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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Scott Wiener has a huge problem - and the problem is that he is too much into himself .

Scott Wiener wants to make some changes to the CEQA - but he has no clue as to what is due process.

Wasting the time of those that pay their taxes - and as usual making an ass of himself. Stop wasting our time - and stop wasting the tax payers money.

On April 8, 2013 the Land Use meeting was held at Room 263 at City Hall at 1:30 pm. On the agenda was noticed the item No: 121019 tiled Administrative Code - California Environmental Quality Act Procedures.

As far as we; who have been following the due process - we had no idea that Jane Kim had her own legislation in the pipe-line and that was NOT notice - and for sure - not on the agenda.

Again, these types of shenanigans are permitted by our idiotic Supervisors - because most of them are in for themselves, into themselves and full of it.

If it is not on the agenda - stop - follow the rules - and do not discuss the matter and waste our time. Follow the same rules you mandate the public at large to follow.

For hours at the Land Use meeting the discussion penetrated into areas that we all knew exists - but the three Supervisor Scott Wiener the Chair of the Land Use, Jane Kim his vice, and David Chiu - who had the audacity after running his mouth for a long, long time - dared to advise the constituents to speak to the point - and that too when we the constituents are given just 2 (two) measly minutes.

In the interim these three Supervisors were learning something they did not know before - what expressly the City Charter stated and they did not know. What exactly the SF City Administrative Code stated and they were NOT aware of. The fact that certain issues went before the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) - and the HPC could not be by passed. Silly little kids - these three immature - Supervisors - Scott, Kim, and David.

At the onset there is nothing wrong with the CEQA process who jurisdiction come from the State of California - a higher and superior body.

There is a lot WRONG with the San Francisco Planning Department - that is clueless - has a great problem with noticing - and has some serious internal problems - and sound - leadership.

Some years ago; some Senior Planners were fired - in the front of that scandal Larry Badner - the former San Francisco - Zoning Director.

The Senior Planners - were fired because they were busy sharing "pornographic material" while at work - we the tax payers were footing their salaries.

Many of those that attended the meeting were not mindful of these facts. There is a time to play and there is a time for serious work. When you serve the public - serve them well. When you screw around - outside your work hours - that is another matter.

You would have thought these scum bags would have tried to resolve the issues with noticing at the San Francisco Planning.

The SF Planning Department would have worked with the Building Department Inspection (BDI) - to fine tune permits - the initial one, the mid permits - the final permit - and resolve in a holistic manner - the "triggering permit" - that is so confusing - to say the least.

Created a section on the website on the San Francisco Planning Department - and be in tuned with the digital age. The SF Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission - talk a good talk - but fail; each and every time to walk the walk.

CEQA was never meant to adversely impact anyone - but it does because - "permit expediters " - other savvy building contractors - are always inventing ways to circumvent the system.

SF Planning has loop holes - and again and again SF Planning is caught with its hands in the cookie jar. The liars heads of certain departments are trained liar - seem they all work for the MOSAD.

Often what happens is that a decent person - with permit in hand - encounters something that must be addressed - but; only to find that a new permit to address the issue is needed.

It could be an electrical permit linked to a heavy duty equipment - that was not planned for but now has to be installed and is necessary.

A wall that was assumed to be sound - only to find rot or the state of affairs - precarious. The contractors - mostly small contractors - encounter these issues - all the time.

There are issues with the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA) - and a host of other issues - if one does not carefully plan - that could easily bring a project to a halt.

It is here that the San Francisco Planning Department should have stepped up - but has not.

The San Francisco Planning Department has million in fees now - in access than it has ever had before - and can now - address the noticing issues - complete with APPS and other digital nuances - that can be handed to SF Planning Department - with little or no money. There are folks waiting at City Hall - that are seeking such opportunities. 

We now have a new Director in John Rahaim who is trying his best - but; he knows very well that the "noticing" element - is a cog in the wheel that is not oiled -  more; linked to CEQA and other Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) - which are to say the least - not address with soundness - and fall into the category - of being sorely - pathetic.

Scott Wiener has had focused meetings with folks that he likes to hang out with.

The man should have had one single meeting in the Bayview Hunters Point Area - ventured closer to his District 8 east and come to District 9 - say the Portola District.

Scott Wiener - will not do that. His type of people are as dysfunctional and illogical as can be - it is that mentality - closeted mentality more stemming from being psychologically - dysfunctional. He talks in circles - more in circles - and creates a storm - more a storm in a small tea cup.

Here is Scott Wiener problem - Dolores Park - which has been taken over by perverts, animals who have invaded the paradise once shared by sane, decent, straight more families. Once it was a pleasure to shill out at Dolores Park - no more.

Now Dolores Park is divided into three parts - closer to Mission High School you have straights - just a few of them who must be careful not to step into - the abounding - pooh.

In the middle of the Park the children park - children play and the rest room all new; nearby - are constantly vandalized. I saw this myself - and wondered for sometime - why.

More north of the Park - in broad daylight I saw men and men making out.

Not so much the lesbians - but, the queer men. All this within viewing distance of the children playing - and the straight adults - fewer - but still sensitive to the situation at hand.

Going back to the vandalism - I saw the " Swastika "graffiti" on the street walls - lots of them  - and this took me aback.

 I made a few inquiries - and found out that the youth - detest Scott Wiener and his ilk. I will not go there. I do not agree with Scott Wiener - but, when I go to bed - I do not take any animosity with me - of that type or any other type. 

One has to learn that early on - for if you keep a deep grudge - it will tear into your very being - and destroy your - inner peace. The scum we will always have - the cesspool - if you see a cesspool do not go near it - avoid it like that the plague. 

There is process and San Francisco Planning Department - does not do well - with its current process in many departments. For sure its noticing process is despicable to say the least - linked to the EIR and CEQA process.

There are tools that must help the lay person and also those that purport to know something about Land Use, Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), California Environmental  Quality Act (CEQA) - Negative Declaration - and a host of other technical jargon that is part of the process.

All of the above are connected and do not believe the dumb, shallow SF Supervisor who tried to convince us yesterday at the Land Use meeting that they knew better.

Anything introduced by human beings at the SF Planning Department - can be fine tuned; more with meaningful dialog - given that the process may be long, tedious, but in the end very beneficial.

Both Jane Kim and Scott Wiener have one thing in common - they are from the East Coast - trying to teach us here in San Francisco that they know better - sorry.

Stop arranging the furniture in our living rooms without our permissions. More when we are aware of your hidden agenda - it is written on your faces.

Scott Wiener wants amendments for amendments sake - and this will not fly.

Scott avoid meetings with entities that are different - with participation from all type of folks. That includes advocates who have been dealing with such issues - before Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, and David Chiu were born.

These long drawn meetings - such as the one held April 8 at the Land Use meeting held in Room 263 at City Hall - where Seniors have to sit down for hours is not becoming.

At the end of the long session we are given two minutes - the prior discussions were boring and drab.

It is worse when those involved in the sordid discussions on the matter - are not educated on issues - more shallow, inept, spineless and what is more - having no heart.

Jane Kim is a panderer and as the years go by - those that back her up now will full realize that.

Her pandering to "Twitter" - giving Twitter huge breaks that we San Franciscans have to pay for. Complete with Public Transportation - to their office situated at Mid- Market closer to 10th Street.

Those small communities that back Jane Kim will be in for trouble - she will USE them and throw them like a dirty rag.

Never mind she has moved into your community - her heart is not in the right place.

She can act well - roll those eyes - hold her breath and do all those things - to look cute and play to the camera. All these gimmicks are shallow - so beware of the New York - transplant.

Enough said about Scott Wiener - he is a loser - and will be a loser. He wants to be the next Mayor of San Francisco - and we must be aware of that - fact.

As things stand on the meeting and the amendments to CEQA - the matter is continued - once again we who dare attend the next meeting - will hear the buffoons - spew their diatribe - ad nauseaum .

Then; when it comes to public comment - some have the audacity to tell us the public - who know better - what to say and how to say it - David the small Chiu.

Such pompousness is uncalled for - and points to the dictatorial ways David Chiu for example has embraced in recent years.

Not to mention his  known inclination linked to his "Bonaparte syndrome" -  his inherent psychological issues that he aims to hide but reveal in high doses - and always falls below the bar of decency.

Public comment - as with our First and Second Amendment is our Right - we are not in Taiwan.

For that matter Mainland China - go to these places and see how you fare with your rudeness.

We have a bunch of San Francisco Supervisors - who each time they open their mouth - shove their dirty foot deeper and deeper - and reveal how shallow they are.

The advocates spoke well both pro and con and this debate has come before us - we need time - a good six months for the issues to be vetted before the Historic and Preservation Commission. Of course the lackadaisical San Francisco Planning Department.

I congratulated the new Zoning Czar years ago - warned him about the evil ways of Larry Badner.

Requested the new Zoning Czar who works for the San Francisco Planning Department - " to do the right thing - and take us to a better place ".

You have to rock the boat - think outside the box - rally the best minds - and change the system but always with full transparency and accountability.

San Francisco is unique - we can think - we can act - but we always do it the San Francisco way.

The known New York misfits - come here - we give them some leeway -  once they cross the line - they always get shafted - they always bite the hand that feeds them.

Lets us keep it simple - let us keep it transparent.

Let us have the people in mind - the common - always in humility. Stop pandering to those entities that buy their way in - with Blood Money - the developers and the very corrupt - politicians.