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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Mayor and his encourage - the Supervisors from corrupt City Hall - those on the Budget Committee - tour the City Districts - some 11 in all. Paring two Districts at a time to have a Budget Town Hall.

Just like a circus - pretending to reveal the billions in the City Budget - some $7.9 billion, plus - giving an opportunity to those that wish to speak - a chance.

There is no line item explanation - just some drab, general comments - and those in the inner circle - can "tweak" - the numbers - any which way they like - and they do - all the time.

The latest circus on the Budget and the sordid Town Hall connected to these idiotic meetings - took place at the Southeast  Facility Commission - at 1800 Oakdale - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Pretending to give the constituents from District 10 and District 11 a chance to speak their mind -but causing anger and utter confusion - pandemonium.

The SF Police Department is brought in - in full force - other spies in the crowd - they may try to intimidate.

In the end they always make a FOOL - of themselves. That is why the people have a name for these fools - BUFFOONS.

How was this particular meeting conducted?

Much like cattle sold in the market - no decorum, people not respected - those sitting at the head of the table - making a fool of themselves. Pretending to "represent" - but they are only representing their own - selfish interests.

A Chinese woman in her own way - knowing some little English - told the Mayor and those that had ears to hear. " No one cares about those that do not have access to City Hall". More with tears in her eyes - and she made her point - very clear - for all to hear.

Others; local leaders were not called to speak.

Some outsider from Vallejo - facilitating the meeting.

These type of silly facilitating must stop - we have people in the community that can do a better - job.

Of course Malia Cohen would not know about that - she has NO clue - what is happening in the community.

 They constituents gathered - had to protest and the Mayor had to use his discretion to allow them to speak.

"Those two let them speak first" said the Mayor. And so - Espanola Jackson and Robert Woods - got this opportunity to speak - after public comment was halted - but resumed at the discretion of the Mayor - Ed Lee.

This year's Budget is a JOKE and the Chair, Supervisor Mark Farrell may say what he wants.

The public at large - at City Hall are given a measly two minutes - and when the circus comes to town - the shenanigans get even worse.

The District 10 Supervisor does not deem it wrong to use a City car - complete with the City Logo - to use it for shopping at Costco -in the South of Market Area (SOMA) - at tax payers, expense.

Yet, this mean woman - will criticize a homeless man - using a cell phone. She finds that funny - and she should - because she gets most of what she gets on a platter.

This is what is visible to all - who have the sense to connect the dots - a political whore barring none.

In San Francisco the last five years - things are going from bad to worse. Our Mayor and his entourage of sorts - think they can fool - all the people - all the time - but the constituents of San Francisco are astute and watching - like a hawk.

Suddenly, with that one scoop  all - will come to a halt. 

Chinese immigrants at Visitation Valley are suffering.

The Samoans are suffering - and one lonely way the City has chosen to resolve some issues - is to dump 30 Samoan families on Treasure Island - and let them fend for themselves.

From Double Rock to the man made island that is sinking - Treasure Island.

Plans are afoot to mess with the Quality of Life issues in the neighborhood in District 10.

Now, the Homeless Czar wants to create a "Homeless Shelter" - where those that a homeless are given a "chair" to sit on - all night long - and get a wink of sleep.

It is such utter nonsense, with no compassion - that truly tells and reveals to  the world - how stupid these folks are.

Cold, mindless - and mean to the core  - who use the Budget Town Hall - to mock the people - and make a fool of themselves.

This nonsense will back fire.

Malia Cohen is using her Supervisor's job as a cash cow. She has no sense as to what is happening in District 10 when it comes to - sound transportation, health issues, safety, education, the plight of the Seniors - and the list goes on and on.

She now has been given a City car - at tax payers expense. She can now go shopping to Costco - visiting her friends - and continue to pussy foot around.

She said a few words at the Budget Town Hall meeting - she must listen to what she said.

In fact; she said nothing meaningful; that was pertinent - again proving to the world - that she is inept, shallow, and spineless.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

The poor man with a cell phone - and the attitude towards him - by the - whore politician: