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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


People in San Francisco are fed up - fed up of the many Press Conferences - where City officials and those that are suppose to represent us - spew diatribe - at the many Press Conferences - praising their own tails - and letting Quality of Life issues - go down the drain - with intent.

Our MUNI buses have dummy cameras that do not work.

People now get shot at, mugged at, beaten and spat on - and we the public think the cameras are working - but they are NOT.

MUNI drivers as well as the passengers are adversely impacted - put in harms way - most everyone knows about this - but nothing is being done. This is a big - cover up.

Who is fooling whom? Who is paying someone to cover up? The facts are there for all to see? Do you want us to post the empirical data - over 20,000 pages - for all the world to see?

The on going investigation - after we provide some facts - is a joke. We give these knuckleheads the information and they cannot - connect the dots.

Millions of tax payers money has been wasted by MUNI. Millions of dollars - consultants and contractors that have NO qualifications - raking in millions of tax payers - money.

The Controller's Office is working on the investigation even though all the relevant information and more has been given to the office.

And if the Controller's Office wants more information - over 8000 pages more - this can be made available to him - this time for a fee. We are NOT going to do your home work for FREE.

There is one man that works for MUNI - the man that wears the ear piece - he has been having a "field day " - bluffing, fooling, playing the buffoon.

All the while innocent people - constituents of San Francisco - have been shot at, spat at, beaten, our Seniors intimidate by "thugs" - and the Controller's Office, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the "Yellow Hornets" the patrolling idiots we pay for - and the Mayor's Office - has been sitting on their "fat asses" and doing nothing.

Now and then at some bus stops - ten to fifteen - law enforcement - most of them - obese - out of shape - gang up on the passengers - asking them for the fare tickets - and if some poor or indigent person does not have it - the poor passenger is intimidated.

Indigents have NO money to pay a $100 ticket. We must fire those making $200,000 plus at tax payers expense - for NOT doing their  job. I can give you more then 20% of our City workforce that fall into this category.

We have a population of about 805,000 and over 28,000 City workers. For every 28 constituents one City worker - most of them do not live in San Francisco - they work here - and go laughing to the bank - when they receive their fat - salaries.

We need the "hornets" and the harassing law enforcement who are paid by us tax payers - out of our faces - and all of them sent to some orientation - where they learn - manners.

I want Mayor Ed Lee and MUNI General Manager - Ed Reiskin to know - that we, the people of San Francisco will not - tolerate this on going - nonsense.

Harassing the poor, the indigent - while the bosses at the top - are having a field day - not doing their jobs - and our Mayor thinks - that nothing is wrong - with this behavior. You better believe it - something is wrong.

More will be reported complete with names, time and date - so that this on going nonsense - is stopped and with the people, more the commons - are respected. Make no bones about this - you respect us - we respect you.

You truly want to help MUNI - clean the buses - they stink - Mr Mayor.  Get you volunteers to clean the buses - if Mr. Ed Reiskin cannot do it - if not just ride the MUNI bus and see things for yourself - the 14, 8X, 30 - just start with these lines or routes.

Check the other Regional Buses - they are clean and they do not stink.

You want to help the constituents make the Light Rail and the MUNI buses - run on time - I take Public Transportation - and the service is deplorable. And it is only getting - worse.

Notice even the advocates are fed up - no one worth the salt is going to City Hall - they are fed up.

These so called Representatives, Board of Supervisors - the likes of Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, others not worth mentioning - and screwing around - doing - nothing.

Now, Malia Cohen the good for nothing District 10 Supervisor - has been given a City Car - for what? 

To do her shopping - and to throw insults in the direction of the poor and the indigent?

This good for nothing - spineless and very corrupt so called Supervisor - must be ashamed of herself - and resign.

There is more crime of all sorts in District 10 - because this corrupt woman has done nothing in District 10 when it comes to jobs, safety of the constituents, education for our children, help for our Seniors - and the list goes on and on.

As prisoners are released more rapists, pedophiles, murderers are released and most of them are found in the Tederloin, District 6 and in District 10 - compromising - Quality of Life issues.

In the districts of these two political whores - Jane Kim - rolling those eyes and making those faces - from District 6.

And from District 10 - that air-head, loud mouth, panderer - Malia Cohen - now using our tax payers money to go around - in a City Car - even for her private adventures and satisfaction.

The Chinese immigrant population is suffering - and you see it everywhere - in San Francisco.

Now, you have the Chinese immigrant population - selling can goods, other stuff on Market Street and elsewhere - just trying to make a living.

You would think Mayor Ed Lee would have a "heart" and do something about that. NO.

May be it is time for him and his encourage to take one more trip to China to beg for money. The last time he went - with his bowl - nothing happened.

The corruption in this City has increased - and the poor and the indigent have to suffer.

No one should be sleeping in a chair. I said NO one should be sleeping in a chair. Try getting some sleep in a chair - and this is what is happening in our shelters. More with people who are ill.

Even the dogs in the dog shelters and the cats - can sleep in peace and some comfort.

In San Francisco we have shelters now that offer chairs to sleep - this is inhumane.

An ordinance must be PASSED - to STOP  any official or employee - encouraging those that need dire help - giving seats to the homeless, the indigent to sleep in the chair - or rest for more then 3 hours - must be penalized. Sent to jail.



Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are superficial - none of them have the guts to - solve the homeless problem - and millions are pocketed by those that run the programs.

Bevan Dufty, Trent Rhorer, others all make more than $200,000 plus for trying to help the indigent. If that is not a joke - I do not know what is.

Mayor Ed Lee stop cutting those ribbons with all the temporary fun fare. While people are suffering and you have NO idea what is happening. Visit the shelter in cognito and see what I have seen - many time. Go to the Emergency Rooms in cognito and see what is happening in your City?

We want the cameras working on the MUNI buses - now.

We want the poor given beds to sleep in - now.

We want the MUNI passengers treated with respect - now.

We want our children to be able to travel safely to school - now.

We want our hospitals to treated everyone but more the indigent and the Seniors and children with respect - now.

Stop giving the Supervisors perks - like that good for nothing Malia Cohen - a City car to do her errands and smile like a jack ass. Wasting of tax payers money.

Stop acting and playing to the camera - and start addressing - quality of life issues.

Our great City - the City and County of San Francisco is going to the hogs.

Wake up and do something. And there is more.