready to reveal more - how, some sordid deals were cut.

You will see so called signed deals - falling apart - more when demands are made - for 40% affordable housing - other demands that ought to have been in place years ago.

To date we do not have a Housing Element that the Courts have adjudicated and declared viable and sustainable.

The last 3 Housing Elements - produced every 5 years by the SF Planning Department - are in our Courts for adjudication - so many loop holes - the judges are sick of those that have NOT done due diligence.

What has become of San Francisco?

This land -all of it - ever square inch - stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone - and I represent the Muwekma on Infrastructure, Land Use, Planning and other just issues.