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Saturday, April 20, 2013


We say tongue in cheek that we have laws and praise the laws of the land. Immigration laws; in the United States - but to whom does all of this land - belong to?

If we are talking about Turtle Island - what is now known - as the United States of America - stolen by the Whites - also known as the "strangers". Again I ask -  to whom does this land belong to?

More; it belongs to - the Native Americans - who I will address as the "First People" or First Nations.

Now we ought to have a frank discussion - with complete accountability and transparency.

Let us discuss Immigration - with the right people at the table - not some fake ass folks - that do not know what they are talking about.

Dictating terms and thinking all of the world is theirs. Those days are over - the "strangers and all of their ilk are pathetic, despicable, and the scum of the earth".

Just see what those that colonized so many countries have left in the path - and what sordid legacy they have left behind - Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Argentina, Indonesia, the United States and there are more.

This whole immigration bill as it is being dealt with in the United States - is becoming a joke.

The so called Representatives in the United States - are NOT in tune with the times. Their blatant racism is so deep - that they are convinced this land has been their for thousands of years!

The world is evolving and when it comes to education and the competitive edge - most of the Congress persons and Senators - themselves - are not educated on issues.

Less are they informed and educated in the many fields - that bring about growth and progress - in our contemporary world.

The old drab politics; being a lair lawyer, and working with the consultants and lobbyists - has proved again again to be the worst - "cesspool" to swim in.

If you still do - and feel the liar lawyer way - is the way to go; examine your head.

WE have a lot of them here at San Francisco's City hall - the Legislative Branch and also the Executive Branch.

Those that control these jerks - Willie L Brown Jr. a thug former Mayor and Rose Park - one worse than the other.

Recently they went to China and all of them got shafted.

The Chinese do not play with those they do not trust - unlike the folks in the United States - who play and pander to the highest - bidder.

Folks who have no morals, less ethics, and are pathetic - the laughing stock of the tax payers and those that are - decent and ethical.

No one consulted the First People when they came here; to Turtle Island.

 The "strangers" raped, stole, and bit the hand that fed them. You just have to read "his" - history and figure that out clearly.

You want to talk about true democracy - not a republic that purports to be democratic. It is really a Republic - that has an Electoral System - that has its roots in ancient, no good - feudalism.

Today this Nation; we live in we call America - favors the crooks and the corrupt.

It has decimated the Middle Class. The Middle Class is the back bone of any true Democracy and today it is vanishing - quickly.

Those that are making it vanish are crooks and we have most of them in San Francisco. Panderers to Developers and to the Zionists who have placed themselves in key positions. Scum of the earth - the likes of Goldman Sachs, J.P.Morgan Chase, Bernie Maddoff and his ilk.

This Nation has failed to address Slavery and the compensation that this Nation should have initiated and put in place - paid out to those that were adversely impacted - Blacks who have been taken for a ride in the United States.

Some how history has tried its best to wipe out the facts and though we have empirical data - the scum bags are trying their  best to erase the facts; all the more - there are millions who have blood on their hands. The White Slave owners and their evil - kin.

The blood that the slave owners and their families - linked to this sordid time - we know as slavery; with its large plantations; taking advantage of human beings - this is totally wrong - and thus you folks - and you know who you are - have BLOOD - on their hands. Make no bones about it.

It is the same with the folks from Mexico - the United States - used intimidation - and brute force - forced the Mexican Government to sell the land for pennies.

The same with Alaska and how we tricked the Russians to sell that large chuck of land.

We; today have a population of about 320 million and have millions of acres of land that are fertile and we have water - to sustain crops of every kind.

So, we have no problems with food sources and surviving ; land that was kept pristine  for thousands of years - by the First People.

Land that was polluted in less than 250 years by the pathetic, greedy - strangers - the pale faces.

Today the strangers - have NO problems - polluting the entire Earth second only to China - with our Carbon emissions and disrespecting the "First People" - by putting them on the Reservations.

Our Immigration laws are Smithsonian and pathetic.

Leave it to folks that are mostly White - and have no clue when it comes to morals, ethics, and plain decency - to decide who must enter the land of the First People!. 

You saw that with the colonial regimes - go to South America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Burma, Indonesia, the many countries in Africa - South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Zaire -  the crooks steal the resources - and to this day the Whites - allow people to fight each other - kill each other - destroy entire cultures - and steal the resources.

Once they were called the Colonists - today they are remembered as thieves and the scum of the Earth.

The blood diamonds that we know; that the rich folks wear around their sordid necks - and in other places - come from the blood and sweat of those that work for the corrupt as slaves - for little or no pay. Much of work done by children - child labor that we abhor in the United States and in some so called civilized countries.

Today in America we think we need no Farm Workers - but; ask the Americans to bend down for hours and pick - lettuce, strawberries, asparagus and so on - and on one wants to do such type of back breaking - jobs.

Mexico unlike the early and late 1960s and before - had a growing population - a woman on the average having 6 or 7 children.

As the years went by - these young men and women sought opportunity to come to the United States and move to places to make a living.

No more. Today in Mexico the women in the cities bear one or two children - and in the country side - may be three. And there is work in Mexico - because of trade agreements with Canada and the United States and other countries.

Here is something most Americans have no clue about. Say if any equipment is manufactured in China - and imported to the United States - we get less than 4% - of that benefit goes to the United States.

The Economists who are fast asleep - will tell you better - and paint a worse picture.

If say a computer or some other equipment is manufactured in Mexico and brought in to the United States - we in the United States get 40 percent of the income - because of our trade agreements.

It is our trade agreements, the changing demographics - the progress made in Mexico and Canada and many other countries - that have changed the immigration game.

Those immigrants - that are here now - with proper documentation - must be allowed to stay.

More those born here and for sure those that are educated here.

There is truly only ONE entity - that can say who stays and who goes away from Turtle Island - from day one.

The First People - the indigenous people - have that God given authority.

For sure the Whites are low on the totem pole - with all the greed and evil they have introduced all over the world.

Now; any way you look at it - it is about education and skills that counts - that are found more in Korea, India, China, and in countries that want to send their citizens to learn - and then have a good - life. Often most returning back home - and we have the empirical data that favors this trend. The immigration authorities know this - but they do not have a sustainable plan to address the making of the laws - that benefit all immigrants.

Can anyone be proud of the education we purport to have in our middle and high schools in the United States? 

Are we proud of our education in the colleges and universities? 

What is happening to us? Where are our Congress persons and Senators on education - most of them being - buffoons themselves?

We have had no "balanced budget". We love to go to war and waste trillions. Who the hell are we to invade - sovereign countries - be it Iraq (where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?) and why have we not jailed George W. Bush Jr. and his minions?

Our Nation must first acknowledge that this land belongs to the First People.

Our Nation must compensate those that it has adversely impacted the Blacks and the First People. Make no bones about that.

We do not need Whites coming in on any quota system - those that have come in - have already done too much damage.

We need to open our doors - more towards those that favor the First People.

More towards those that the indigenous people - embrace. For sure NOT the Whites.

There are tons of studies - that the Anthropologists and the Sociologist - the Economists and those that know better - have garnered and we have the Empirical Data - that gives clarity to the blatant discrimination - minorities - have endured in the past.

Blatant discrimination meted out to the minorities - and the other funny names the "strangers" - designate to the minorities.

Not that the First People did not call them - Palefaces -  " Fork Tongued" - and other names - too.

The mostly White Congress and the Senate - have taken our Nation down the wrong path - when it comes to immigration.

Pretending that they own the land and govern the land - all of the land - when they stole it - in the first place. 

Thieves the world over - are not respected - and you see this behavior when you watch the pot belly men - most old white hags - in Congress and the Senate - purporting to know something - when they know - nothing much.

It is the same with gun control laws - we who know more about our second amendments rights - basic rights, period - must and should arm ourselves - against anyone- who want to infringe on our rights.

The White men and women must understand - that for thousands of years before the "strangers" came to Turtle Island - mistaking it for "India" - the Iroquois and other First People Nations - the Six Nations - practiced - genuine Democracy.

The Founding Fathers invited the First People to the White House.

The Founding Fathers incorporated a lot of what they learned from the Six Nations - into the Constitution that we know today.

So, why the blatant discrimination in the year 2013.

This land belong to the First Nations - it is a shame that the United States government today - using the Department of Interior - put down the First Nation - and continues to steal the resources and treats the First People - with disdain.

The Federal Recognition laws - that the Department of Interior exercises is Primitive - if your belong to the First People - you must have Premium Rights - not rights bestowed by the corrupt - the strangers - some good for nothing - jerks.

The many new innovative business we see today - say in the Silicon Valley are start up and progressive companies created by folks from India, China, and other countries that are not White.

Little credit is given these companies and those that used their skills to make good things - happen.

The White folks - much like the Zionists - want it all on a platter - after some one else has worked hard.

Screw that - we need to inform the crooks, the corrupt and those who always want to steal and usurp - that their time -  has long passed - they need to stay put and change - their sordid ways.

I know of NO  indigenous people that favor the crooks and the corrupt  and the strangers - who went all over the world - and have created - havoc.

Not too long ago in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now seeking adventures that will bite the "stranger" in the butt.

Your time has come - and you the "stranger" - a pathetic fool - with be discarded in the basket of woes - you will drown in the cesspool of your own creation.

Talk about immigration - when you have NO right to be at the table - less make any decision - worth the salt. You are to say the least - despicable. Aho.