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Sunday, April 14, 2013


If anyone reads the law that has been passed in Colorado recently - that much is touted about - the law does more harm than good - linked to gun control.

Our First and Second  Amendment rights are stronger than ever today - than it has ever been before - in this Nation. 

here are over 320 million guns out there all over the United States. Most of the gun owners need their guns to defend themselves - and rightly so.

Our government is destroying the middle class - and now want to go touch our Social Security and our Medicare. The middle class is eroding and soon when the Economy Spirals into the cesspool - created by folks like Goldman Sachs and the Zionists who are given lee way to do as they please - pandemonium will reign. 

We need our guns to save guard ourselves - against anyone that will dare - come into our sanctum that is our home. You cross the line - you get what you deserve.

Our nation is a land of laws - not of dictators and politicians that are not educated on issues. We are a Republic and so far  - for hundreds of years - the time tested Constitution has worked - the best in the world. Our Second Amendment is precious - and if some one who is idiotic want to take that away - for sure - all hell will break and rightly so.

Those parents that allow their mentally ill children to play with guns - like the recent case - where a military style was used to kill some innocent children - is the fault of the parent.

More, a single White mother - and little has been said about this dysfunctional mother - whose former husband paid her thousands just to stay away from her and her dysfunctional behavior.

This mother even had a gift ready for Christmas - and the gift was yet another gun - for her "mentally challenged" son. A loner, a White mentally challenged boy - who had serious issues.

Some one who used his gun, many guns for that matter - in plain sight in his large home -  and a ton of ammunition - as if they were toys.

Anyone in their right mind know this - and those that use guns for the right purpose - do not agree that those "mentally challenged" should be permitted to use guns - in fact they should be kept far away from any weapon or tool that can cause bodily harm.

So now typical of a Democrat that has put a cart before the horse - the Mayor of New York - is using his billions - to spew diatribe - spread lies - and in fact use other Democrats to influence local, state, and national elections - which is wrong. Using "gun control" as a ploy - this will back fire.

The National Rifle Association has been in existence for the longest time ever. Since the mid 1800s and it has many, millions of members.

The Democrats have never had a blue print about the use of guns.
Not one that has been vetted and accepted - the Democrats sit on the fence and jump on that side that is green. They cannot articulate anything - accept whisper and fill their campaign - coffers. Leading the thugs of politicians Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein and both happen to be from California.

 Again and again in the past - some Democrats who have been members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) - have opposed the government trying to interfere with our Second Amendment Rights. Ask Harry Reid what is thinks about guns - he may sing the blues for a moment - and the guy for years - backed the National Rifle Association and right so.

The Democrats will fail in this attempt to bring any pressure against the NRA and the plan will back fire.

Already, in a show of hands - in the past three months millions of guns have been bought - and with that tons of ammunition stocked - by not only by decent folks who own guns for legitimate purposes - but also those that have no business owning guns.

That is what happens when some idiots with thinking challenge the system.

It is a JOKE when this debate is taken on the many television stations - and the host of the shows - knowing little; less educated on issues - have no idea about semi-automatic weapons, other weapons - proceed to talk as if they know it all.

One British host - keeps pounding and uttering statements that make no sense. Britain is Britain and the United States is the United States - and here in America so far - our Second Amendment rights are top on our priority list.

Make no bones about it.

Already in many States that are laws on the books - here in California too - but, there is NO funding to conduct the necessary checks to enforce the laws on the books.

For example here in California we have a long list on those that should not own guns - for one reason or another - be they felons or for some reason that they have been notified about.

Diane Fienstein know this and I suppose her side-kick an idiot Malia Cohen. So why don't these two idiots - fork up the money - so that the State can conduct the necessary process and enforce the law?

If you two do not understand this issue and more the facts that I have stated - contact Mark Leno - another lackey in Sacramento and he will tell you the truth.

Every citizen needs a weapon to defend herself and himself - that is if they have a mind that knows what truly is happening today in the United States. And more what is going to happen.

Recently the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ordered millions of ammunition and guns too. Find out why? Why would FEMA be in the business of stocking guns - assault guns?

The recent gun shows all over the Nation - have attracted millions of people.

Most of them are stocking ammunition - and rightly so.

These are decent people who know what they are doing. Felons and others cannot buy the guns nor the ammunition - at the gun shows easily - no one can that does not have a clean slate.

Some know about this but most do not. Plus all have to wait to posses their gun - a 3 day wait, a 10 day wait - and so on and so forth.

The mentally challenged should stay away from all weapons - but our Nation being what it is - cannot enforce this law to the extent that each and every person is monitored. This is simply not possible.

