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Friday, December 4, 2015


San Francisco is a " progressive City " -  today, for all the " wrong reasons ".

Over the years - those in the know - fully comprehend that many advocates one of kind - many of them - "progressive " - who, brought about change - all over San Francisco - in a meaningful manner.

Today - we are at crossroads - with inept City officials - heading the group Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has increased congestion on our roads - and increased the Carbon Footprint.

Homelessness is now rampant all over the City and County of San Francisco. The Mayor keeps barking up the wrong tree. His former czar of homelessness has jumped ship - and the one who he has replaced - inept.

It is a shame to witness so many, homeless - many of them fallen on bad times - facing the inclement weather - and City Hall and more who make their abode in Room 200 - mum.

The poor and those who have fallen on bad times - are suffering - slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco.

Yesterday, December 3, 2015 I was at City Hall - the feast of Saint Francis Xavier.

Saint Francis Xavier -  a Jesuit a close companion of St. Ignatius of Loyola - the founder of the Jesuits.

St. Francis Xavier and the many institutions named  after him - all over the world - install in the students and those associated on the higher level - at the many institutions - compassion.

The many Jesuit products - who brag that they have been to Jesuit Institutions - at SF City Hall - talk the talk - but have fallen prey to greed - and failed to imbibe the stellar values taught at many a Jesuit institution.

San Francisco has received a grant from the State of California - some $80 million - to further the cause of the many initiatives - " alternatives to incarceration ".

A full 80% of those incarcerated at SF City Jails - suffer from mental issues. While over the years the jail at 850 Bryant has provided assistance to the mentally challenged - the surrounding, the environment, the facility lacks standards - and has major - " seismic problems".

While for sure we need brand new facilities to further the best programs and models - " alternatives to incarceration " - we need vetted programs that work - many of these models started here in San Francisco - by former Sheriff Michael Hennessy.

Yesterday, December 3, 2015 in the august chambers - Room 250 - the Departments were given 6 months to come out with  concepts and blue prints to stellar  models - " alternatives to incarceration ".

They came to the podium - and had nothing to offer. Absolutely nothing to offer - they all were pushing for building a new jail - having no concept that jails - have failed to rehabilitate - and have cause the slow death - of millions.

These jerks who are for jails - have BLOOD on their hands.

To the shock of everyone present in the chambers - Room 250 at SF City Hall - presentation after prevention - went far off - left field - and clearly revealed - how deep politics has eroded - discerning and doing the right - thing.

The worst those in charge of Capital Planning - shame on the City Administrator and many were stunned that now - the Controller's Office too - is swimming in that cesspool - toxic and divisive - failing to represent the constituents of San Francisco.

In the year 2015 - it is high time - that we all think - how human beings - ought to be treated.

Human behavioral sciences - have been studied in detail - and the best practices - around the world - call for drastic changes.

Yoga has been used in many countries - and even in some our Federal jails - with great success.

Treatment of all kinds - have been vetted with success - and the sordid, mean, disgusting treatment - isolation.

More, harsh treatment, dark spaces, foul food, and other nefarious actions - all documented in many of our City jails - should be noted - and got rid off.

Not long ago - the Sheriffs at 850 Bryant were using those incarcerated - to fight each other - while the betted who would win.

 Pitting a small person with a large person - gladiator fights - that were reported in the Main Media - bringing shame to our great City of San Francisco.

More to our primitive Jail - that has " dark spots " - where no camera can catch any action - crime or otherwise.

Many of the underlying factors that feed the pipe-line  - leading to incarceration - starts in our neighborhoods.

We once enjoyed Quality of Life issues - no more.

Mayor Gavin Newsom regime - saw the increase of homelessness - and with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - it has become - chronic.

Under Mayor Edwin M. Lee - for all his drab talk - rents have gone sky high - three and four families now - sharing a one bed room and paying $3500 for a unit.

The disparity between the haves and the have nots - is so great - below that of a African country Rwanda - and no one seems to care.

Our neighborhoods in San Francisco matter.

It is despicable to see Mayor Edwin M. Lee - bark up the wrong tree - and his Departments fail to think outside the box.

What is going on in San Francisco is rubber stamping.

Carmen Chu the Assessor should be fired - since she was anointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the SF Assessor's Office has failed to collect millions of dollars.

None of the employees who work for the Assessor's office have been evaluated - more those that are Managers. Many of them should be fired - for not producing.

A  " risk management "  audit - is called for - and the RICO ACT has to be enforced.

The Grand Jury produced most of the problems facing the Assessor's Office - and an idiot- from the Assessor's Office - comes to the podium - and starts spewing - diatribe.

Where do we find - and who cares to hire - such jerks at the Assessor's office?

The filthy rich in San Francisco - many commercial Real Estate magnets - are not paying their property taxes - in the millions - the Shoresteins, others one worse than the other.

These jerks do not live in San Francisco - preferring Hillsborough and other - " gated communities ".

Each time there is a opportunity to reveal some plan - at the Assessors Office - Carmen Chu parades her family - I do not know why?

Carmen Chu as I said has been a abject failure.

Every year she has been in office - the General Fund - keeps receiving 40% less.

 This, amount of millions of dollars. Yet, Carmen Chu keeps her job - pandering to Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who favors those that - rubber stamp.

Families are leaving San Francisco - according to latest report over 40,000 families in the last five years.

Blacks are leaving San Francisco in droves - and now account to 2% of the population.

For decades Blacks have not been given opportunities in the Fillmore, the Bayview, the Excelsior, South of Market in other places - time to change that.


We need to foster " trade schools " - more in the Bayview that has over 6000 small businesses.

The inventory of all these businesses have not been done - the City does not want to help our youth - get good jobs.

The City prefers the Citybuild model that is a utter failure.

Starting with Rhonda Simmons - millions have been wasted - and more under the present City Administrator - Noami Kelly - who has failed on many fronts.

The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice is no more - what is have today - is increased out sourcing to corrupt entities.

People left to do their thing - and the Mayor pushing for his pet program - aptly called IPO - INEPT POLICIES OPINED.

The shooting and killings on our street are increasing.

 Diane Aroche who is suppose to help in reducing Violence in our City - is on a 6 months maternity leave.

An opportunist - she jumped ship from the Mayor Office of Children Youth and Families - to form a small group of folks - that purport to know - about Violence Prevention and Violence - but know - less - if not - nothing at all.

More what happens at - " ground zero " - we just had a shooting of a Black mentally challenged man - who got NO help for our SF City and County of San Francisco.

Alternatives to Incarceration - cannot happen - without meaningful, input from those who have been incarcerated.

Many of them innocent - many of them kept in our filthy, stinky, jails -  for up to 3 years - because they cannot make - bail.

There are a host of so called attorneys who rake in millions - preying on innocent victims.

San Francisco should be ashamed that a full 50% of those incarcerated are Black in our jails - when they make up only 2% of the entire population - which is around 820,000.

Nothing good will come with the present woman Sheriff, Hennessy  - who will rubber stamp - what Mayor Edwin M. Lee has in mind.

This woman Sheriff - who has nothing to offer - but more corruption and rubber stamping - of the highest order - causing more turmoil and divisiveness in San Francisco.

Just remember we the tax payers - pay your salaries -
we are a democracy - we are NOT a dictatorial government - so STOP your lock-down - practices - that you use in the jails - more at City Hall - the Place of the People.