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Saturday, April 13, 2013


San Francisco cannot say our City's economy is booming - when thousands of decent San Franciscans are out of work.

Our esteemed Seniors are sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - facing life in inclement weather.

We must respect and learn to protect the vulnerable - the indigent, those that have fallen on bad times through no fault of their own - and the Seniors should be on the top of the list.

The 26 cranes hovering with the corrupt developers like Webcor, Cahill, Nibbi, Swinerton, Turner and Turner - others who contribute to the corrupt politicians - think they can fool the entire world.

When it comes to local hire - and more giving workers Union Wages - San Francisco has no clout, no enforcement, and those that I have named above - are breaking the laws.

Nothing even the little know Compliance Management Division - that meets - and talks in circles. They have no clout - a branch of the former Human Rights Commission - same snake - different head.

The better compliance officers who worked for the Human Rights Commission - had their wings clipped.

Some large developers  did what they pleased - and got away with murder -before and nothing much has changed with the recent - shenanigans.

Any decent investigative reporter - that has access to the information - can write about the truth - but few have the guts - to write about the truth.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are superficial - shallow, and  spineless.

Few are educated on issues - leading the pack and uninformed Jane Kim and Malia Cohen.

When it comes to spewing diatribe - these two go on and on and on - Scott Wiener from District 8 and David Campos from District 9.

David Chiu is the consummate liar from District 3 - who pretends that he means to do right - but was warned and written up by the San Francisco, Ethics Commission on the various ploys and shenanigans - linked to the Parkmerced Development.

Others warned were Eric Mar, Scott Wiener, David Chiu, and of course that perennial liar and fake of them all - Malia Cohen.

David Chiu who hails from Taiwan still thinks that he can be dictatorial - more with his "Bonaparte" complex - and always - making a fool of himself.

We do not have a single San Francisco Supervisor who dares to hold a hearing - on our Seniors and their plight.

Why are so many Seniors suffering and why are so many seniors  sleeping on the streets of San Francisco?

On drab topic that is discussed again and again - is the California  Pacific Medical Center  and when it comes to pandering with the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) - Scott Wiener, David Campos, David Chiu and even Mark Farrell - will be there touting their horn - singing the blues out of tune. 

So why did it take so long to bring about these crooked resolution of sorts linked to California Pacific Medical Center?

We the people fought for Saint Luke - because we had the empirical data.

Respecting the love and sacrifice meted out to thousands of patients over the years - was not by CPMC - but, by the faith based organization - that CPMC cheated and lied to - and enticed them to sell Saint Luke.

Why are we forgetting this - we must take this fact into account - each and every time the devil - CPMC - is dealt with.

CPMC is not to be trusted  - ever.

CPMC continues to cheat, lie, and offer inferior services all over Northern California.

We heard the testimony - and for the "idiots" that participated in some of the back rooms deals - and tell us that all is well - this in fact - is far from the - truth.

Never ever trust CPMC and the Sutter Group of hospitals.

So when CPMC cut down all services to the Mentally Challenged,  to women who needed help - premature babies - as soon as they purchased Saint Luke - where were those who today are projecting that CPMC has a change of heart.

More when CPMC without any warning - stepped down the services at Saint Luke's and so many thousands suffered  - who is going to be responsible for the pain and suffering?

Then we had the Engineers on strike at CPMC on California Street - and no one mentions about the strike and the suffering these hard working engineers went through.

The same with the CPMC nurses - we saw them - we talked to them - they told us about how despicable CPMC was - even testified at City Hall in Room 250 - so many time. Are we deaf - have we lost our senses to believe in CPMC? 

Who is fooling whom - and why are we putting so many innocent live in danger - in those hospitals that CPMC wants to run?

The Wellness Center it is funding Third Street at 3450 Third - with a Jamaican Doctor in charge and back by Supervisor Malia Cohen - CPMC contributed $4 million to this Jamaican doctor - Nadine Burke. She is not from the community - came here some years ago - and is now pandering to CPMC and the 49ers who gave her a donation of $300,000 - because of the lies she told them.

No child should be treated at 3450 Third Street - a very contaminated site - the people spoke - but the City officials, the SF Health Department, others that must protect our children - favor the shenanigans of Malia Cohena and Nadine Burke.

Thousands suffered as soon as CPMC took over Saint Luke in Mission  - that has offered their services to thousands for years to folks from the Bayview Hunters Point too - more the vulnerable.

Here was David Chiu, David Campos, Scott Wiener, and joining them Mark Farrell - singing the blues - about an agreement reached with CPMC.

CPMC is not to be trusted. Only morons will abide by some resolution that is going to go - no where.

The building of a brand new hospital - even though the foot print is now smaller - at Van Ness is a very bad idea.

The traffic on Van Ness and the traffic on Franklin has not been address - and the so called traffic experts - cannot today - analyse less manage the "traffic calming" - and so imagine with all the changes in the future and added traffic - what a mess that will be.

At one time Webcor did not have money to complete the San Francisco General Hospital - they went beyond the target programmed and  expenses - now, suddenly Chinese money has been infused and Webcor is singing the blues.

No one is auditing Webcor - on every single project - with fake change amendments and with the higher ups in City government - they have bluffed themselves and made money. The 525 Golden Gate Project, the SF General Hospital - now the pier 30/32 pier project and the many projects  - we see Webcor getting all over the City.

The Mayor, Ed Lee from San Francisco - went with his begging bowl to China and has come home empty handed. That is a good lesson to learn about the Chinese from Mainland China - never to be trusted - never, ever.

The Mainland Chinese will have it their way - they do not trust anyone. If they do some one a favor - their Golden Rule is after knowing the person of over 15 or 20 years. That is just the way these diabolical politicians from China - adhere to their primitive, time tested evil ways.

We just had the changing of the guard in China, recently - and the current crooks will reign for 10 years.

Then the guard that now plays second fiddle and were in government - calling the shots - will arise and carry on - and these norms adhere the Chinese to keep them on track and with more or less the same people - passing the baton every ten years. I have been following the shenanigans for over 45 years of my life.

Then you have the Chinese from Macao, the Chinese from Hong Kong, the Chinese from Taiwan, the Chinese from Mainland China - and within China Mongolia, and the many other sectors - with their own meandering ways, customs, food, and so on - how to do business or even how to offer hospitality.

Chairman Mao brought most of the elite to their knees, brain washing the elite - many of whom were reduced to peasants - and today, some how given positions in goverment.

Always a reminder - that they had to work the paddy field - those are the fields that grow - rice - always to bear in mind - to keep the poor and peasants in mind - but, that is far from that path - in reality.

Then chosen women and men in command - brain washed the elite - and reduced  them to puppets.

If they were told something - they had to do it - never mind what it was and they did it for years - some as many as 30 years.

Today we want this tainted money from China - to run our economy and tarnish our values.

When we have the ability to run our own affairs - and should not permit one single dollar of the tainted, blood money - to curse our projects and ruin what little good remains in San Francisco.

Willie L. Brown Jr. years ago invested in large casinos in Macao - and few know about this. He has an affinity for Oriental girls - those close to him - know this. And Willie is Willie - he has stored sufficient money - to do as he pleases - that is as long as he can see - six inches from his nose.

We have no leadership in San Francisco - and just building thousands of Market Price Homes - is not the way to go.

Building inferior homes on contaminated ground like Alice Griffith for the indigent and poor is not the way to go. 1600 units on Parcel A - surround by the worst contamination - a Superfund Site - that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - who is kidding - whom?

Come September, 2013 the Stocks will come crashing down.

The ill affects of this one spiraling action - in the wrong direction - will wake up - the "idiots" who are acting in a "bubble" - when the bubble will burst - this one bubble will be heard - loud and clear for thousands of miles around.

Nothing much is happening in China.

The Chinese economy is in a doldrums - and the middle class is suffering. Cities new cities with brand new buildings remain vacant - and folks who bought brand new homes - cannot pay their rent and premiums to the brokers.

The environment in China is so pathetic - the contamination and pollution so pervasive and deep - that the Mainland Chinese - will do anything to move to another country.

So, off they go to Australia, New Zealand, come here to the States - more Southern California - to deliver their babies in their eight month and then go home - hoping against hope that that one baby will give them hope - to settle in America.

Most of us here are busy with our own affairs - survival of the fittest.

The Chinese from Mainland China are daily circumventing - trying their best to survive and vying to come to any country where they can have a better life.

In China life is despicable - and those that have eyes to see, ears to hear - the few educated on issues - but more so those that have a  heart that has compassion - can fathom - what I am saying.

The Mainland Chinese who work for the government are like slaves and they in turn enslave millions - in slave camps - where folks work for long hours, sleep little, and endure beatings, eat and if they procreate the babies are taken away - much like is done in North Korea - in those slave camps.

We Americans are naive - and only those that are informed, can discern,  those that have the right connections - know what is really - happening - in Mainland China and North Korea and elsewhere in the world.

San Francisco must never say that our economy is booming because of the Chinese - if that day has come - then we must rethink and find out - who is behind this way of thinking and acting?

And if these diabolic gremlins are busy at work - working for the devil they must be brought to task.

No American must sell our Constitution and our time tested universal values - to the Chinese - more the Chinese that do not follow and adhere to International Human Rights.

Here is San Francisco - I call upon those who have served in the United States military, and those that were trained to know the things I speak of - to stand tall and wipe out the false impressions; blatant greed, and deep corruption.

Evil politicians think this is some way to go - but it is NOT - and this nonsense - must be nipped in the bud.

Not a single person and more a Senior should be sleeping - enduring, the brunt inclement weather - the many suffering and many dying - and to think - many of them - served our Nation - and are Veterans.

Here we have City Officials - most of them making over $250,000 with benefits - pandering our principles - and frolicking in Mainland China - living outside San Francisco and some here in our City - and thinking only about themselves.

We are watching you like a hawk - and the many Community Based Organization - pretending to do some good - but, selling out the community.

Beware of the gremlins - they are embedded every where - in City government. Serving the needs of the small and large contractors who carry on and do illegal activities.

As lawyers who lie, as experts on this, that and the other - consultants and lobbyists - as politicians who are very corrupt - they are every where - and they are diabolical.

None of the above want to represent and serve the people at large - more those that really need - help and are the tax payers. Aho.

Lennar comes empty handed and there is more with its continuing downfall - having harmed our community and more our children: