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Friday, December 18, 2015


The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) Board was given a presentation - December 10, 2016 - a conceptual plan - how to rake in the millions - just a conceptual plan - that is deep with holes - to keep the TransBay Center - operational.

Those deliberating are desirous of have a Master Lease - putting the burden on the Master Leasee - and less of those who are responsible of the Transbay Center. Time will tell.

Another plans - to deal with Operations and Maintenance - again - a plan that is full of holes - and those spewing diatribe - failing to understand - the bubble that is about to burst.

Again Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan - all caught on tape - taking control of the situation at hand - directing the elf and gremlins - who come to the podium - and lack the confidence to speak to the point - and less about the subject at hand.

While, those chosen to given the presentations - lack leadership, inept, failing to be articulate - failing to have a clear vision less - clear picture, of the situation at hand.

These shenanigans have been going on for a long, long time.

Many of us have refrained from attending the meetings and commenting - that time is coming - and the situation - will NOT be very - pretty. So wait for the fireworks.

The last time - December 10, 2015 - a long presentation was given - and again and again - anyone with a half-brain could adjudicate - there was - no empirical plan to address - most importantly nothing much about a true and valid " risk management " - linked to the Tranbay Center.

We pay these good for nothing - so called experts - they have no real qualifications - except - they are planted by folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. and others - to reap profits.

Hand over on a platter bids to crooked developers - who make contributions to fill some campaign coffers. This nonsense must stop - stop on the tracks.

Crooked management who work for the Transbay Center - give bids to those that make huge bribes and participate in illegal and nefarious activities.

In short - it is all about GREED and less about standards and performance.

Futuristic Transbay Center

The Chair. Greg Harper - of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) Board - who represents AC Transit, Ed Reskin who represents the San Francisco, Municipal Transportation Agency, Mohammed Nuru who is the San Francisco, Director of the Department of Public Works - all asked some good questions - the answers - from the so called experts - were NOT so forth coming - and less worthy of taking any note off.

One presenter gave a top heavy presentation some futuristic media technology.

It is this type of conceptual plan - too much emphasis - on the complicated - and less on the practical - that creates the fog - which the blind idiots - cannot and will not be able to navigate through.

Bottom line when you ask anyone about the Tranbay Transit Center - the first question that comes to anyone - what about the High Speed Rail?

Why most people want to take the train - the high speed rail - that has been talked for so long - and nothing - absolutely nothing is forth coming - except hurdles, fake promises - and tons and tons of diatribe.

For now - no one wants to say anything much - about the High Speed Rail - the cost has risen beyond control.

The many issues linked to Environmental Impact Reports and Studies not in place - and fundamental aspects linked to the High Speed Train - rails and platforms - still being deliberated.

In the interim Webor/Obayashi - Turner - others are raking in the money - so far we have knowledge of some discrepancies - which is not uncommon - on such a large project.

We want to look at this project - as a glass half full - but we simply cannot believe this to be the fact.

We have presenters - who say one thing - and mean another.

When one looks deeper - it is much about loose talk - and less about empirical data.

The local businesses that can offer some clear direction - linked to marketing, retail experience, location, movement of people, the many facets that make shopping an experience - have been left to insane dreamers - those who talk in circles - they say much but mean nothing at all.

Mr. Jim Patrick from Patrick and Company knows a lot - no one seems to like what he says.

The idiots are many - and those who have the needed " wisdom " - a precious commodity - are not taken serious.

I personally know over 10 local businesses and their owners - that have been adversely impacted by the Transbay Center - no one seems to be bothered too much - and that may be so - but so is K A R M A .

The Federal Government - that is our Congress and Senate - have passed legislation - that will stop the funding - needed for the High Speed Rail and other key transportation plans in San Francisco - that was much needed - in the tracks.

Leaving - Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan - holding an empty bay - with tons of so called experts - making a lot of noise - and nothing sound that makes sense - pandemonium.

Her lackeys Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - can do nothing much - and less Willie L. Brown Jr - always double dipping - and fleecing the tax payers - and the constituents of the Nation - filling their own pockets.

I am looking forward to attend the meeting in January, 2016 - to express my concern - and more to notice those - trying to hoodwink us - that enough is enough.

I was dreaming of the High Speed Rail being in place - dreaming of taking trips to Southern California - more Santa Barbara, and near by town and cities - not Los Angeles for sure.

At this rate I can wait for another 10 years if not 20 years. Time will tell.

What a pleasure to travel all over France, Germany, and other other European countries by rail.

Japan and China and even Russia has some sound high speed rail.

Of course we have a High Speed Rail plan too - we hear a lot about it - we read some about it - we pay folks to work on it and more.

The High Speed Rail should be high on our priority list - with sound leadership and expertise.

Rather - it is low - down under - and no where to be found - nothing moving on those tracks. We hear a lot of noise - oh to hear the sound - of the whizzing high speed rail - and look forward to some destination - away from San Francisco - Santa Barbara!