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Sunday, December 20, 2015


Candlestick Stadium - today no more -
demolished to build a Shopping Mall -
to foster greed - and disgrace San Francisco.

San Francisco has not learned anything much from past events - where folks like Oracle,Sales Force and others have come to us - touting - that their events - held here in San Francisco - would bring in millions - add some to our General Fund - only for San Francisco tax payers to foot the bill.

As far as all those who have some brains - San Franciscans who are astute - know their history of sports - the 49ers - have moved to Santa Clara - gone South - to their brand new - state of the art - Football Stadium - where they failing - miserably.

This singular feat - building a state of the art stadium - allowed the National Football League (NFL) - and further permitted - the NFL - to agree and back - the 50th Super Bowl - to be staged in Santa Clara - not San Francisco.

Today, if you go by Candlestick Stadium - you see piles of contaminated dirt - containing high PH - some of it mixed with Class One dirt - which is linked to - Radioactive Elements - which is a shame.

The general area is a mess - signs of flooding which huge pools of water - and the people who used to go the the near by State Park - are adversely impacted.

No one cares. Not San Francisco, not the Mayor Edwin M Lee - not those who are planning to build - a sordid Shopping Mall.

We have more than sufficient shopping malls and high end stores - in down town - San Francisco.

Right where the Candlestick Stadium use to be - now, the stadium totally demolished - a Shopping Mall - will be built.That is a dream - that will never, ever come true.

The land where the shopping mall is going to be built - prone to serious liquefaction and flooding. All that is built on this area - will come toppling down. Mind by words.

Our economic is not growing - in a manner - that brings about prosperity - for the majority.

We have a great divide - the filthy rich and the very poor. These disparity has been compared to Rwanda - and San Francisco with all its rich folks - shares that honor and disgrace. Shame on San Francisco and its leaders - for failing to understand and more comprehend the basics.

The " bubble " - is going to burst - and the recent announcement - to increase the interest rates- is one sign - that we are NOT sure of our economic future.

It is the same all over the world - China, Germany, Britain, France - and worse in Greece, Spain, Brazil and so on and so forth.

San Francisco is now planning to remove thousands of poor people - who are homeless - and place them in temporary shelters - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee brags - are working.

Nothing is working - recently an organization that works and spends thousands of volunteer hours - trying to help the homeless and those that need housing - protested outside Mayor Edwin M. Lee home.

This is a major sign - what is going to happen to Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Already, he has cowed down - his wife is afraid and more ashamed.

People are fed up of Mayor Edwin M. Lee stupid and uncalled for Press Conferences - a trying to divert our minds from the really issues - failing to address Quality of Life - issues.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - have with intent harmed thousands - discussing, talking and planning in committees and commissions - while - " poor people " are slowly dying.

All of these so called inhumane human beings - have BLOOD - on their hands.

"Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven ".

These events held in down town San Francisco - by Oracle, Sales Force, the World Cup events that have nothing to do with the world - but some filthy rich folks - using sophisticated mechanical boats - making a fool of themselves.

With funny looking sails - pitting one against the other - cheating, stealing secrets from the other competitors - yet thumping their noses - and thinking no end of themselves.

Mostly, falling prey to the waves - Mother Nature - some getting killed - and this mockery of sorts - is displayed - in front of those that have a low IQ - and with great fun fare proclaim - it is great manly sport - it is not.

Here is the point - take your sport elsewhere, take your parade else where, take your events - such as those Sales Force and Oracle holds - else where - we in San Francisco do not appreciate - the congestion and adversely impacts you create - for all our foolishness of sorts.

These events held here in San Francisco - right where the poor - in their thousands - have made their abode for years.

Now, impacting their living - people keep taking the little they have - people keep traumatizing the poor - the City and County of San Francisco - with its $9 Billion budget - giving a damn - about human beings - that just happen to be poor.

More, creating congestion - adversely impacting millions - spewing dangerous particulates - these crooks make the money - fail to pay the City and County of San Francisco - their dues  - and the tax payers in San Francisco - have to fork out - for some one else - and their sordid - actions.

By default these crooked entities - force the tax payers to pay what they owe the City of San Francisco.

While, our SF Board of Supervisors, the Mayor of course, the Assessor Carmen Chu who is inept, the Treasurer, Jose Cisneros who is dancing to a fake beat - all - do the ordinary, hard working, decent San Franciscan - injustice.

This is Ohlone land - all of it.

This land was stolen - it was never, ever meant for the crooks - like Mayor Edwin M. Lee a panderer - others that back him - with ulterior - motives - evil to the core.

Let those that lie, cheat, bluff take their ploys and machinations - some where else.

We, do not want them here - more - when the people are not at the table - San Franciscans - making the deliberation.

The 49ers were here once in San Francisco - no more.

We have nothing to do with them - and more - when they fallen in disgrace - loosing games - where their opponents are weaker than their team.

Their quarter back is on the injury list - and there is talk - he will be traded.

The rest of the team - play like they have no training, less aptitude - doing injustice to Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice - many others that I have witnessed - bring glory to San Francisco - and more at Candlestick Park - that is San Francisco.

We all remember the great coach Jim Walsh - he must be turning in his grave - and with him the many old fans that have departed - and supported the 49ers all the many years - of their lives.

The 49ers now have their brand new - state of the art stadium - that is all they have.

There is no sense - of a team - that is worth the salt.

Now, it is all about greed - and Jed York the owner - is thinking about bailing out - may be selling the team - and going South.

Greed knows no bounds - but one thing is for sure - it takes you to your grave - dead - over the precipice - they drown themselves - in the " cesspool of their own creation ".

More and more rich in the United States - having all the money - commit suicide - mostly White - that is what I am talking about. Books have been written about these sordid - middle aged Whites committing suicide - they have nothing to offer - they are cardboard.

Pay heed - no one who fleeces the poor and the decent - lives to tell a tale - that is worth the salt.

This City and County of San Francisco - if it does not do right by the poor - will fail - fall flat on its FACE.