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Friday, June 2, 2017


Donald Trump -
pompous and acting like a fool

Donald Trump failed us all  - citizens of the United States of America on June 1, 2017.

 No one can get out of any Accord - such as the one agreed upon in Paris, France - linked to Climate Change and related issues.

Donald Trump - thinks that the world revolves around him - it does not. 

No one individual not respected can force and bring together  the many Nations  - and order them to start the negotiation all over again - on Climate Change - it will never, ever happen.

Donald Trump has treated the Paris Accord on Climate Change - like his own private business.

 The many very large private projects - that  Donald Trump has controlled - and is known for " going back on his promises - his word - and not paying those that have worked for him " - forcing many to take Donald Trump to court.

June 1, 2017 - we Americans allowed this " buffoon of a man " - to open his mouth and shove his dirty foot - again and again and again.

He did this without shame at the meeting held in the open - at the Rose Garden - outside the White House.

He lied on June 1, 2017 at the meeting arranged at the Rose Garden - there was NO diversity at this meeting. The Right doing all the WRONG things - in front of the entire world.

Donald Trump LIED on many fronts - be it our position getting out of the Climate Accord - on jobs more, losing thousands of jobs, Credits on the Carbon Footprint - paying other Nations to foster their Solar and dealing with other Clean Products - and so on.

I do not know which Climate Accord he was referring to - Donald Trump must understand - on many fronts at home - he has failed - and now he has tarnished the name of the United States of America - in a big way - all over the world.

We Americans must comprehend that we did not give Donald Trump  " a carte blanche " - permission - to do has he pleases. 

Donald Trump did not win the popular vote. He won the Electoral Vote - a Smithsonian Model - that has to go.

On many fronts - with Executive Orders that are shallow - none of them spelled out in detail - Donald Front has failed.

He failed on Immigration, he has failed on Health Reform, he has failed saying one thing and doing another - a case in point promising to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem and then saying something else.

Even in his convoluted speech that he delivered outside in front  of the White House - with his many lackeys present.

 Few women present at that meeting - less diversity - he mentioned Pittsburg - not knowing the facts - prompting the Mayor of Pittsburg to state - that his City did not agree with Donald Trump - and what he said - misquoting and failing to do his homework.

The City of Pittsburg believed strongly in the staying within the Climate Change Accord - to reduce the Carbon Footprint and related issues to being about - progress.

That Pittsburg in the United States - today stands to lose on many fronts - if Donald Trump takes the route he is taking.

 Jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Donald Trump is a disgrace to anything decent - he failed to listen to the Pope - Pope Francis.

He failed to listen to his own Secretary of State - Rex Tillerson.

Finally while making all sorts of arrangements - to keep his daughter Ivanka Trump - close to him - as his confidant and close advisor.

Donald took a wrong stand and failed to listen to those close to him that have helped him before - many times - he is NOT to be trusted. His independent judgement is tainted with the lackeys he surrounds himself with - that do not have the best interests - of the Nation - the United States of America.


Scientists all over  the world - millions of educated people - our children, youth, young adults - who need to be taken to a better place.

 Now our children, our youth, others must be told - that what Donald Trump has done is wrong - and even though he is the President of the United States - on this one singular issue - affecting Mother Earth - he is plain wrong.

China will now step in to fill the void - China has set aside Billions of dollars - to address the reduction of the Carbon Dioxide in China itself - and are now poised to share their technology - to the entire world.

While here in California and in some other  few, places - we have state of the art technology - that we can easily share with the world.

Bring  unity and with it  - billions of dollars - to shore up our economy while contributing to Mother Earth. 

Donald Trump does not understand this - his claims that the United States will lose jobs,  fork millions that Donald Trump says - we will have to dole out to India, China, and other Nations - is pure - NONSENSE.

As the Paris Climate Accord stands -  even thought Donald Trumps has stated  - that the United States wants out - it is not as easy as that - Britain and some other countries - know that there are elements in the United States - such as California who have helped the Euro Nations and beyond.

California and some other States - are welcomed to join the others - mostly scientists and other experts -  to address Climate Change and related issues - like Sea Level Rise.

Already tourism to the United States has shrunk by over 30% and spiraling - this one singular fact and issue - does the United States - great injustice. 

Most of those who do not want to visit our Nation - is because of Donald Trump - his hate for Muslims - and is blatant discrimination - generalizing issues  - without doing his home work - has tarnished the name of our Nation.

We must move forward - and California as a State - the world 6th largest economy - truly does not need Donald Trump at this juncture in the picture.

Not, with  Robert Mueller - appointed as  the Special Counsel - who will bring out the Truth - which has every possibility of Donald Trump - being - " IMPEACHED ".

Donald Trump keeps on " tweeting " - has lost his mind and keeps speaking - utter nonsense - all the time.

More - at  odd times -  in the wee hours of morning - we here on the West Coast - having an opportunity to read his  " stupid tweets " - of this one of a kind - " egoistical maniac ".

Much before this land was called America - it was know as Turtle Island - by the Native Americans.

The Native American is the true citizen and owner of this land we call America - all others are " strangers " - one may call them " immigrants ".

Donald Trump keepS tooting his horn - and playing the wrong music - at the most he will be here for two terms - each term of 4 years - and then we can legally get rid of the bad rubbish - that he is.

In the time - we the people - we the people of the Untied States - will soon get  a " clear idea " of the situation at hand.

 James Comey  - the fired Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - well educated and trusted by many professional people in government - will reveal the TRUTH - when he testifies soon.

Never mind Donald Trump wants to use his Presidential Executive Privilege - to STOP - former Director of the FBI - from testifying.

It is a shame that Donald Trump - keeps trying to stay over board - lying and using all sorts of ploys and machinations.

More - to dishonor good decent people - tarnish the name of the United States not only here  at home - but all over the world.