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Friday, December 25, 2015


The Author - Francisco Da Costa
Director of 
Environmental Justice Advocacy
fighting issues on the 
Frontline - for the last 40 years plus.

The Bayview has been targeted by devious entities - to divide the people - the Blacks taking a leading part -  selling out the community - at large.  Adversely impacting - thousands.

Any Black that has taken money - from the nefarious " enemy " - is responsible for today - divisiveness.

Again and again - we have sordid Black Leaders - barking up the wrong tree.

The fake leadership - fails to understand more comprehend - that the present San Francisco Police Department headquarters - is at Mission Bay. The moved there over a year ago.

The SF Sheriff is still at 850 Bryant - and a small contingent of SF Police Department - that have nothing to do with the larger policies and undertakings of any Law Enforcement - operations in our City and County of San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is far away in Hawaii - and most of the SF Supervisors - too off - far away from San Francisco - and this tells you - how much they care about San Francisco and more the constituents - who need Representation - but get nothing at all.

Malia Cohen who represents District 10 - has not lifted a finger to help Mario Woods - she does not know what is happening. 

Recently she was told - point black - she is worse than Sophie Maxwell the former District 10 - her reply - " that cannot be true".

Malia Cohen is a chronic sell out - she has no soul - and has single handedly - increased the chronic homelessness, failed to help the mentally challenged - the many infants and children - suffering from respiratory diseases - STDs, AIDS and so on - on the rise in District 10.

We have NOT paid attention to the family - more the Black family.

Black families today - in the majority - do not have a leader in the family.

Many single mothers - and many a single mother who are without a home - spending time in shelters.

 Anyone with common sense - can figure out - more comprehend - the psychological and other adverse impacts - these  factors - have on any family. More single mothers - many Black mothers - have two, three children - each from a different Black father.

On Third Street we have over forty folks - who have serious mental problems - many of them - in full view of all - who ignore the victims.

The victims - become part of the daily scene - much like the killings and shootings -  immune to many who hear and many who have witnessed the killings and shootings.

The Black leadership has failed to go to ground zero and speak what they speak about - in a nonchalant manner - on the steps of City Hall and at other venues.

These Black Leaders -  ought to speak and act and help the victims - at ground zero - and bring about real solutions. 

The Black Leadership have an opportunity to work with Street Violence Intervention Program - that is situated in the Bayview and has funding to serve the community.

There must be role for the community to play - more in the Bayview - but this is NOT taking place.

Again and again - greed props up - because the first thing - everyone wants is money - no one wants to make a sacrifice - no one wants to serve the community with humility.

Let us keep it real - the Black population in the Bayview that once played an important role - created the present Human Rights Commission that once was the Human Right Committee in the 1960s.

The over 1700 units on the Hill - Shoreview, All Hollows, and so on - came about because of Bayview Advocates.

 These affordable homes - fetch rent - that the Apartment Investment Company - a Property Manager - controls - they are White and more from out of down.

These monies filter to the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - it is the same with Huntersview and other developments - that the Successor Agency to the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - its Director - Tiffany Bohee. 

It is the same with Hunterview and the many so called affordable homes - funded by the Mayor Office of Housing, the State of California.

 Millions spent over $400 million - and the Property Manager is The John Stewart Company - a White and nefarious Property Management Company.

HOPESF is a JOKE - at Potrero Hill - Bridge Developers, at Visitation Valley - Mercy Housing, at Huntersview and extending with Phase Two - The John Stewart Company - all White developers - and what the hell at they doing in the Bayview.

The John Stewart Company now taking control of Oakdale Public Housing - that has already experience many shootings and killings - and there was NO uproar by the so called Black Leadership - who pick and choose the victims - they desire to vouch for. 

I can give you more examples - what I want to point out - is that the Black Leadership - is impotent - with NO viable and sustainable - vision.

Always showing up after - something happens - too much of sensationalization - few solutions - and always someone barking up the wrong tree - for all the wrong reasons.

We have a $6 Billion Sewer System and Improvement Project - right in our backyard - the Bayview Hunters Point Area. 

The community Task Force - demanded 10% of this amount -  they were given 5% -which amounted to $300 million. $50 million per every Billion dollars.

$150 million was set aside for Workforce and $150 million for Community Benefits.

Whatever that means - the Task Force fought for the money - but crooks handle the money. Dwayne Jones who works for Platinum Consultants - a Black that does not live in our community.

Another Black Juliet Ellis - who works for SF Public Utilities Commission - choose to divert $200,000 to Go For All - was faulted by the Fair Political Action Committee and the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

Juliet Ellis was forced to pay back the money - and there is more - Juliet Ellis backed by Harlan Kelly a Black is still - destroying the community - with her ploys and machinations.

The community does not have easy access to the Southeast Community Facility Building - emphasis on " Community " - as they did before.

The Commission anointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - to the Southeast Community Commission Facility Building at 1800 Oakdale, in the Bayview - are lackeys.

Not one of them has the best interest of the community - and the Black Leadership - does not even know - what is truly happening - to the only Community Building - we all should have access to.

Where is the Black Leadership - on the Bayview Opera House?

The Bayview Opera House - also know as the Ruth Williams Opera House  -  has been closed for over two years now - some entities - pretending to repair the Bayview Opera House - while nothing much is done.

Our youth and young adults during Summer force to congregate -  and remain on the streets - have fallen prey to shootings and killings.

The Black Leadership has no clue what is happening - and even now after reading these sentences - have NO power to do anything - except bark up the wrong tree.

A White woman has taken charge of our Bayview Opera House - a woman that has NO cultural competency.

Every measure has been taken to remove Blacks from the Bayview - the demographics have changed - favoring Asian and Latinos. 

This is a crying shame - and the Black Leadership comes out for a handout - barking up the wrong tree - every time has is a sensational episode - this is a shame that cries to heaven for justice.

The Black Leadership must understand that we cannot use people - make them pay for things - and fail to take sound and on going, continuous - " equal responsibility  " - for any MOVEMENT - worth the salt.

The Black Leadership must ask themselves - why did they - drop out and fail - to sustain the MOVEMENT - against Lennar Urban - a rogue developer?

The Mario Woods episode is clouded with under lying factors - that are horrific to disclose.

The Mother of Mario Woods is facing some very hard times - and too many people - who have surrounded her - are NOT offering her the solace she needs at this time.

The Black Leadership has not done anything to keep - " loud mouths" - elements of the anarchists from the East Bay at bay.

Many Black Leaders - who purport to speak for the people of the Bayview - do not even live in the Bayview.

Some of us on the frontline are doing what we do best - with the community in mind - the community does need a core group of Black Leaders - to have their heart in the right place - with a proven tack record.

With full Accountability and Transparency.

Unfortunately - those barking up the wrong tree - and purporting to be some Leaders of sorts - have failed - to be consistent and worthy.

These Black Leaders -  are now on the podium - enjoying their sordid  " five minutes of fame " - at these singular happenings and events - do not count - what truly counts is sacrifice and genuine love for the community.

We have a population of about 852480 in San Francisco - an area of about 46.9 square miles - about 18200 people per square foot.

Unlike any other City in San Francisco - Black contributed from day one - I have written about this fact - many times - complete with facts.

The Black Leaders who made this City of San Francisco - were astute, stellar, and educated on issues. They were NOT sell outs.

Today, Blacks make up 2% of the population - up from the 25% not long ago - who is behind this GENTRIFICATION?

No one needs to say much with the present Black Leadership - inept, weak in the knees, barking up the wrong tree - and extending that hand - for some stale, bread crumbs - at any opportunity they can get.

This nonsense must STOP - now!

Wake up San Francisco - and more the Black Leadership.

You - have failed the infants, the children, youth and young adults - the senior - the many Grandmothers - who have done so much for such a long time.

The time has come for drastic change - less talk and more action. Any takers?  You all know where to find me.