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Friday, April 12, 2013


"No good what so ever will take place at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard" say I - not in the most "contaminated" site in the Nation - designated as a "Superfund Site".

Even the Chinese; who know that doing business in America is not easy - know that Americans will not compromise on standards - and we may have some sell outs - compromising - and we are watching them like a hawk.

We the commons - will NOT accept any entity - less a communist entity - to come to America - the land of the free - and deprive us of Union Wages and other amenities.

Compromise our security - of course those that have no clue about National Security - think they can do so - but; we are putting them on notice. There is no way - anyone can compromise our fundamental rights - more working with the communists - that we share little with - when it comes to our Citizenship and our time tested values and standards.

Our Constitution means a lot to us - and none of us care to acknowledge that the Chinese can teach us "anything much" - when it comes to freedom, standards, morals, ethics, and the principles that the Chinese know little and practice even little - about.

And believe you me - even with the few Chinese sell outs - who are promising the China Development Bank the world - " we the people" will be on the fore front to announce our Constitution - our standards, our principles, our ethics, our morals - and for sure our total disdain for the "communist" - especially the "communist brand from China".

We few - true citizens of the United States - must keep away from polluting and contaminating - our American way.

We do not want tainted money developing Treasure Island, less Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - or for that matter that many whispers we hear - or large amounts of tainted money - available to be tapped - those wishing to sell out American and compromise on time tested - principles.

I recently have been attending some meetings with our local Chinese grinning, smiling, and trying to make inroads into local projects.

Many of the local Chinese contractors - who want most everything to be handed to them on a platter. I will name them in the course of time - right now I am compiling their "track record" - the initial empirical data - is not encouraging.

We have a number of Chinese contractors in San Francisco who really do not have any allegiance to the United States.

They want to make money quickly - and many of them have already failed on projects - because they fell they could not make millions in the shortest possible time.

Many of them are busy taking junkets to China - to buy cheap steel - and carry out other shenanigans that we are looking into.

These local Chinese have an ulterior motive and as I said do not care much about our American way. All they are interest is making money - and they do not want to lose and compromise their bottom line. As I said they want most everything to be handed to them - on a platter. This nonsense must - stop.

We look forward to Mayor Edwin Lee - in whom some of us have put our trust - to keep moving and put his best foot forward. The Mayor has been around - and must be very, very, very careful NOT to take anything for granted.

Mayor Edwin Lee is being watched - and every move his makes affects our great City and County of San Francisco.

Nothing can be taken for granted - not with Rose Park and Willie L. Brown - tagging along - and bring along with them - their sordid - past baggage. 

Politics is not for the faint of heart - and most politicians have a thick skin - others have a skin as thick - if not thicker than a wicked - alligator.

Those, thick skinned evil politicians - are the politicians - we must be careful about. The advocates are doing a good job - and so far - San Francisco can smile.

He laughs best who laughs - last.

The recently returned delegation; will take a couple of days to get over the " jet lag".

Then they will be out there in force - spewing their lies - their vain diatribe - trying to lie between their teeth - and trying their best not to wink much - but; we know they are liars.

We the advocates know what makes them stick together - and participate in the current - shenanigans.

This land all of it belongs to the Ohlone - and those in the know - must adhere to principles not written down by the "stranger" - also known as the "white man" - also well know as "pale face".

We must acknowledge the Native American Tribes - we must adhere by the principles that are not written. We must ratify the 18 treaties that were signed by the United States Government - and never kept - here in California.

We must do this before we pussy foot with the Communist Chinese.

It is wrong that the First People - the rightful owners of the Bay Area - are not recognized.

More the First People and the Shellmounds - the Sacred Burial Sites are not - respected. We must read the Native American Graves Protection Act (NAGPRA) ; which is law and more adhere the laws - therein.

We cannot keep ignoring the First People - and now think with some tainted Chinese money - all will be well. It will NOT be well - I know what I speak of - " it will not be well ".

The Chinese money is tainted - it is blood money.

In China there are millions in jail for speaking out - speaking the truth - their organs harvested - and none of us - have the guts to speak out. This is totally wrong.

We would not have relations with France, Spain, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia - any country that we do business with - if we knew thousands and millions of citizens from these countries - were in jail - for exercising their first amendment rights - for speaking out and speaking the TRUTH.

More if the organs of the above mentioned Nations - the innocent citizens killed and their organs harvested. This is happening in China now - and we do not have the guts to speak the - TRUTH. 

Do not listen to the drab comments of these fools - who cannot see beyond their noses - who are pandering to the Chinese - and have just returned from - China.

The Chinese want a large port inside closer to Oakland - and the Oakland Army Base and other choice places - to make their nest.

We must be leery of the moves of the Chinese - and we must not compromise our standards.

The mayors of Oakland and San Francisco - must put their best foot forward - and not their - worst foot - never mind if they just happen to be of Chinese - origins.

Their total allegiance should be to America and to the Constitution of these the United States of America. 

Time will tell.