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Sunday, April 7, 2013


When some one like Supervisor Scott Wiener wants to twinker with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - that maintains some standard - linked to Land Use, Planning, and quality Development; embracing all segments of the population.

Let it be known: "we the people" - more the "commons" - must stand up and put our best foot - forward.

No amendments must be tolerated that adversely impact the tax payer at large, the commons, and more the standards that have been in place - and need NO drastic changes - and for sure no changes that favor the corrupt and those that Scott Wiener - works for so diligently - the crooked developers.

Supervisor Scott Wiener; has proved again and again that he is a loser. He must go back from where he first came - New York - and can join his Zionist cohorts to do as he pleases - in New York.

Queer by choice - this man; Scott Wiener with intent - now has impacted many Queer who are Seniors and have been adversely affected by the rampant use of the "Ellis Act".

The Ellis Act - that forces tenants out of their apartments - using the "Ellis Act " for reasons to improve their buildings, and other flimsy reasons - where there is no true process - to really find out the true - reason. Mostly it is - greed that encourages the owners of the buildings - to evict innocent tenants.

In some cases money is offered - and from the point of the initial notice - the process can take as little as 4 months and at a maximum one year.

Scott Wiener and a number of other SF Supervisors have joined hands to help the many Developers who have lined up to make huge amounts of money.

The Developers are on a high - they want to build as many Market Price Units - and do not want to build affordable housing - more moderate units, and for sure no units that accommodate - low and no income - tenants.

Right now San Francisco is booming with over 27 cranes in the sky - 27 projects mostly big ones - building Market Price units.

On an average selling for over a million dollars. In some case units selling for five million dollars - and in one case ten million dollars.

The Chinese investors from China are everywhere - and the politicians - do not favor any sensible and practical - time tested  processes - where issues and standards are evaluated, deliberated, and the public given - a chance to speak out.

CEQA has and encourages standards - and the standards are there to prevent anyone from breaking the laws, infringing on time tested standards, preventing the corrupt from taking short cuts. In short upholding Quality of Life issues.

At times a frog - like the red legged frog - can bring a large development to a standstill. That is part of the process. Many species evolved over millions of years - and we humans too over thousands of years.

At times a salamander - at times the remains of the Native Americans - following the Native American Graves Protection Act and so on. The Ohlone were here in San Francisco for over 15,000 years - the strangers just for a little over two hundred and fifty - and look at the concrete jungle; they have built.

At times CEQA may slow down the process because an important law; linked to an important process is not followed; a law is broken and circumvented. 

CEQA gives one HOPE and things that have gone off track can be put on track.

Developers want everything fast - they love to spread the money and buy influence. Time is money they say - but they do not care about people rights - more the rights of those that do not have money to fight them.

Corrupt developers  love to take short cuts. They love to come to the SF Planning Commission - with Land Use and Planning lawyers - and spew - diatribe. I encounter them all the time - and often times they want to buy me out - but I stick to my principles.

Some of us advocates are very familiar with such tactics. We are vigilant - what we do not have at our disposal that these corrupt folks have - including the SF Supervisors who must represent - is the tainted blood money - to spread around.

We the advocates; have the knowledge, the ability to evaluate and adjudicate - and we for sure comprehend the progress.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) cases often end up at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors -  more those, that have garnered attention.

The SF Board of Supervisors do not like to be put on the SPOT - and under the LIGHT - when these appeals come before them.

The public then finds out more about the SF Supervisors - as we found out when the majority voted for the Hunters Point Development, the Treasure Island Development, the current America's Cup Race - false promises made and not kept. Rules and standards - circumvented on standards such as contamination, air pollution, liquefaction, flooding - and so on and so forth.

Hence some of the San Francisco Supervisors and other heads of Department working for the City and County of San Francisco and most making over $200,000 with benefits - have decided to water down CEQA -  and make it easy for the corrupt - developers to make hay while the sun shines.

The SF Supervisors more Scott Wiener want to make it difficult to bring CEQA cases - as an appeal before the SF Board of Supervisor in Room 250 at City Hall.

The end result is that Quality of Life issues - are entirely - compromised.

I have seen this again and again - with many cases in the Bayview, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Treasure Island, the 15th Avenue and Wawona case where 25 homes are comprised.

The Parkmerced homes - more rental homes - to be demolished to make room for high density homes. The many projects where the SF Board of Supervisors - were bought - lock, stock and barrel.

In the case of the Parkmerced rental homes David Chiu, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener and Eric Mar - were taken to task by the Ethics Commission.

Recently Malia Cohen used illegal processes taking a matter impacting over 17 Blocks in the Bayview.

Taking the matter before the SF Planning Commission and Department - without properly noticing the SF Port Authority, the businesses in close proximity to the 3450 Third and Cargo Street.

A project - a Wellness Center for children - built at one of the most contaminated hot spots in San Francisco.

Malia Cohen is corrupt and we know where she will land - much like the Supervisor before her Sophie Maxwell from District 10.

Not respected and in the cesspool of their own - creation.

I am sure Malia Cohen knows little about CEQA - I remember the dumb Sophie Maxwell when I use to challenge her - crooked and corrupt to the core - and these corrupt politicians will never, ever have peace of mind.

Their initial flaw; most evident - " not educated on issues;  failing to work with the people, the constituents - failing to truly - represent ".

Again and again; those that suffer are seniors, single mothers, children - those that cannot defend themselves - those that do not have the means to do so.

The most vulnerable; those that suffer from chronic diseases - folks who are in need of low and no income housing - have been promised for so long and have been kept waiting - for years - some for 20 years.

So called affordable housing downtown - where in San Francisco a one bed room - rents for $2800.

Thousands of families have left San Francisco - decent families with children - San Francisco once known for its decent families and children - had become - cost prohibitive. No one seems to care - I have written about this situation for years - and it is just getting some - serious attention.

Today we have seniors sleeping the streets of San Francisco and no one worth the salt is doing anything.

The 2008 economic spiraling of our economy - triggered by Goldman Sachs and other vehement Zionists - impacted millions in our Nation and all over the world.

People who had " Life Savings " lost most of it - and depending how they invested as high as 80% of their investment.

Hedge funds, derivatives, sub-prime loans and a host of diabolic ploys and machinations - were used by the Zionists, the age old loan sharks, the greedy who worship money and give a damn about standards, morals, ethics, and anything that we embrace as - decent. 

They are on Wall Street and all over the place doing their dirty deeds - today. There are no strict laws to curtail their actions - and our Nation is Trillions of dollars in - debt.

We have these zealots - who still have connections with Wall Street - alive and kicking in San Francisco - and right center at City Hall. San Francisco has a large Financial Center - and those in charge are those I have noted and named - above.

We still bank with the Zionists who have positioned their fellow point persons - working as head Controlling our Budget, Controlling of SF Planning, Controlling our Policy making, even controlling our Poor with programs such as SF HOPE.

Our Senator in Congress belongs to such a group - and backing her; the spineless, inept, moron - Malia Cohen - on issues that both the aging Senator and the novice Black SF Supervisor from District 10 have no clue - about.

We treasure our Second Amendment Rights - and you two are nobody as has been proved by Congress - to come in our way. One worse than the other.

As for Scott Wiener who represents the Castro - your days are numbered and you will be ousted by the many Queer that you have with intent - adversely impacted. Put Queer seniors, those with AIDS and other chronic diseases - on the street to face the inclement - weather.

How about tweaking the sodomy laws that are still in the books - aged but still there?

This man recently managed to pass an ordinance that will embrace smaller units to be built - in San Francisco.

200 square feet - where perhaps his dog, cat, or rabbit - can lie and enjoy such measly accommodations.

I just do not know where this man is coming from - but; I surely do fully comprehend where he is heading to.

CEQA must be protected and I encourage all those that can come to attend the Land Use meeting to be held at San Francisco's City Hall in Room 263 or if it is changed to Room 250 and speak out - against any major changes - linked to CEQA.

The meeting will be held on April 9, 2013 be there at 12:30 am -early - the meeting starts at 1 pm.

We must be cognizant of our rights - and never, ever permit - corrupt politicians the likes of David Chiu, Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen and others - to deprive us of our rights.

We the tax payers are in control - we the commons must exercise our rights.

We must not permit the Zionists to control our way of living and more Quality of Life issues.