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Sunday, December 13, 2015


San Francisco Board of Supervisors the likes of Scott Wiener, Kathy Tang, Malia Cohen, London Breed, and Mark Farrell - have been wheeling and dealing - with developers and others - and soon - the can of worms will be opened - and so much - revealed - confounding many.

On the surface the Environmental Impact Report that the SF Board of Supervisors passed - linked to the Warriors' Event Project - looks good - but it is superficial.

 The matter will go to Court - and on empirical data, produced - linked to liquefaction, flooding, contamination.

19 elements all heavy pollutants - some radioactive elements - with high readings - any judge with half a brain - will adjudicate those issues - and stop the Project in its tracks.

Some SF Board of Supervisors have not been paying attention to the Tranbay Joint Powers Authority - the many ploys and machinations - and the TJ P A failing to put in place - a " risk management plan " - worth the salt.

Ed Reiskin and Mohammed Nuru have been asking the right question - sending shivers down the spine of Maria Ayerdi Kaplan - who has taken control of the T J P A and keeps - ruling it - like her own - fiefdom of sorts.

The Federal government recent decided not to fund - many of the larger Transportation Programs - millions of dollars shelved - sending Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackey Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - into a swoon - and more delirious - gasping for breath. 

The High Speed Rail - with all its inherent problems - platforms that do not meet standards - rail cars that have to be modified - tracks that do not meet standards - and a host of other issues - too complicated for those with a low IQ to fathom less comprehend. Time will tell.

The High Speed Rail is dead on arrival missing the required expertise - that those who talk  - think they have - but are making up stories - as the project sinks deeper, and deep in the black hole of corruption and waste of tax payers - money.

The latest curve ball thrown by Crescent Heights - famous for its purported $165 million cash transaction - promising the world - will adversely impact - the T J P A project.

It has crashed - the lofty plans Tiffany Bohee had - leaving Tiffany Bohee and others who backed her - sitting on some well lit coals - their asses on fire.

The infusion of Aaron Peskin after leaving the SF Board of Supervisors - and now back again - having won the Supervisorial Election in District 3 - has toned down the verbosity of big mouths like Malia Cohen, London Breed.

Mark Farrell - Katy Tang and Mark Farrell too - they will see the light - at the end of the tunnel - but it will be too late.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - with its Clean Power SF - is going no where. Barbara Hale - talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Again, it is immature for SF Public Utilities Commission to take on Pacific Gas and Electric - that has over 110 years of experience.

Again and again Barbara Hale and others have shown how dumb the SFPUC  are in their stupid - deliberations.

 One has just to listen to the SFPU Commission meetings - describing their plans in open - more stupid plans - with no vetted model, less a risk management plan - worth the salt.

Failing to understand the fundamentals - failing to fully grasp truly how energy is marketed - how vulnerable it is to situations like war, the economy that is looking forward to a bubble burst and so on.

It is a pity to hear Francesca Vector - other incoherent t Commissioners  - and more Barbara Hale the SFPUC employees - and those who work for her - fail to produce any viable and sustainable plan.

For their lousy work they get paid. Their plan was to implement the Clean Power SF - in the Bayview it will not work.

Now they plan to use proxies like Lennar Urban, and other businesses - so that they are compete with Pacific Gas and Electric - it will NOT work.

Come January, 2016 - Pacific Gas and Electric will come out with their models and plans - and the prices will be low.

 So low - that with one scoop - SFPUC that does not have a sound model, less a sound Business Plan - and missing a sound Risk Management Plan - will have to drop their plans and lick their chops.

Much as they done before with the failed Combustion Turbines that they wanted to place in the Bayview and failed to do so - because of a few of us.

Much as they have failed with Mountain Tunnel where they are ready to spend $100 million plus - as part of the Water System Improvement Project - that is tail ending - that project soon.

Much as they have failed with Irvington Tunnel and  more.

Barbara Hale has come out with cockeyed plans before - Barbara Hale and Susan Leal - the former General Manager of SFPUC - once planned to place three Combustion Turbines in the Bayview.

More - using fossil fuel - next the Mirant Power Plant that was slated to be shut down - but when the proposal was made - still spewing dangerous particulates, mercury, lead and more into the air.

Plans were in made to use - secondary effluents - treated sewage - for cooling purposes -  other methods - more of them untried - trying to prove that they had a plan - when they had nothing - but their foolishness in hand - Susan Leal and Barbara Hale.

We remember those days - and it was all played out in the open - on Channel 26 - the SFGOVTV - for all the people to see.

Española Jack ( who is the hospital now - fighting some serious health problems ) at age 82 and I - fought SFPUC -tooth and nail and won. The SFPUC was forced to sell the 3 Turbines for better measure - and concede to us advocates who fight for the people at large.

Our only friend who understood the situation at hand - Richard Sklar - a Commissioner and former Ambassador to Bosnia.

The three Combustion Turbines - part of the Enron Scandal - that were stored in Texas at an expense of $250,000 a year - to the City and County of San Francisco - were sold - and the rest is history.

We now have a SF Board of Supervisors wheeling and dealing - the above mentioned - and listed - asking developers for favors - in exchange to speed up - entitlements.

Aiding crooks who act as Real Estate brokers - who instead of the usual two and half percent fee - get five percent - and no one is there to say a word.

It took Aaron Peskin - to open the can of worms.

The head of the City's Real Estate - fighting to find a valid answer - and coming out with all sorts of disingenuous reasons - lying through his teeth - and making a fool of himself.

We have all this Real Estate and it belongs to the people - the commons - and the land should be used for the community - more those that have lived in San Francisco for over 20 years.

 Here, we have the SF Supervisors who lick the shoes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - making deals.

 The SF Board of Supervisors - asking for favors - from the developers - it is just a matter of time - when some of them will go down and stunned - out.

In the interim we have congestion on our road.

The homeless are on our streets - slowly dying.

 The El Nino rains are here - and the homeless - many poor families on the streets of San Francisco - have to face inclement - weather.

The mentally challenged do not have one single hospital - with hundreds of beds - where wrap around services are available - the few beds at SF General Hospital are a joke.

Most mentally challenged get some qualified treatment and help - in our County Jails - and Barbara Gracia, our Mayor, Edwin M.Lee, his lackeys - think that all is well.

Excuses are given that if a certain number of beds are exceeded - if a facility is built for the Mentally Challenged - Medical and Medicare funding - is NOT available.

Why not tap into the Private Industry - who have their share of mental family members - who are given privately - the best care ever.

They will not shy to provide - basic care - as they personally understand the situation at hand - including Diane Feinstein - and other rich entities who make their abode in San Francisco - Pacific Heights and the surrounding area.

Please  do not treat our " mentally challenged ' like dirt - worse than animals.

The mentally challenged - unkempt - filthy having not taken a bath for months - lice in their hair - and you look into their eyes - and their gaze is miles away - from where these poor souls are.

God bless them - the " mentally challenged.

God is watching the scum bags - so called government  Representatives of the People - earning very high salaries - and wasting the tax payers money - doing little if nothing at all.

We should NOT have a single " mentally challenged" on our streets.

 We know that - but our Mayor and his lackeys - have not lifted a finger - to come out with a viable and sustainable plan. The time is now.

Soon you will face the wrath of the people - but more than that - you who are NOT doing your work - have BLOOD on your hands - foremost Malia Cohen.