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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Life is for the living - not the living dead.

In order to stay living a just life - an important factor that governs a decent life - a good life - is spirituality.

There is all sorts of " spirituality " - sound spirituality that abound with a few -  the fake ones that bound - the many - weak in the knees - most of them barking up the wrong - tree. Most of them NOT from San Francisco.

Homo Sapiens - that is what we are - human beings that form this human race. On this Earth at this time - and hopefully doing the right thing -our heart in the right - place.

There are all sorts of human beings - human beings involved in all sorts of living - seeing is believing. Three and four families living in a one bedroom units - in conditions that mimic the poorer nations of the world - this is San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.

In actuality - these normal human beings -  believe it or not - are so stressed, so traumatized - living bombs - ready to off - at a moments - happening. Many of them are incarcerated in our jails - many more on our streets - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has no clue about such human dynamics. His " shared concepts " - of this and that - is as bland as cardboard.

The paradox in our City and County of San Francisco - we have hundreds  manifesting behavior - " live time bombs ready to go off " - many of them living on our streets - under bridges - under the bushes - in all sorts of places - where most would not dare to approach - less habitat.

Our politicians are far removed from ground zero - and it does not help that we have - " loud mouths " - most of them NOT respected - barking up the wrong - tree.

It does not help to have a Mayor like Edwin M. Lee, Supervisors like Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Kathy Tang, London Breed, Mark Farrell  others that we will not name now - but at at the appropriate time.

Only few can talk about San Francisco - more those that have sacrificed - contributed to San Francisco for 30 years, 40 years -more - putting the community first - their own self interests - last.

Attending the important meeting, participating at " policy meetings" - giving feed back - in writing and in this digital world - using the many tools - available to us - human beings.

Life is precious - all life is precious - and daily in San Francisco - thousands of infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors -others with compromised health - are slowly dying.

This is "genocide " of a type that most human beings - do not ponder, comprehend, understand - and when one beings to explain the underlying factors - they are bewildered, shocked, confounded - and left gasping - that is until - the facts are explained with the backing of - " empirical " data.

In San Francisco we are blessed to live in the land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone. This is not the White men's land.

This, is not land of those that say the land belongs to them - but - when you ask them to prove the fact - the gaze at you - as if you demanded something - you ought not to have said.

We cannot be a land of laws and principles - if we do not respect those ancestors - those ancestors - that kept this land of us - in and around San Francisco - pristine for thousands of years.

The present system we have - does not work at all.

Those evil - behind the scene - the very corrupt the crooks - they do the " devil's work " - and those that bark up the wrong tree - create further a mess - that they know little about - because they are not only ignorant but arrogant.

We know about the "fanatics " world wide - they say something they want to say.

Then without any dialog - they tell you - to do this and that - and if you do not - they will kill, shoot, maim, go berserk - and think nothing of  their - sordid actions.

Throughout history we have had prophets, messengers who stepped up to reveal mysteries, clear the way - and often ended up sacrificing their lives.

More - at the hands of the  - " fanatics " - that list is endless - and I will not repeat their names.

In San Francisco we have outsiders - folks that have not been doing due diligence.

All the parties - more San Franciscans must be at the table.

Depriving the decent - those that need to be at the table - failing to be at the table - failing to understand the issues at hand - we must think outside the box - we must have people at the table - whose heart is in the right place.

 I know the crooks - and I have named them all - most of them shallow, inept, weak in the knee - and believe it or not - not ethical.

In the name of the people - some have taken money - and used it -  now bark up the wrong tree - while all the time - they are tainted.

We saw this with Lennar Urban - dealing with mostly Black sellouts - creating divisiveness.

This time around - it is those that once fought against Lennar Urban - compromising -  sordid deeds -  now under the cover of  - the worst type of  " darkness " - participating in the same - activities.

Fortunately, some of us have not let our guard down - we have been diligent -  we have written and spoken up in public - not afraid of those that want to divide us. 

Unfortunately those that take money - are " sell outs " - do not get the respect they need.

They will never, ever get it - never mind if they talk about the past - they have not been steady, they are weak in the knees - they have compromised and in doing so - the have earned the title of being - " a sell out ".

In a couple of days - we will be into 2016 - and as we stay vigilant and stand up for what is right.

We will have to work harder than ever - we few want nothing on a platter - and for sure we will not be manipulated - we were NOT before and we NOT be in the future.

The Bayview is undergoing a major change - as we speak - The John Stewart Company is taking over Oakdale Public Housing - where in the Bayview Hunters Point - the first Gang Injunction was declared.

Gentrification is growing stronger - with those who once chose to to be with the people - taking money - and selling out.

Compromising and selling their souls to the highest - bidder.

We believe there is a " just God " - we believe " in principles and laws " - we will stand by our Sisters and Brothers - the children that we love - the youth and young adults - we will NOT forget who sold us out.