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Sunday, April 28, 2013


There is much to celebrate and rejoice in the Bayview Hunters Point. It is not easy to say that with a straight face - considering how this City treat the Bayview and the lack of Representation from those we pay - we tax payers.

In our part of the town - we have the Main Post Office, the SF Produce Market, thousands of industries (all paying taxes), Maintenance Facilities that operated under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works, and the Municipal Transportation Agency, the Sewer Plant, the Concrete and Aggregate companies - more - but you state that - and the City just nods.

We have some stellar Elders, youth, young adults, and many others; who contribute daily - to this great City that we love and adore - San Francisco by the Bay.

We have produced one of a kind artists, one of a kind sportsmen and women, many who live in the Bayview contribute to the City and County of San Francisco - MUNI drivers, in our hospitals both private and public, teachers, other professionals in all fields you can name - and the list goes on and on.

The Bayview Hunters Point on Third and Revere has a brand new library - well utilized and the children using it - as if there was no - tomorrow.

It is brand new but what is more artfully decorated with photographs and a layout that is pleasing to the eye.

The books on the shelves are well chosen - and well used. And while I was there - I took the opportunity - to update my library care and can now use it for four more - years. I love books and the library is where you can find them.

At this Bayview contemporary library - you could read for sometime - then take a short walk; within the Bayview Library - and look outside and see some wonderful plants and trees.

It feels as if you were in some park - and the environment - it is  so pleasing to the senses.

The skylights bring in the sun - so much sun - that there is no need for artificial light.

This contemporary library is well designed and a far cry from the drab and dark old library of yester years - that we advocates used for so many years.

In one of the library rooms - a forum was held to celebrate the history of the Bayview - with Elders who were there to tell their living stories - and each one of them was a character to behold.

This unique forum was produced by the Museum of the African Diaspora - MoAD. The titled it " I've known Rivers:The MoAD Stories Project ".

You had to hold those on the forum down - they wanted to say so much - and say it all - but time was not on their side.

When suggested - to stop for now - by the moderator - they acquiesced - graciously.

The oral history was retold by live actors who did a wonderful job - transporting you to a time - when the Bayview was thriving - and there were leaders, advocates - one of kind.

The accomplished a lot - and they did it with a flair - second to none. The Human Rights Committee was first formed in the Bayview - it is now a Commission.

The Bayview had the distinction of having the only Commission - situated in one of the Districts in San Francisco - The Southeast Facility Commission.

In the ear of Model Cities - there were these stellar advocates who stood tall and they continue to stand all - and serve.

The Main Media will not cover - that which must be covered - they love the sensational news - linked to shooting and killings - and they can drown in their - foolishness.

We saw a preview of the past history through a documentary that was recently released by City College - a documentary done by KRON 4.

I have posted the entire video at the end of this article.

Those gathered saw a portion of the documentary - and all that we saw before the event - through that documentary - revealed to many - what truly took place - in the many community meetings.

What once Mrs Westbrook said with a lot of authority in the early 1960s - today Dr Espanola Jackson continues - " where are the men to lead the community at large ".

You have a few today - who stand for the community at City Hall -  we, need more to face the Representatives - especially the one we have today - Malia Cohen - shallow and spineless and luke warm - and for sure not educated on issues. Prior to her Sophie Maxwell - who did not do too much - either.

It is a fact that the women in the Bayview have done their fair share and more - and continue to do so.

On the forum to put their best foot forward Cati Hawkins, Robert Woods, Espanola Jackson, Essie Webb.

Enjoy the photographs:

Hunters Point: A View from the Hill: