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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Scientists have always feared the Avian Flu - for the first time - this dreaded disease - has transferred to human being - the dreaded H7N9 reported to have affected 33 Human Beings in China and spreading. 9 Chinese have died so far - and the disease is spreading.

No one knows right now - how far this disease has spread - in cases like this - it all depends where all this started. A small village - where hospitals and sanitary conditions are horrible. Some large City with millions - where it can spread - rapidly - and then curbed - because resources can be brought to bear on the situation at hand.

As far as the Scientists know - this is the first time - this has happened - the transfer of a serious disease from the birds to humans. All these many years - there has been talk about such a situation - but, now it is at our door.

With travelers unaware of the abject conditions of hospital care in China - worse the many hotels and restaurants - that serve food - whatever they get - with poorer standards of keeping meat and other food products - maintaining hygiene.

Diseases in China have spread rapidly before - but this time the game has changed - and there are too many - unknowns. Yet greedy Americans will sacrifice our health at home - to venture to China to garner some - blood money.

Millions jailed for speaking out in China - China devoid of Human Rights - we must stand for what is right - and avoid doing business with any Nation - that fails to abide by Human Rights - mandated by any civilized nation.

The United States State Department will soon release a Press Release - and those visiting China - must take all precautions - preferably stay put and not visit China for some time to come.

Our Mayor Ed Lee is in China - with a huge delegation - and I hope everyone in this huge delegation - which now includes Governor Jerry Brown and his delegation - takes all precaution - and come home safely. There is a strong possibility that the two delegation - may be "quarantined" - and right so.

I hope that the utmost precaution is taken and that all those in two delegations - come home safely - and once here a number of finite tests are done - we cannot take a huge risk - exposing our citizens to a disease that is prone to create havoc in California and spread all over this Nation. 

It would make news - to have the Mayor's delegation "Quarantined " if the authorities in San Francisco to do so.

The Governor's delegation too - this is not impossible - and if it happens - it will be the first time such a huge delegation - will remain - apart from the general population - if the quarantine is imposed for the good of all.

H7N9 influence A - is a first - attacking the human immune system - and it takes but one person to come to the United States with the dreaded disease - and challenge our health system.

The Chinese are poles apart when it comes to hygiene and keeping things clean.

We have no clue about what the Chinese do to live - especially those that do not have the amenities we are use to that keep our food safe.

Here in the United States we have the facilities and the know how -  how to dispose of sick animals. We have facilities where we can incinerate animals - that is a luxury in China.

The Chinese will take short cut and dump - thousands of sick pigs and other animals and sick birds - into the Lake or any river and never think - twice about starting a plague or as we see now this dreaded H7N9 influence A.

Recently thousands of pigs - sick pigs - were thrown into a lake near Shanghai in Mainland China.

 The Lake was used as a source for drinking water. The press reported over 650 sick pigs removed from the Lake.

The culprits if found easily can be sent to a place and never seen - again. A death sentence without any adjudication - is common in China.

Here is the United States some of our politicians - think that China and the Chinese are the people for us to go to - for money. 

This H7N9 incident should make us all think twice.