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Saturday, June 3, 2017


Stephen Bannon -
the man behind the schemes -
ploys and machinations.

Often times - we, in the United States - talk too much.

We must learn to listen and act - and  bring forth models and Blue Prints - that contribute to the progress - of the entire world.

It does not help that the Main Media - loves " sensationalism " - the many so called anchor persons - spewing diatribe - commentary - NOT worth the salt.

Today the office of the President has been tarnished - Donald Trump has brought it so low - that today - Donald Trump is swimming and drowning - in a cesspool - of his own - creation.

Donald Trump has surround himself with extreme conservatives -
the likes of Stephen Bannon - who is not to be trusted - on par with Vladmir Putin - who has chosen with " intent " to harm our Nation.

Donald Trump has made it easy - in this case - his " tweets "  - he has dug his own grave.

Stephen Bannon - has the ear of Donald Trump - an extreme conservative - who does not have the best interests of the United States.

More will be revealed - as the exposure of the ploys of the Russians - come to the fore.

Stephen Bannon

Stephen Bannon - will be exposed - complete with his  - " poisonous fangs ".

Donald Trump and his cronies -
one worse than the other - 
one by one - they will fall flat on their faces.

First and foremost we must comprehend that some one like Donald Trump - is just one person. Donald Trump is a businessman who use his wicked negotiation skills - to deceive his clients and make big money.

The Office of the President - and the evil skills of Donald Trump do not go - hand in hand - he can change his ways - or it is best for him to fade away. Time will tell.

This is a Nation of Laws  - we the people count and are in the cockpit.

The citizens of the United States do not respect - Donald Trump. Donald Trump does not offer - HOPE.

Donald Trump is treating this Nation - as if he is the main negotiator - having NO clue about the power of the Judicial System.

Less about the office of the President of the United States - the role of the United States - that must be in place to counter act - other Nations the likes of China and Russia.

Retired General Michael Flynn.

General Michael  Flynn  has acted as a conduit of the Russians - it is simply astonishing how the tentacles of the Russians - captured and tried to control some one like General Michael Flynn.

This fact does not come as a surprise - with the United States Army and the Department of Defense - but in these two organization - there are checks and balances.

Unfortunately - even today within the Donald Trump administration that are NO checks and balances . The turmoil within the folks in the White House is real - and we see it - and will see it more - when the Special Counsel - a wise move - will clean house.

Special Counsel - Robert Mueller 

Robert Mueller former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - a well respected law enforcement officer - a man of character - and one who has all the qualifications to take on this unique case - as the Special Counsel - is well placed and poised to serve our Nation.

We the people of the United States - must remember - we are a Nation of Laws.

We are blessed to have a person like Special Counsel Robert Mueller - to adjudicate this case - speak to the TRUTH.

James Comey - former Director of the FBI -
now a private citizen - who can and must speak his mind.

James Comey will speak to the Truth. Some quarters are mudding the waters - spewing hot air - about Donald Trump - using his Executive Privilege - to STOP - James Comey from testifying.

This is so far fetched - one case has gone before the Court and was shot down - " we all remember the Fast and Furious court case". We are a Nation of Laws.


When James Comey speaks - the world will listen - more, in pin -drop silence.

James Comey has sufficient - to crucify Donald Trump -and expose the Russians - more " thug Putin " - once and for all.

Vladmir Putin - 
a KGB thug of the first order -
wants to divide the West - and cause divisiveness.

Vladmir Putin - is a trained "thug" - his cloak and dagger tactics are well know. Again and again Putin has tried his best to divide  the North Alliance Treaty Organizations.

Donald Trump has no clue about the NATO - and while it may be true that NATO has NOT being paying its contribution - again and again NATO - has sacrificed it women and men - in Afghanistan - working with the United States all over the world - on assignments - one of a kind - where no dollar amount - can value that commitment.

NATO is a deterrent - to the advances of Russia - and some one like Vladmir Putin - who to restore Russian to its former glory - but has failed with Georgia and other former satellite Soviet Nation - who want to stay away from Communism and embrace Freedom and more a Democratic system.

Jared Kushner -
the new kid on the block -
has much to learn and must now step down.

Donald Trump's son in law Kushner - has deep ties with the Russians - more with Russian bankers.

Follow the money - who have used " dirty money " - during the past General Election - and aided and abetted Donald Trump and his inner circle.

Jared Kushner intentions to use the Russian Embassy to conduct " back door activities " - reveals to the world - how naive he is - more in this thinking and deliberations.

This is not Real Estate - where you lie, steal, cheat, bluff - and with a straight face - make millions of dollars.

Foreign Affairs -  sound Diplomacy  - takes years to learn and more years - to go into situations - and deliberate on behalf of one Nation.

Jared Kushner is a JOKE - and so far his attempts to attain some success in Israel, with the Palestinians, moving the capitol of Israel to Jerusalem - all have not materialized.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump -
husband and wife - should do what they do best -
wheel and deal in the private sector.

On some level these multi-millionaires in the Private Sector - are well know as wheeler and dealers - pay to play - having millions if not billions in off shore accounts.

Lying, cheating, bluffing, hoodwinking, and a host of not so nice elements - that these  " filthy rich and insensitive folks display " is NOT what is accepted - by the citizens of the United States.

Both Jared and Ivanka - now have a very narrow window of opportunity - to step down and fade into their world - in the Private Industry - they may not - if they fall into the dragnet - and are sent to the Jail - under the RICO ACT - for example.

Sending and relying on Jared Kushner to bring some drastic changes in the Middle East - an issue that has plagued from times immemorial - a man who has zero diplomatic experience, even less when it coms to " Cultural Competency " - even less in comprehending the history of the Palestinians - says a lot.

Of course the Israelis will cater to Jared Kushner - because he is a Jew and - there lies the fault - ever Zionist is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist - Jared favors being a Zionist.

General Michael Flynn -
not to be trusted -
he dug his grave and he knows it.

General Flynn knows a lot - and  " we the people "  will have a lot to witness and find out  - first hand.

General Michael Flynn - wants immunity - he is action like a weasel.

General Flynn will NOT get immunity - and the Special Counsel Robert Mueller - will fish out and reveal so much - that Donald Trump - will be silenced - once and for all.

This is a given - this cloak and dagger episode - is so deep and disgraceful - paling WaterGate and that sordid - episode.

Follow the money - much like the past scandals that have plagued our Nation - the United States of America.

Vladmir Putin -
his days are numbered.

The Paris Climate Accord has been used by Donald Trump - to divert our minds - " we the people "  must be focused on the prize. The wheeling and deal with the Russians - who want to bring us down - Russia under Vladmir Putin in worse off - we know this more - now.

There are progressive individuals, nations, States in the United States that want to move forward:

President Xi from China, Chancellor Merkel , President Macron from Francisco - the other 195 nation who agreed to the Paris Climate Accord - did what they had to do to address Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.

Here in California we are well poised to lead the world - and we will - WIN. 

Right now California is gather other States in the Untied States - to counter act the  " evil ploys " of Donald Trump and his lackey - and we will - WIN.

" We the people " - do not appreciate the Loser that is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump does not believe in telling the TRUTH - 
he is a charlatan.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsing -
the Paris Climate Accord - 
rallying behind those States in the U.S.A. -
who want to move forward.

Governor Jerry Brown from California -
is determined to take on Donald Trump -
support the Paris Climate Accord -
more power to him and the likes of Bloomberg.

California - with Governor Jerry Brown - and former Mayor of New York - Michael Bloomberg too are  poised to lead other States all over the United States - to work and foster the progress of the Paris Climate Accord: