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Friday, January 1, 2016


High rise buildings contribute to all sorts 
of contamination and pollution.

Here in San Francisco we brag - that we are capable of doing anything; " we are a City that knows how " we say - more in a nonchalant manner.

Saying what we think about our City - less what our City of San Francisco - really stands for.

More and more our nonchalant manner -  is becoming a nonissue - " cliche " - more when stupid politicians - say one thing and do another - and FAIL to represent us - the constituents - the tax payers - those that matter.

San Francisco is about our " neighborhoods " - that ordinary San Franciscans over the years - contributed to - since 1776.

San Francisco has a population of about 820, 000 and we have politicians helping to build " market rate housing " - one unit going for as much as $5 million and high end units - going for as much as $15 million.

The filthy rich from around the world are vying to buy these condominiums - while all the time - those living pay check to pay check - ordinary San Franciscans - are being removed from our neighborhoods - the word is " GENTRIFICATION".

One bed room in San Francisco - now, rent for over $3500 for a single bed room. In the 1970s you could rent one for $350 or less.

San Francisco has the highest rents in the Nation - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - with his hidden agenda - spewing diatribe - can look you in the eye - and LIE.

Our San Francisco Planning Commission and our San Francisco Planning Department - have failed - three times - to ratify our singular - one in five years document.

A document that details the needs of our housing needs - mandated by the State of California - known as the  " Housing Element ".

The last three Housing Elements - each had information that did not match " empirical data " - still, lingering in the courts - awaiting adjudication.

All over the world - we are experiencing the lack of Quality of Life issues.

The main ones - linked to Housing, Education, Health, Safety, Transportation, Pollution and Contamination, and other important issues - that each village, town, county, city, regional area deems - important and pertinent - to address for the good of all concerned.

In San Francisco we have the Precautionary Principle - but no one want to mention it.

In any conversation. The law sits there gathering dusts - and if you mention it - there is a hue and cry. Those who stand up - are few - most find it difficult to fight the MACHINE.

This land belongs to the Native Americans - our neighbors north - call them the First Nations.

It is important we acknowledge - whose land this is - and how Mother Earth was treated by the Native Americans, the First Nations, the Aboriginals, the indigenous people of this Earth.

We are happy - welcoming news in the year 2016 - the Prime Minister of Canada - the 23rd Canadian Prime Minister - Justin Trudeau - apologized for the treatment meted out to the First Nations by Canada - and requested Pope Francis - to do the same - in the name of the Catholic Church.

We talk about Quality of Life issues in a nonchalant manner - paying little importance to how fine tuned we are to our Mother Earth.

Failing to link our relationship to Mother Earth - with true and action oriented - spirituality - making it possible - how - all life is linked and connected.

Many fail to recognize simple factors - for example -  we see that "frogs" are disappearing - hundreds of species - all over the world.

 Many of us lack the knowledge - that where frogs fail to be present - we witness contamination, pollution, all sorts of chronic diseases. This one simple issue can open our eyes - and can permit us to contribute to saving our Earth - with less contamination and pollution.

Here is San Francisco - the Southeast Sector is contaminated with the worst pollution. Many radioactive elements registered at very high level.

Candlestick Point, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Parcel A - Alice Griffith - and all these large tract of land - prone to liquefaction and flooding - over 30, 000 unite are planned - such atrocities happen all the time. Greed rules - and Commons Sense - is thrown to the wind.

We have women giving birth to " still born babies". Infants prone to cancer and all sorts of respiratory diseases. The same with children, youth, young adults, seniors - and those with compromised - health.

Our San Francisco and our SF Health Department Director - Barbara Gracia knows about this - but, has NOT stepped forward - to do anything about the situation at hand.

No human being - can sit still while the Carbon Foot Print is permitted to increase by leaps and bounds.

Climate Change, Sea Level Rise - El Nino and other calamities are at our - door. We cannot run away from reality - and we bring about solution - together - for the good of Mother Earth.

The dangerous particulates, other elements which harm life - when they register at high levels - lead, mercury, methane, and so on and so forth - harm all life - hence the Precautionary Principle that can guide us and has been instrumental - in many civilized countries.

We know a lot to day - and the lay person has access to all sorts of monitoring equipment.

We can find out how contaminated and polluted our back yards are - often times - I surprise the so called experts - who do not expect - to see the " empirical data ".

Than, after contemplating - talk about a - " second opinion " - they do they own testing - and even though they find out the TRUTH - they will be slow to admit the - TRUTH.

It is all about Mother Earth - how we treat it - how we respect Mother Earth.

It is about having our heart in the right place - and sound spirituality that respects all life.

We cannot afford to harm any life - encourage contamination - and yet think we are human enough to contribute any good to Mother Earth.

We have much to learn from the indigenous people -  simple living - using and taking only what they needed.

Today's -  waste, the contamination is steeped with greed and being unspiritual.

Most spiritual people are humble, are respectful, care and sacrifice for all beings.

We human beings feel comfortable with those who are not loud mouthed - who are peaceful - we feel wanted - where we have a role to play - to leave a legacy - which each us human beings should contribute to - working as a team.

If we have not - let us start with 2016 - on all levels.