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Monday, April 8, 2013


All over the world the people in the know are watching the FAKE sky rocketing of our Nation's - United States Stocks - and most know that this artificial - propping of sorts - must come tumbling down.

Much like Humpty Dumpty's fall from that fateful - wall. Only this time the location is named - Wall Street.

It does not help that our Congress acts like little children - playing in the sand box - on the many serious issues - that must be dealt to make things in our Great Nation - Turtle Island great.

The land and all its resources were stolen from the Native Americans.

More on the vital issues that affect all the tax payers - these supposedly "grown ups " - in Washington DC; cannot make up their mind - on pertinent issues - and have sown distrust among the tax payers at large - more the middle class and the commons.

Most of these Representatives - must be booted out - out of their office.

New blood elected - folks that can represent - and know the pain and suffering of the - commons. For too long - have too many tolerated the nonsense - and the time is RIPE - to get rid of the chaff.

At any level; when it comes to the budget, our Nation's Budget - and one can blame the other - we have had no "balanced budget in years and yet we lie.

Who is responsible? Who is it - that serves our Nation well - the flux in our budget - keeps people worried with millions still seeking work. Millions; having lost - their entire savings -  in 2008 with the Nation economic loss - and the on going - DEPRESSION float by Wall Street thugs.

Lies are told; that we DO have a balanced budget - but the reality - is that we DO NOT have one.

Our Nation that once had its budget under control - is now " being played "  by the Nation's Federal Bank and the Nation Treasury Department - printing money - and faking it.

The world wonders why a Superpower cannot address the basic functions of any sound government?

We spend more than we have - and make excuses - most of them flimsy - and always at the expense of the poor, the middle class - and those that are decent and work hard.

Right now the United States Government workers - who are at the mercy of Congress - with Sequestration and others such gimmicks and shenanigans - many of them work less and others have been laid off.

Critical services are curtailed and even on the National level linked to our defense - cuts have been made that could easily - compromise the SAFETY of our Nation. We are a Superpower!

We owe China - trillions of dollars - and China itself is failing - it has ruined its environment, cheated the artificial middle class - that has its income eroding.

Large cities sit idle - with no population - fake business complete with names like GUGI, STARBUCKS, and dead with no human activity - so dead that it boggles the mind.

In the prison camps in China - much like the Gulag - millions are housed and live like slaves - they work free for the dreaded Chinese Government - whose Human Rights - is the worst ever.

Here is San Francisco - some of our government officials are pandering - thinking they can get the Chinese government - more the China Development Bank - to aid us.

The Chinese are smart and many may not know it - they are reading stuff such as this article and paying attention. They have their moles and spies everywhere and some at San Francisco - City Hall.

The China Development Bank knows very well - they can be exposed to the tilt and a can of worms opened - much is know about their blood money and shenanigans all over the world.

The China Development Bank is evil - as evil that those that lead the many delegations to China - to places like Beijing and Shanghai - and live in San Francisco. Time will tell.

In the interim the scum bags from Goldman Sachs and the other large financial banks that we the tax payers bailed out - are busy - propping up the economy - using "hedge funds".

Other dubious models of financing - and soon as we near the month of September, 2013 - much before September, 2013 - the artificial Stocks that we see sky rocketing - will come tumbling down.

Read the book by David Stockton - others who are astute and know the "real truth" - about the state of affairs - of our failed economy.

Everything - linked to our artificial Stock Market, our general economy - the abject failure - we see among on Congresspersons and our Senators when it comes to lack of sound - governing.

Today at all levels we have NO - representation.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.