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Thursday, April 11, 2013


The mantra is "show me the money " - and this cliche has long proved to be with any foundation - when the end result is not - holistic - and the source of the money is tainted - more with BLOOD money.

Show me the money tied to human rights violations, detaining innocent people and harvesting their organs, blatant disregard for our American values - more our treasured CONSTITUTION - is now being ignored by greedy, corrupt - politicians - pandering to Nations like Communist China.

Politicians and their lackeys are busy abroad in places like China - falling for values that are shallow, have not met the test of time; with democracy as the ground of choice - do not jive with our American and more our well tested and endured human rights values. We Americans cherish our values - more those of us that have served our Nation - well - against those that are sly, devious, clandestine, harbor, and mean us - harm.

Again the again the Chinese have invaded our rights - tempered with our values and how we do business - with garnered - principles.

Stolen and taken our copy rights and abused them.  Even dared to steal our secrets - by hacking into our confidential documents and invading our privacy.They are NOT to be trusted - never, ever.

America is not China - and must not harbor folks that fundamentally have NO values - they live so that they can dominate and control - imbibed with selfish interests.

We in America help others - embrace and nurture others - are giving with conditions - thinking; those we help can imbibe our - well tested values - and again and again - we are taken for a rude, and mean joy - ride.

The Chinese economy has failed - failed miserably - and an important factor to note - is that in China - they have no standard of living - decent, quality living as we enjoy because many laid down their lives that we may be free.

We have freedom and there is license. Abuse of freedom is license. Most Chinese practice license - they want to be rich - by any means necessary. We see these rampant way of thinking and acting - in San Francisco. We have our local leaders pandering to the mean, sleezey, crafty - Chinese.

When a country stoops so low to gather cooking oil from the gutters of China and reuse these source to cook food that is consumed by human beings - that say a lot about a people and how they live.

When the Chinese - force the peasants to get rid of thousands of sick pigs - but provide no recourse - how to get rid of these sick animals.

For example providing them access to incinerators - then something is fundamentally - wrong.

The peasants then dump thousands of sick pigs anywhere they can - in the rivers, in the lakes - even in waters that are used by the Chinese people for drinking - purposes.

For sure; we in the United States would not like to live and act in such a manner.

With such people - more the authorities - who mandate others to do this and that - but provide no amenities to make it easy - and most of all provide - have no sound regard - for health and safety. 

The recent H7N9 avian influenza is a glaring example - as we have garnered from the way the Chinese maintain their drab health system.

Prepare their food in insanitary conditions, rear their poultry in unhygienic conditions - this unique cross cultured deadly influenza - has crossed over from the Avian (bird) to homo sapiens (human beings) - and must be considered - deadly.

The Chinese have the audacity to blame this situation of their own making - more because of the unsanitary way - they live - and the poor unhygienic conditions prevailing in China - on us Americans.

They really make no bones about transferring their glaring mistakes on us - Americans. We stare them in the face and continue to pander - we must take a stand - and debar the on going ploys and machinations.

We must treasure our values - and that hold the feet t the fire of those that operated - the large financial institution and the insurance companies.

Those dubious and devious - who are now wheeling and dealing with the Chinese - a segment of our population that deals with tainted and bloodied money.

They were instrumental - in the Economic Fiasco and Economic Downfall - in the year 2008.

Folks like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase and other such folks - that America has been lenient to but have mistaken our generosity - and have bitten the hand that feeds them.

Again and again we have to be leery of these scoundrels - you warn them - but they do as they please - and now they have compromised the lives of millions of innocent people - all over the world.

The woes of Spain, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, the many Nations that are looking to America - and our Political Gurus.

In the interim - some within our system - are throwing arrows in the air - with idiotic norms and woes that have no bearing for good - like Sequestration - you buy time and in the end put million in - peril.

From the actions of loan sharks, those that were once detained in ghettos - we forget history - and history repeats itself and comes to bite us in the butt.

Soon the politicians and that includes those that purport to Represent - but have let us down - want to interfere with our Social Security and Medicare.

That is taking it too far - and the time to act is now - do not vote for the scum bags - and there are some here in California Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer - one worse than the other.

When is the last time these jerks have had a meaningful dialog in your community?

What have these folks - that have each amassed millions of dollars - what have they done for you all?

These so called devious representative - have links to the worse culprits that hijacked our economy.

Today as before they continue to have access to shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - raking in millions - and we look at them and give them a pass. This nonsense must STOP - now.

Talk of folks being evil and  devilicious - they are here in our back yard - raking in the millions - filling their campaign coffers - and shafting the constituents who they purport they represent but do not.

Here closer to home Malia Cohen croaking at the San Francisco Board meeting - after having pussy footed around - each time she opens her mouth - she shoves her dirty foot in.

Killings and shooting galore in District 10. Pathetic.

David Chiu who originally hails from Taiwan - wants to deprive us of our Public Comment and the mandatory three minutes - that must be given to us by right.

All sorts of fake rules and regulations are made - giving those that want to freely express themselves a measly two minutes.

Other drab rules like no clapping - these idiots must just watch and hear what goes on at the British Parliament - but, they would not know - because they hail from roots that are mundane, unsanitary, rubbish, excreta - shallow, and for sure not - Democratic.

Our local leaders will soon be home - from their trip - supposedly paid for by the Communist Chinese.

I hope they all are tested and quarantined  and after being given a clean slate - released to the public at large - with great caution. 

Scum begets scum - and we must put these folks in place - and remind them of their own lessons learned - that these jerks more corrupt politicians - must not forget.

America - Turtle Island - the land of the Native Americans - and not those that fake it - and purport they stand for American values - but are indeed pawns of those Nations - that do not favor our system of government - like Communist China. 

It could be the Chinese, the Zionists - the many who are agents for other Nations - right here in our back yard - compromising our values.

Do not take for granted what is duly yours - be on your guard, be vigilant - for sure protest your first and second amendments rights. That includes the right to bear arms - all arms - no one should tell you - what is good for you - in American if you comprehend freedom as opposed to license - that is all you need to know.

The so called Representatives and corrupt politicians are always telling us what to us - while each and every day break the laws. They was a time they were taken to task - and in years gone up - sent to the gallows.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.