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Monday, December 2, 2013


There are certain players dubious in nature who think they can fool all the people all the time. Mostly developers and investor - who have little to do with Quality of Life issues - more so in San Francisco - and more so San Francisco by the Bay.

The San Francisco Port Authority clearly should comprehend the use of the Port Property and its Assets - under the Burton Act governed by Public Trust Act.

Jurisdiction given to the San Francisco Port Authority - to use these laws in a fair and just manner.

Simply put to further the Maritime uses and Recreational uses - along the 7.5 mile San Francisco Coast line from Lower Fort Mason to Pier 98 - better know as Heron Head's Park.

The recent slap on the face linked to 8 Washington that defeated Proposition B and C is a wake up call - to the greedy developers and to those that want to milk the cow - dead.

There was a time when San Franciscans permitted outsiders to come and participate in our way of living. In recent years the outsiders - have only one intention - money. They do not care about Quality of Life issues - and all they want is to abuse the system and rake in the millions.

 It is simply preposterous for the few present and past  San Francisco "politicians" - to use our unique Waterfront - to leave some sordid legacy linked to themselves and their evil ways.

Further to treat the unique and now world famous area in and around the Ferry Building by the Bay in San Francisco with  utter disdain.

There is a lot of history in and around the Ferry Building - some of it is never mentioned. Most of it forgotten - as if those in position - those policy makers - have a permanent - "continuing senior moment " - their knowings of past important factors and history - erased from the sordid - minds.

First and foremost the land belongs to the Ohlone - it has for over 10,000 years. I had to bring this to the attention of the San Francisco Port Authority - recently.

Is is strange how the strangers forget the stole the land. Up unit 1927 you could kill a Native American and fetch $5 for his or her scalp. Women were raped and Native American children - taken from the parents and villages and incarcerated in so called White run - Boarding Schools.

I represent the Ohlone in San Francisco - on matters of infrastructure, land use, other planning issues.

The San Francisco Planning Department and in this case the San Francisco Port Authority - is fully cognizant of this fact. I am monitoring them like a HAWK.

All roads lead to the Ferry Building at one time - rail, public transit, private transport, those few that had cars - and in the course of time many. The many activities -  that took place in and around the Ferry Building - we have photographs that paint a clear picture - people landing by the Ferry Building and then proceeding to Downtown San Francisco.

During the War Effort the many war activities - in and around the Ferry Building - soldiers embarking on the various junkets to places - where they were needed.

At the Ferry Building for example was established the First Marker lined to the Railway - and a this must be noted and an exhibit built - to signify the role of the Santa Fe and later Southern Pacific rail system.

History has recorded the role of the Negro Porters - the many who used the rail as transportation in years past - who had great admiration; and continue to have great admiration - for the Black Porters.

This one of a kind history that is never spoken of - and with it what can be one to connect the rail - from the Transbay Hub or Station - hopefully with its 12 platforms - to ferry thousands and deal with adverse impacts and  congestion - we all are experiencing - today.

We must learn to think outside the box - and have sound engineers, transportation experts, City Planners; Sociologist and other who are deeply involved in Environmental Issue - more health issues to address hot spots, the dangerous particulates, and in general Health Issues - that are left out of  the equation.

It seem that the policy makers do not  have the best interests of the City and County of San Francisco. Permit congestion and then as a after thought - think about doing - something. Can we expect anything from the politicians, the developers - poor leaders - who are not educated on pertinent - issues.

For sure - not the shallow, spineless, inept planners more from the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA).

For sure not the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA), the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce.

Other drab authorities that have been asleep at the wheel. They all talk the talk but fail each and every time to walk the walk.

I just happened to be at one singular San Francisco Port Authority meeting - where the fools were discussing about the celebrating the 150 years of the San Francisco Port Authority anniversary - some months ago.

Can you imagine - not a word about the history of the Negro - the Black - the African American - and the role they all played with the Army - the Buffalo Soldiers - the Santa Fe operation and the famous Porters.

Captain Michael Haley and the Coast Guard, and I could go on - but the buffoons - were planning a gala - other mundane stuff - and had no clue of the past history - and no plans to given recognition to the Black - even though the SF Port Authority has two Commissioner who are Black!.

Within two weeks - I had to muster the best to put on a singular and spectacular Buffalo Soldiers Exhibit - at my own expense.

Anthony Powell  a Buffalo Soldiers' historian and curator with his own displays and artifacts - understanding the cause - helping me and others with this one of kind Buffalo Soldiers - display and exhibits.

Can you imagine the two Black Commissioners - who are on the SF Port Authority Commission - did not bother to visit the exhibit? This as part of the 150 years celebration.

The Longshoremen too were treated with disdain - the Longshoremen who have done so much - including laying their live on Bloody Thursday - all recorded and all well know -by those who favor fair play in the workplace.

I worked with them to make them feel at home - and even created a documentary of their drill performance on that memorable day -  April 28, 2013 - the 150th Anniversary celebration of the San Francisco Port Authority.

Yet these two Black Commissioners on the SF Port Authority will talk about everything - trips to China, pretending to give menial jobs to people of color, this, that and the other - all fluff and more fluff.

It all points to education, up bringing, family values and traditions - manners, etiquette and of course being educated on issues. In short caring about San Francisco - as stellar San Franciscans would.

The Bay would not be what it was - if three women - whose husbands held important positions in our well established Universities, our Judicial Courts, other well established institutions - if their wives did not take it upon themselves to save the Bay.

All White women with a singular mission and fortitude - to do right. They saved the Bay alright!

While these three women were fighting to save the Bay - the developers were dumping infill - the worst kind possible - to build artificial land - to build tall buildings and other type of facilities.

The Bay is the Bay - because of them. The beautiful views and the many assets the Bay brings to the fore - our climate, the cool breeze, the sailing boats, the birds, the many shipping containers moving towards Oakland, the Coast Guard doing their thing, and the many other maritime activities - water, water, water - everywhere.

The 8 Washington building blocking the views would do these women - who saved the Bay - and all of us advocates - great injustice. Insult the First People - the Ohlone who are left out of any discussion - this their land.

That is why some of us fought hard to do the right thing - never mind that Willie L. Brown Jr. the "former thug Mayor of San Francisco".

Gavin Newsom the good for nothing -side kick of our Governor Jerry Brown - bragged about Open Space - this and that - while trying to push for a tall building - and condominiums for the filthy rich - at 8 Washington Street - where now is a parking lot - part of an agreement with the Ferry Building. 

Condominiums at 8 Washington Street in the price range - from $5 million to $10 million. Who could afford that but the filthy rich - and they got defeated - and must be debarred from carrying out such ploys and machinations. They are enemies of the people - the tax payers and those San Franciscans who adhere to stellar values and aspirations - have fortitude - and a vision for the best.

As I said this land belongs to the Ohlone - they were here for over 10,000 years. In the last 200 years on the Water Front by the Ferry Building a lot of construction, in fill and a lot of that has gone sour and come to haunt us.

Had it not been for the three women - the Bay that we see today - would not be there. The Greed that was moving to destroy the entire Bay; one of kind Eco-system - was stopped - and for good measure.

No one in their right mind should opt of a Warrior Stadium by the Ferry Building.

We gave the Giants an opportunity - they have AT&T Park - that is really SF Port Authority Property - Willie L. Brown Jr the former Mayor and Speaker of the Assembly - who was forcefully term out - was behind that scheme. He legislated at Sacramento and made AT&T Stadium possible - but there is more to that - history and reality.

We failed the 49ers and they have a State of an Art Stadium in Santa Clara - while still holding to the name San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers soon will no more called San Francisco and Candlestick Stadium - home.

The Warriors should opt for a more holistic option - in some open space - some site that does not favor abject - C O N G E S T I O N and bring disgrace to the City - named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

We have 365 days in a year - and there will be over 340 activities  - on 340 days - if the Warrior Stadium is built. Bringing in a lot of congestion - contributing to the Carbon Footprint - and adversely impacting millions.

Particulates has been determined scientifically, recently - with empirical data starring us in the face - to be a singular and one of the most significant elements or factors to cause harm to all life - a  CARCINOGEN. Where cancer is rampant and suffering of humans and other lives - untold. 

That is the devil's work -  with intent increasing congestion and adversely impacting our children, our Seniors, humans and non-humans. 

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books - but no one cares - not even the San Francisco Port Authority - we have seen it with the Alito-Lazio case - with the contaminated stock piles at Pier 92 that the SF Port Authority was forced to abate.

The many toxic hot spots at Pier 70 that those in authority want to cap. Pier 98 and Heron Head Park which is contaminated - these shenanigans are all there - for evaluations and inspection - and the San Francisco Port Authority will be exposed. Make no bones about it.

Much of the 7.5 mile along the coast the San Francisco Bay is contaminated - Asbestos, leaking fossil fuel from old tanks that refueled boats and barges -  sinking piers, other contaminants leeching into the Bay.

We have known about this - but not the buffoons who sit on the SF Port Authority Commission. For sure not Kimberly Brandon.

High rise buildings - skyscrapers make me puke.

That is why I like Washington DC - other cities that do not have tall buildings.

The Financial District is a concrete jungle and those that like it -are the greedy Property Managers - the owners of the buildings large corporations who do not pay taxes - and those that rake in the commercial rents - and do little if nothing - for the San Franciscans.

That tower of Babel will come tumbling down - wait for the Big One to ring the bell - and just like that - those wheeling and dealing - smiling at their stupid ploys and machinations - will receive their - reality check. A shock that will traumatize their very being - they will try to reason but it will be too - late.

Each and every high rise in and around that area we call the Financial District that employs so many - and pays them so little - at the end of the day - these tired souls - have to go home.

The employees all gravitate towards the Ferry Building to go home on the Ferries, at other times - to eat at the many gourmet restaurants. They have other options too.

The Farmers' Market other activities - many run along the well built concrete paths - to experience and feel the cool breeze and tone their bodies.

Others just sit and while away some time in meditation and other somber activities. They do their thing and that is all good. They can see the Bay now - from afar with no hindrance - but build those tall buildings - and all is for nought.

Many gravitate towards the famous Ferry Building, a landmark -with a clock that chimes - that all recognize - a symbol that all San Franciscans are proud of.

Many foreign visitors, others - conduct some leisure business or serious ones in some rare instances - I suppose.

While all the time - we know - and know deeply from doing research and monitoring - those behind the scenes that built those buildings - in the Financial District - have and had a sordid history.

You have to know people - to know what I speak of. The Rockerfellers, the Shoresteins, the many Property Managers from outside - all parasites. I have dealt with them all these many years.

Carmen Chu the anointed San Francisco Assessor may brag she is bringing in the money - but at whose expense. Blood Money.
She and Jose Cisneroes - the City Treasurer - have a lot to answer - before a higher POWER.

 Who profits from all those monies - tainted - and raking in is fine or so some think - but it is mostly - Blood Money - and those that think deeply - know what I am talking about.

These building change hands quicker than the plays at a Poker Game - with charlatans of a kind - hoodwinking and doing their dubious thing.

The current San Francisco Port Authority Commissioners - mostly rubber stamp what is before them. With little meaningful deliberation.

One of them loves to be a SF Port Commissioner forever - she must move on - and there must be term limits - set.

She will agree on most of the garbage that come before her. Garbage that needs incineration and quick disposal.

She was for the 8 Washington project and she is now for the Golden State Warrior Stadium.

Wait until I appear at the SF Port Authority meeting and address - my deep concerns - she and two others - both Commissioners -  who are pathetic to say the least. Always rubber stamping - rubbish.

The Ferry Building belongs to the people - once with direct jurisdiction to the State - until in the late 1960s - the State transferred its assets to the the City and County of San Francisco - that created the San Francisco Port Authority - governed by the Public Trust Act and the Burton Act in later years.

Some years ago; I had to remind the then - SF Port Commissioners about the Burton Act.

The duty that they had to uphold under the Public Trust Act - the Burton Act that they knew little about - had hardly - read.

The SF Port Commissioners - were in for a shock and learned quickly that my reminders - would not go away. So they read and behaved better - at least for the first time - we saw them referring to standards - they had not paid attention before.

The SF Port Authority; as does the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and the San Francisco Airport - are all Enterprise Departments.

Meaning; have to generate their own money - and expand their monies for the upkeep of the assets - their building and operations - in the case of the San Francisco Port Authority - the many Piers that are in disrepair - due to deferred maintenance.

The America's Cup has brought some money to do some repair - but nothing was done without a hidden agenda. 

Oracle and its owner Larry Ellison - wanted to build an hotel right where the Warriors want to build their stadium. Two every bad ideas.

Oracle pulled a fast one - came from behind and won the America's Cup. With all the fun fare - the America's Cup - did not do as well as it could have done - contributing to the economy of San Francisco. This was the case in Auckland  - New Zealand which I visited and heard first hand remarks from those that live there.

San Francisco is still holding the bag - with millions spent and little recovered. The City authorities did not listen and the tax payers is paying the penalties for the dumb - mistakes.

The fact that Oracle won may give Larry Ellison a feather in his cap - but San Francisco; and more San Franciscans must remember - we were taken for a ride - we the tax payers of San Francisco. Millions owed will be paid or by the tax payers.

The tax payers rallied and fought and defeated the project - named 8 Washington - a blight on the Water Front - if it was built - we all would have been poorer for it.

We must never ever compromise our standards, our values, we must not be sell outs - those who want to destroy all - when in the first place they came here as strangers - and must thread the ground with great care. Be here if you may - but if you want to destroy - go elsewhere.

The Golden State Warrior Stadium is going no where - not if there is some sanity left - in San Francisco.

Congestion is not what we want - and the on going Traffic Analysis - by the San Francisco Transportation Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Agency - must be accomplished with the highest standards. So far on other projects - worth the salt - this has not been the case.

Other authorities like the Metropolitan Transportation Commission - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - must all do justice to the Ferry Building, the site around it - the traffic that must be kept away from the Ferry Building - the entire Water Front.

Little of it; very little of it - coming North toward Fisherman's Wharf.

Ideally the only means of transportation should be rail - this can be done and achieved with some qualified outreach.

With some qualified exceptions given to trucks at certain times - loading and unloading essentials - under very strict observations - cameras monitoring such activities - and high penalties for abuses.