So we have many goof balls running around. We have more in San Francisco - and we have incidents - where those branding a knife have been shot by the San Francisco Police Department. In some cases the SF Police Department has doled out thousands - for killing those that are mentally challenged.

Reading the history of our Nation - in our fair Nation over the years - millions were killed - more in our Nation's Civil war .

Millions were killed by guns in all sorts of situation going back to 1776 and over the years - many laws were passed and fine tuned to meet the needs of the constituents of this great, and fair Nation.

In the past many primitive guns - that left large holes and people died more from excessive bleeding - it is all recorded for those that are not educated on issues. Today's gun kill you in an instant - guns are not toys - they have a purpose.

Our Nation sells guns, other weapons to many countries - our NATION  - strives on selling guns. You must find out - who the purveyors of gun selling are? It will boggle your mind!

From President Abraham Lincoln to President John F. Kennedy - and others important and not so important - many, have been shot and killed - by maniacs.

We have them on the streets and elsewhere today - and we will have them as long as our Society does not "do" - and does to take stringent measures - to deal with the maniacs.

Unfortunately, many of the maniacs are corrupt politicians.

They kill people by NOT - representing.

Raking in the millions and some of them are so afraid of their evil deeds - they pay for protection - round the clock. For themselves and their - ilk.

For hundreds of years - ordinary people have joined the National Rifle Association  and for hundreds of years - the NRA taught in schools and at gun clubs - how to use a gun - for hunting, for defending oneself - and for those that needed to know anything about a gun and its proper - use.

A moron like Malia Cohen would not know that - all she knows is about - "pussy footing". Despicable to the core and a shame to anything - decent.

In the inner city we have violence because of lack of opportunities. We have issues in the Bayview Hunters Point because of corrupt folks like Malia Cohen.

She has NO clue what is happening - and the BLOOD of our children - is upon her and all those that back her up.

Recently for a photo opportunity she had the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr and a person who was spewing diatribe talking about Union Square, and the Redevelopment Agency that does not exists anymore - a person who must be audited for mismanagement - Thomas is his first name.

Malia Cohen - chose to give this Thomas a commendation. 

So what about a commendation to the one sister and the many brothers - all Black and one Samoan - why did they not each of them - get a commendation.

The authorities who have their office at 150 Executive Park - the two crooks at the top must be investigated. 

This Thomas guy who is not from the community - and not respected by the community - has divided the community.

A case in point a Black brother one of the best on any level - left the organization recently in disgust - and there is more to come. Time is on the side of the decent and those that stand for the truth.

The District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen is a JOKE.

She now lives in the Potrero Hill area - but for months after she election as the District 10 Supervisor - she lived in District 9 even though she was the Supervisor of District 10.

This is the same shallow, inept, spineless - corrupt Black woman - that no one knows why she chose to represent District 10 - when all she is a chronic - sellout. A house negro.

The Community Response Network must be totally revamped.

I know the Brothers in that organization that matter - and those others; that tow the line.

I was there from day one and I have been following the many issues - may detrimental to the Brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line.

When it comes to a commendation - a measly commendation from a Supervisor such as Malia Cohen - she wants a photo opportunity - and did not want to acknowledge more in action and from the heart - share something worthwhile - with those that are at ground zero and work hard.

This Thomas guy is a sell out  - and I have more on this man.

Malia Cohen is a up and coming Democrat - one of those that that contribute to the "fungi" of the Democratic Party in San Francisco.

Let us see how far she goes - with her life style and playing one against the other?

The laws of the land must protect all and if one needs to protect oneself - than in America - no one has any right to tell any decent American citizen - what to do and what not to do.

We have a population of about 320 million - the 2010 census says 311 million.

We have over 322 million guns and growing - because some kuckle heads think they can curb the use of guns and other weapons that the Second Amendment and our Constitution permits us to own - illegally.

You are right have to have your wits about you - be healthy - be educated - be decent - not a criminal - and you can own a gun and defend your rights.

We do not need corrupt politicians like Diane Feinstein, her husband Richard Blum, some dumb Black side-kick like Malia Cohen who panders; to rake in the money - uneducated on issues - to pass laws that already exist - pertaining to gun laws and on any guns in the hands of decent people.

The crooks fear about guns - because they have ripped off the people.

So; if some one is after the crooks - that is on them.

Hire the MOSAD or some one else you thieves know well about - and buy your peace of mind - so that you can keep your greed - but truly speaking you are suppose to - represent.

FEMA hoards millions of hollow point bullets - Why: