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Thursday, April 25, 2013


The Black Leadership Council of San Francisco was formed by Dr Espanola Jackson, Robert Woods, Francisco Da Costa - and some ardent Black constituents from San Francisco - in a desperate attempt to stem the " selling out " of our Black community - all over San Francisco and beyond.

The "selling out " not only in the Bayview Hunters Point but all over San Francisco.

Sell outs are "turn coats" who go against their community - and more take money and with intent - adversely impact the community at large. The follow ardently the principle of - "divide and rule". They are the scourge of the community.

We already have various Black entities purporting to do this and that - but none of them can stem the "gentrification" of the Black community - all over San Francisco.

What is more these so called Black organization - who stick together and foster clicks - are detrimental to all progress and growth. Often times they are funded - just to work against the community - with intent they keep people - mostly poor people - down.

The gang injunction imposed by some vested interests in the Bayview Hunters Point and Western Addition - created more hostility than good. Divided Black families and triggered more violence - that continues to this day.

Over the years hundreds of our youth have died - killed and shot. Those in authority put the blame on the youth - but, when one investigates all the conditions - the crooks and the corrupt - turn out the folks that have a plan - to foster - blatant discrimination - and depriving those that need help - from opportunities.

Once the Black family garnered its "power" from the Black church. Spirituality played an important role. Today the word "spirituality" means something else. We have to return to spirituality - because the empowering from this source - is the highest one can attain - and one that sustain anyone - through trials and tribulations.

In the days when "spirituality" reigned supreme - one spent the entire day at Church on Sunday - and on Monday or any designated day; during the week - one conducted the outreach - each committee having a President - and no one could touch the Black Churches united.

In the 1960s it took great courage for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to put together various coalitions to bring the Blacks together - then called "Negroes".

This, so that the Blacks in the United States of America could contribute to this Nation - with rights that others long enjoyed - like the Voting Rights Act and so on and so forth.

The efforts of Blacks during the Civil Rights movement on the sixties shed light on discrimination - and legislation on various fronts were passed by the Federal government - ensuring Upward Mobility rights in the workplace; in business, welfare rights in and other places - ensuring Blacks and other minorities to move up - and join the Middle class.

Blacks from the early days of the recorded history of America shed their lives - in the great Civil War where millions died - and through all the wars - and even today in great numbers. Blacks died so that we may be free.

After the many wars - more World War II - the Nation turned its back on Blacks. Before that it was the Buffalo Soldiers - and so many more Black entities - all recorded for the educated and fair minded to read and reflect.

To this day in the year 2013 - discrimination and bias - reign in the minds and hearts of the ignorant and those that fear - giving other fellow human beings - that which the enjoy.

It is wrong not to recognize the Native Americans - for this is their Nation - better know as Turtle Island.

It is wrong to not recognize and pay retribution to the Blacks - who worked for free and long hours - and other profited from that sweat and blood. Thus the saying - " you have blood on your hands". Slaves were expandable - and the Slave Master - could lynch and kill - no questions asked.

Up until 1927 - Whites could kill Native Americans - and fetch a measly five dollars for their scalp - no questions asked. That was not too long ago. We must know our history. If we do not know the past - we cannot comprehend the present - not will be traverse the future - with a clearer understanding of life - its trails and tribulations - and the goodness of our ancestors.

Great Black women and men spoke out and challenged the conscience of the nation - Frederick Douglass, Dubois, George Washington Carver, Ida Wells-Barnett - in recent times Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks and there are more.

Unlike other Cities in San Francisco from the early 1980 - Blacks contributed to the City and County of San Francisco - this City knows it - but has chosen to discriminated against Blacks.

The NAACP and other Black entities have failed miserably to build on the foundation of those Blacks that once ran a school, built many churches many over 100 years old.

Black businessmen and women - Mary Ellen Pleasant and Leidesdorff, engineers, journalists, and other professionals too many to mention - all of them contributed to the building of San Francisco from its early days.

In the early 1950s here in San Francisco many Blacks from the South moved to find jobs; during World War II - and better jobs they found.

Initially many had to struggle - and it took them years later - closer to the late sixties to enjoy the right of the Civil Rights Movement. And later to buy homes and many joined the Middle class.

As I said we have several Black entities that purport to be Black and serve Blacks - but it would do no good to state - that the NAACP in San Francisco under Amos Brown - or the other superficial Black entities - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Black cannot decided how to celebrate the Juneteenth Festival - moving it before City Hall - where the Masta can look out the window - and surrounded by barricades - the Blacks continue to rejoice - in a fashion that is not becoming.

When the news was announced other States already had removed the shackles of slavery - the meanest, demeaning, blatant racism, abomination - meted out to human beings. America still must resolve that ugly history of "slavery" - that pops its head - now and then.

Once San Francisco had a Black population where 25% of the population was Black.

Now as the years go by - the Black population is fading - and soon we will be lucky - if we as a united front - survive the dwindling, sad state of affairs - that somehow states - we  are 3%.

California was named after a mythical Black Warrior woman.
Few know about this fact. This warrior woman was known for her beauty, the land she ruled a large island - with plenty of gold. It is this myth that led the Spaniards to California.

Before them the Russians and after that the Spaniards the Americans who bought California from the Mexicans for some little - gold. 

What a paradox.

The decimation of the Black population is real - but the Black "sell outs" - continue to sell out the community - and undo what the great leaders - did before. The dreadful days - we see today - are the doings of those Black leaders who have failed to pass a sound legacy. Instead fill their pocket - with tainted money.

In meeting after meeting - missing are our youth - you just cannot be talking about the past - when you have nothing to show today, and less to give to the youth - for a brighter - tomorrow.

It does not help when Black grandmothers rear children and single women continue against great odds to hold the Black  family together - with City agencies bringing hurdles - and not being compassionate.

It does not help with men - in greater numbers are incarcerated - less graduate from high school, go to college, and less universities.

Who built the pyramids? And why can we not - with all of our contemporary knowledge - attempt to build some pyramids worth the salt? Think about that - do not rush into judgement. 

It does not help when City agencies - and San Francisco with a budget of over $7.9 billion - continues to play with Black lives.

The current Black leaders who are the sellouts; and it would do NO good to mention names - you just have to read my past articles to find out the facts.

The Black Leadership Council of San Francisco - gave an opportunity for those gathered to introduce themselves. But; as often happen in a close family setting - many spoke from the heart and many spoke their mind - and these took time - and there if nothing wrong - when in the family - the truth is told and even though time is of essence - what must be done - must be done. So be it.

The Black Leadership Council of San Francisco gave the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - sufficient time to give a presentation. 

The presentation will bring opportunities to the Black community and to all San Franciscans. But, as we all know - it is who you know - again anyone can talk the talk - it is the walking that is - pertinent.

At the end of the meeting - most were pleased with the outcome.

The meeting was but an introduction, the tip of the iceberg - and we thank the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and its General Manager a Black man - Harlan Kelly - for being patient and giving our Elders an opportunity to speak - the others - for debating the issues - and listening to them.

The SF Public Utilities Benefits Mangers was present - Kay Fernandez - so was Sam Murray and Toye Moses - others too they know who they are.

The many Bayview advocates and others - did well to express the state of affairs - now; it remains to see who can put an action plan; with time-lines. More, with goals benefiting all - with full transparency and accountability.

Recently; within the SF Public Utilities Commission an General Assistant Manager was faulted - thwarting the rules and regulations - diverting thousands of dollars, illegally - more ethical norms. The Benefits Manger  present at this meeting -works under this tarnished Assistant General Manager.

The faulted Assistant General Manager was not present at this meeting - a cloud hanging on our community and San Francisco at large. There is the wheat and for sure the chaff. And the chaff need not linger on - and spread the cancer. We must move on - holistically.

Her shenanigans were reported by Matier and Ross. She must not adversely impact our community - more since she purports to be Black - even though Jamaican - and has NOT embraced the community at large - but chosen to work with some sell outs.

A big thank you to the Black Leadership Council of San Francisco - for representing as best you can - under dire straits. God Bless.

Here are some photographs from the event - enjoy: