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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


San Francisco City College once had the distinction - offering thousands of San Francisco; tax payers - adults and the youth - an opportunity to learn - educate themselves - and contribute to Society.

Most everyone in San Francisco and the neighboring cities in the Bay Area admires San Francisco City College. We know that and we must do everything in our power to maintain that - standard and ambience.

In past years - we all remember the times and days; when those that were on the San Francisco City College Board of Trustees took the lead - and worked very hard with the students to take them to a better - place.

Then came through blatant corruption and uncalled for poor leadership - in recent years; more in the last 7 years.

People in high places at City College - who with intent wasted and stole money - and played the students who go to San Francisco City College - to get a sound education.

Enough is enough - and San Francisco does have the patience and may I add the compassion - but some of those that chose to represent the best interests of the students at City College; have not - and the time has come for them to - choose another path - and stay away from imparting shallow education; trying to be fake leaders.

Some of you want to do something vague and in doing so; you have failed - miserably.

What we see is not good - and we cannot permit this cancer to linger - spread and destroy. Those of you who are unfit - must bid adieu. Do it quietly and do it quickly.

Especially those that have been there for over 15 years or more - time for you to go away - and fade away into oblivion.

All you do is talk the talk and fail to walk the walk. Pander to the corrupt and think - you can fool all the people all the time.

This is another day and in this digital world - those of you on the San Francisco City College Board  - that are antiques - Smithsonian - and so very awkward, nonchalant, and what is more - stale and smell bad. You do more harm than good - so please; please - fade away.

We need new blood, and with new blood - dynamic ideas that will spur us to keep up with what is going on in the world.

Our students are the best ever - but, you cannot treat them like cattle. As human beings our student from San Francisco, the Bay Area, the world over - can and should succeed. You who must care; must not impair - their success and fail to give them the best education.

You in authority let your guard down, waste money, and through poor leadership - lacking accountability and transparency - adversely impacted; thousands of students. Innocent students - who you in power - must now repay and make amends.

You can stick around and change your lives and your sordid way of thinking - or plain - just go away.

There are three of you that are not needed - all you do - is warm that chair - and look forward to a pay check.

On no level have you three contributed to Society; the best interests of the students and their parents at large; less to the welfare and betterment of the genuine education of the  students at City College - who are our pride and we hurt to see them suffer  the pain in our pain and you on the SF City Board College - are nonchalant.

Wake up - this is another day, another time - a time to take action - and more to get rid of the chaff. We know who you are - you know who you are - you can make the move - and it will be best not to move you all - out of the way.

The recent protests revealed a lot - and the time has come to put those that purport to lead SF City College - on the Board and at other levels - put them to a test.

You must find a viable and sustainable solution - and put San Francisco City College - back on the best viable and sustainable  track.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

This includes drastic changes at  the various satellite colleges at Evans by Third Street in the Bayview, at the Southeast Facility in the Bayview, in China Town, in the Mission, and the other small facilities - where those faculty and others  like the Printing Press,  that worked hard and do right - have been - wronged.

You need to get rid of scum bags like Veronica Hunnicutt.

Any one that has stolen money - had illicit relations with the students.

Over the years been a arm-chair critic and not contributed to the progress of San Francisco's once worthwhile and admired City College - must take a hike.

The long drawn out SF City College Board meetings are just that - a waste of time.

The agenda must be short and to the point. We have work to do and not hours and hours to waste - talking in circles - and all the time adversely, impacting the students at large at SF City College.

I know the students and I know most of the SF City College Board - too well for words.

 I look for actions - and all the time for the best welfare of the students at large. The parents and sponsors spend money on the students that they may make them proud - and get a sound education - not be used as - pawns.

The students must be treated fairly - and the students themselves must be at the table - so that the student with guidance, love and genuine support - can turn the current mess that has been going on - into something - very positive.

We must remember that over the years thousands of students from City College have gone to better and higher positions. Contribute to this City of San Francisco, this Nation the United States, and the world.

Those students, the many alumni - are proud of the professors and the other staff at SF City College that have impacted their lives for the best. They tell me this all the time.

Shanell Williams has gone out of her way to do good things.

I worked with her early in her life - teaching her a few things that have stood her in good stead.

Shanell Williams and the other student leaders - must be protected, nurtured, encouraged, listened to with reservations; guided with good intentions - to take the student leaders, the students in general, the many general staff at SF City College - the supporters and the faculty to a better - place.

Some of the SF City Board members are antiquated, Smithsonian, they want to do something and linger just to get their pay check - but that type of thinking and acting is not conducive in today's fast, ever changing, progressive world.

There is a lot of information out there - and only those with the ability to discern, pick out the best information, and put it to use - can bring about change. The change is genuine - education.

I do not see in the SF City College Board astute members who can think with the students and yet show leadership where the student admire the Board members and want to work with them - diligently. There is something missing - and some drastic change is required - to empower all - so that in unity - a change can be brought as partners - stakeholders who have most things in common.

We do not want to see people at loggerhead - confrontation for confrontation sake - no one bring forth sound ideas and concept that benefit all. No one have a holistic view, no infusion of concepts in keeping with our digital age - away with the old, stale, antiquated that does not work.

It is the same at the college with those at the top - who want their salaries - but when it comes to a sound curricula, the size of the classes, the quality of the amenities, the total and sound care of the students - are lagging behind; have nothing substantial to offer.

We must remember at all times that we must cater to the best interests of the students, our purpose is education of the highers caliber - the students are not machines.

Stop the many shenanigans, ploys and machinations - enough is enough. The students have the power and have shown it - and as the months go by - we the tax payers will be watching the deliberations, the meaningful dialog that is required; and the unity to move along the education path of success.

Each entity in syn working hard to fulfill what is best in the interests of everyone.

Many of these students have to deal with serious issues at home. Many have to work one job, some two - and I know many who work three jobs - just to attend college, live and survive.

You do not want the college students to be exposed to a dysfunctional situation - and what prevails at San Francisco City College today; is just that  - on every single level. Pathetic.

San Francisco City College Board members; those with no purpose - aged and stale with years of stagnation; in some doldrums that they cannot fathom; doing more harm than good - more some within the Faculty talking from both sides of their mouth.

I have heard this, witnessed this, and heard it from all quarters. No one in their right mind wants a scathing attack to be directed to those that do right with the best of intention.

For sure - when thing have got completely out of hand - the time is ripe - to rid of the chaff - and we know who they are - and those stale, spineless, and plain useless - must be noticed - and got rid off.

To the many San Francisco City College students I say - this is your time to show your true colors. You must learn to unite - preserve what is good and make it better. 

Work with those that can take you to a better place - women and men must work together. Think of your parents and your grand parents, think of things positive - and be proud that you are American and those of you who are not - be grateful that you enjoy what we Americans want to share.

The world is watching us - and the protests are good - they are a sign that you are alive and have some good blood circulation - your student leaders are courageous and we will protect them - because we are watching - like a hawk and we have the the empirical data - and that is more than I can say.

Lastly and this is my subjective opinion -t those of you that know me - have heard me say it again and again. You are fully aware you must feed your body right to feel good - work, play, love, pray, study, and do all the good things in life.

You also know that you must educate yourself and prepare yourself to leave a legacy - every woman, every man, every each one.

Your mind is powerful and can take you places - bring people together, cure people as doctors, build as engineers, brighten minds as educators - your get the drift.

Finally; my dear sisters and bothers all is for nought if do not feed our souls with the best this life has to offer.

When you are spiritually strong - then you are best at what you do.

Peace of mind and good health - take you a long way - and you then really - can bring the best possible change.

All the best you students of San Francisco City College - your journey may be a little difficult - but, rest sure in unity - you will arrive at your destination.

Leave a legacy that - most everyone one that cares - will remember and cherish - do not leave this Earth without leaving a worthwhile mark and sound - legacy. 

Best. Aho.