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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Tiffany Bohee is one of those despicable persons - who will smile and say something you like to hear - and then stab you in the back - clear through your heart - dead.

Lennar Urban - a rogue developer - in 2004 with intent - bombarded large areas in and around Parcel A - by Cleo Rand - and poisoned our infants, children, youth, young adults, senior and those with compromised health.

The community rose and many advocates who joined us in that struggle against Lennar Urban - have gone to better things - some of them are well known on the National level.

One of the leading leaders in the Movement now known as " Black Lives Matter '  is our own Alicia Graza.

We all learned more at that time and during those years - about the then Mayor Gavin Newsom, Michael Cohen, Tiffany Bohee, and a host of others - who all tarnished their names - and have fallen by the way side.

Cultural Competency are words used as a - " Cliche " - and mostly Blacks leaders - and those in position - the likes of Leroy King (now deceased), Willie B. Kennedy - another Black ( now deceased ), Covington and London Breed ( both Blacks) - London Breed now heading the SF Board of Supervisor - Calvin Jones, Aurelius Walker, the Tabernacle Group - Amos Brown - head of the NAACP - did not raise their voices - against Lennar Urban a Rogue Developer - and allowed the Community at Large to suffer.

Innocent people suffer to this day - and paradoxically most of them - are Blacks - the result of Black sell outs.

Today we see these same Blacks - Linda Richardson, Veronican Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent - barking up the wrong tree - pretending to represent the Bayview Hunters Point - no one gave them any permission - and none of them are respected.

Sells outs of the first order - despicable to the core.

We fought Lennar Urban and put a Ballot Measure in 2004 - I was one of those who initiated the Ballot Measure - F - have all the documents to prove so.

The rogue developer Lennar Urban backed by folks like Tiffany Bohee - backed the Ballot Measure G.

We expanded $10,000 and Lennar Urban expanded more than $10,000,000. Suffice to say - Lennar Urban won.

In  2008 - we all experienced the economy spiraling of our Nation at all levels.

Lennar Urban lost big time - with its Stocks and Shares - and was brought to its knees.

To this day Lennar Urban has not recovered - and we as a community who fought Lennar Urban - are as strong as ever.

God has his way. I said God has his way.

God will protect the community as He will never, ever desert those - that put their destiny - in a higher Power.

Lennar Urban and Tiffany Bohee are tied to the hip. They will sink and they will drown - in the cesspool of their own - creation.

The Tabernacle Group that Tiffany Bohee has been protecting - is reeling - and now is poised to sue Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonner who is the President of Lennar Urban.

Over ten good employees working for the Successor Agency of the San Francisco Redevelopment - that Tiffany Bohee heads - have left the Department.


The ignorance and arrogance of Tiffany Bohee.

Tiffany Bohee gathers around her thugs, crooks, despicable people most of those on the Citizens Advisory Committee linked to Hunters Point, other crooks that Tiffany Bohee backs - mostly Blacks who bark up the wrong tree - the Tabernacle Group - all Black pastors and one worse than the other.

Tiffany Bohee has now chosen to delay and cause adverse impacts to a Church - the Grace Tabernacle Community Church and thinks - she will win.

It is the responsibility of the Successor Agency to the erstwhile SF Redevelopment Agency - to "  make whole " - the Grace Tabernacle Community Church.

There is a covenant that stares Tiffany Bohee in the face - with the Grace Tabernacle Community Church.
She does not know who she is dealing with - making all sorts of deals - all over the place - wasting millions of dollars.

The Church stood where it stands today - in all its glory - before the SF Redevelopment Agency - linked to Area A - decided to build - thousands of housing units - adjacent to the Church - on a hill - and allowed the run off - to gather at the foot of the Church.

Promises were made to raise the Church - and remedy the situation at hand - the vague promises to this are uttered - but nothing comes of the promises.

Tiffany Bohee is a lackey, inept, spineless, ignorant and very arrogant.

The many adverse impacts in the Fillmore - millions of dollars wasted on Yoshi that is now no more - the Fillmore Center - which is a mess.

The adjoining Parking Garage that now is rented out - the entire Western Addition has seen several projects - adversely  impacted.

Thousands were impacted by past actions - that to this day - are spoken about - the ire of the people knows - no bounds. God see it all - but Tiffany Bohee is ignorant and arrogant - and those that ride a high horse - will fall down on their face.

Tiffany Bohee has a big hand at Pier 70 - now given to Forest City to develop.

On this site there lies a million tons of " coal tar " - that has to be abated and mitigated - there are no plans in sight to do this. Joe Boss who was behind this deal - got his cut - but now has to deal with his - " cancer".

Two large sites - where a huge spills of Ammonia - have contaminated the water shed - all part of the World War II shipyard building - and Tiffany Bohee has no clue - about this and other critical matters.

The Pier 70 project is ripe with adverse impacts - the solution - cap the area and build housing units.

Damn the health of those who will live there.

At Hunters Point only Parcel A has been conveyed to Lennar Urban. Parcel B, C, D, D2, G1, UC1. UC 2, F which is the Bay - all needs to be abated and mitigated.

Tiffany Bohee is now - providing fake statistics - to the State of California - the Department of Finance.

The constituents of San Francisco are kept in the dark - the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency has NOT held one single meeting - to provide critical information - that will astound the Public at large.

The Jewish Museum stand on ground that technically belongs to the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment  - millions were expanded to give the Jewish Museum a break.

The Jewish Museum is located next to Saint Patrick's Church - between 4th and 3rd Mission - opposite the Yerba Buena Gardens.

The Westbrook Health Clinic and Affordable Housing - under Director Charles Range - belongs to the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment - millions were expanded to provide assistance to this project.

Plans are afoot right now to sell building 813 on Hunters Point to the highest bidder. Where is that money doing to?

The Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency has over $ 8,259,000 bond proceeds - has past covenants - that the inept, spineless, ignorant, and arrogant Tiffany Bohee knows about - but has been busy pussy footing - with those that I have mentioned above.

In the Bayview by Williams the FOODSCO site comes under the jurisdiction of the SF Successor Agency.

The site on which the brand new Davis Senior Center - is being built - ploys and machinations are linked with each of these sites - with Tiffany Bohee having her evil finger in the pie.

The RICO ACT needs to be evoked and this woman sent to jail for along, long time. And there is more.