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Sunday, April 21, 2013


California stands out among all the States in the United States - as one of the largest - economies- in the world.

Once California was the fifth largest in the entire world - competing among countries, world wide and today having the distinction of being seventh - among world economies.

California also has the distinction of having some astute environmental advocates.

Even though we do our best - we still learn - again and again - how some large agencies - do not do their job. With intent harm people because of greed, poor judgement, and abject - foolishness.

There have been many instances where California State agencies -  that should be using millions of dollars - for the good of the public at large - have chosen with intent to divert millions - towards programs that have nothing to do with the agency policies.

We learned this when our California State Parks were closed - depriving thousands of using our great State Parks.

Then suddenly we found that money was hidden - and those in charge are still there - and must be sent to be adjudicated in our California Courts - and sent to jail.

Again millions of dollars; tax payers' money - meant to help people have clean drinking water; monitoring Artesian wells in the Central Valley and elsewhere - actions required by law were not carried on.

This issue is all the more very serious; when an audit revealed that drinking water wells - were not monitored for many years - and the money diverted by crooks to other unnecessary  projects.

Where is Governor Jerry Brown on this one?

Does he want the many who have died from Cancer and those about to die - and there a many - thousands of innocent human beings - to sue the State of California?

When was the last time the top officials - handling millions of dollars as appropriation money from the Federal and State agencies - when were these scum bags - given an orientation in Ethics and sound Morals?

 I expect Governor, Jerry Brown an ex-Jesuit too - to act on this as a mandate - on a War Footing - and those that made grievous mistakes - fired.

Can anyone with a heart truly comprehend the many farm workers - and others - deprived of clean drinking water - all these many years - when truly speaking there was the money.

Millions of dollars - and people - innocent people had to drink contaminated water - from the drinking wells, the watershed polluted by toxic chemicals - from the over flow of agriculture - pesticides mixed with water - toxic, contaminated, and poison to the health of human beings.

The people in charge knew it and today thousands suffer from cancer, all sorts of cancer. Tumors and suffer - each and every day. Just because they are farm workers and have no clout today - does not mean they will have no clout tomorrow.

The are human beings first - and our folks in California at the Assembly and those in the Senate - as fast asleep at the wheel - doing nothing - must helping waste millions of dollars.

Governor Jerry Brown better stand for those that have been impacted - and deal with the "thugs" that diverted the money - and think - they can get away with murder - in broad daylight.

The many today suffering from tumors and cancer? Who is responsible for this uncouth action. Imagine the millions of dollars that have to be spent - for medical care. 

Imagine the thousands of man hours - that loved ones have to spend with those who are suffering. More so the children. All this in California - one of the richest states in the world.

In Sacramento we have Assembly persons and Senators - screwing around. There are committees on this issue - but, the matter is handled in a nonchalant manner. This nonsense must stop.

These jerks must get to the bottom of this nonsense - and compensate the many - innocent children - the farm workers - and others who have been adversely impacted.

The Democrats are now controlling both the California Assembly and the Senate - get to the bottom of this nonsense - and bring about a holistic resolution.

We are not talking a few millions of dollars - but hundreds of million of dollars - divert to projects that had nothing to do with the maintenance and monitoring of  clean drinking wells.

Hundreds of millions of dollars - that could have been spent rightly - and brought about progress. More, helping the constituents of California and others - to have access to clean drinking water.

In the year 2013 - we seem to be hearing more about corruption and less about decency, ethics, and sound morals.

The corrupt State of California officials involved  - should have their mugs and their addresses - posted in the leading California newspapers and of course Television.

This is a federal crime and time to use the RICO Act. We do not need such corrupt officials - we already have too much to deal with on a daily basis - just dealing with life.

Clean drinking water is a must for all and especially our children - from clean drinking wells that must be monitored for the worst type of contamination: