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Sunday, April 28, 2013


The crowds that came to celebrate the 150th year anniversary of the San Francisco Port Authority - appreciated the one of a kind Buffalo Soldiers' exhibit at Pier One.

We would like especially to thank the premier Buffalo Soldier historian - Anthony Powell.

Also, David Wilkins, Andrew Bozeman, Bruce Giron, Olton, Jerry, Dr. Espanola Jackson, Maria Da Costa, the Los Banos Buffalo Soldiers, Renne Dunn Martin, Monique Moyer, Manny A. Pacheco, Patricia San Agustin, Amy and Megan from the SF Port Authory and Mike from International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

We take this opportunity to thank the San Francisco Port Authority for giving us an opportunity - to highlight the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers' and through them the many contributions of so many Blacks to San Francisco and of course the San Francisco Port Authority policy makers.

Unlike many other Cities - San Francisco was fortunate to have Black contribute to its well being from the early 1850s to now. We must not forget our past - if we treasure of past - we all will leave a better legacy - for the future.

We look forward to many more exhibitions and the opportunity to reveal the many facets and unique dimensions - of our history - the City and County of San Francisco.

The noble contributions made by people from all walks of life to our great City of San Francisco - by the Bay and closer to the Ferrry Building that once was a thriving meeting place for our great City.

The Native Americans, Blacks, the Asian, Whites, and all between - the human spirit has allowed us all - to witness so many miracles - trials and tribulations on the waterfront.

Today, we stand tall and proud - and put our best foot forward.

We all enjoy the benefits to those who laid their lives. Right here on our water front.

Enjoy the photographs. Thanks to one and all:

A special collage of photographs we put together - for the occasion: