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Saturday, June 24, 2017


San Francisco has long known to be fair - this City was named after Saint Francis Assisi - but before that for over 13, 000 years - the Ohlone treated everyone with hospitality - and set the tone.

Small bands of Ohlone - no more than a few hundred - lived on land  by the Bay - enjoying rich nutritious food - Abolone, herring, berries, fruits of all kind, small fowl, deer -  other animals, flora and fauna found in abundance.

When a Ohlone member passed away - ceremonies would be held  - for months on end.

At this sites - over  years - hundreds of years - in many cases thousands of years - Abolone Shells - and other things - mounds - know as Shell Mounds - revered by the Ohlone - where mostly Sacred Remains of the ancestors are found.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior.

We have paintings - of the rich regalia - worn by the Ohlone - when the first white men - be they the Russian fur traders, the Franciscans - they marveled at the Ohlone and the other tribes of California.

The Ohlone - welcomed the strangers - shared with them - what they had - generously.

It was not long - for those that were treated as guests - to bite the hand that fed them.

Much like what is happening today - those that worship GREED.

Those who with intent break the laws - we all have a conscience and know what is right and what is wrong.

In course of time those that stole the land - interacted with the indigenous people - spreading Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Other diseases like small pox - that wiped thousands of innocent people. 

The strangers were NOT welcome in due course - but since they had weapons - far more superior to spears, bows and arrows - they stole the land, raped the women, killed the children - murdered the men who were defending their homes, their wives and children - and the rest is history.

The strangers - did not take a bath for years - they stunk to high heaven.

The indigenous people -  have passed the facts from generation to generation - in other nations where the written word existed - like Japan, India, China - the details of the nasty smell of these strangers from Europe - is well documented.

It was common for Whites live in caves - accompanied by their dogs, sheep, and cattle -  hygiene for these folks did not exist.
A far cry from the hogwash diatribe - some speak of today - if only they knew.

Today after learning from others - the Whites pretend they were the authors of civilization - when in fact they were not.

One of many paintings of the Muwekma -
a far cry from what is told by some - this painting -
other facts - paint a different picture - time will tell.

Here is San Francisco - the City and County of San Francisco - has chosen not to acknowledge - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Those in authority who illegally - own this land called San Francisco and the neighboring areas.

In 1991 the Muwekma Ohlone exercised their Right of First Refusal on San Francisco, Yerba Buena,  Hunters Point, the Presidio of San Francisco.

Please visit to learn more - and do something positive to educate others.

San Francisco - is aware of the fact - lives in denial - thinking that they have some right to this land - when they have none - none what so ever.

The City and County of San Francisco - cannot produce one single document - where willingly this land we call San Francisco - was sold or willingly turned over to those that purport to have authority.

Truth be told - those that have chosen to look with disdain on the Muwekma Ohlone - will get what they deserve - soon.

Already - the recent diseases that have befallen certain segments of the population in San Francisco - are well known.

There is more - and those that think they know it all - will learn better - from being burnt by fire of justice.

The Muwekma Ohlone have been monitoring the nefarious activities of the SF Board of Supervisors - the past Mayors and the present Mayor - other City Officials - that have failed to pay their respects - to the ancestors that matter.

This land of the Ohlone - has been contaminated,  polluted  - the congestion is unbearable today, high density building that creates living that is artificial and adversely impacts Quality of Life issues.

The nonsense goes on - more by folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has no vision - loves GREED - wheeling and dealing - will do anything to make money. Time will tell.

The ways of those who are evil and  think they control the world - is coming to an end. 

When we near that time - those that stole, cheated, spread diseases by their sordid behavior, committed other crimes - disgusting to describe in detail.

These individuals will froth at the mouth - suffer for weeks if not months - and perish.

I have met some of those who ancestors came to this land and committed some of the atrocities described above  -  they have described to me in detail - how some members - in their families have died a miserable death.

How some of them - dead are restless - come to haunt them to this day.

San Francisco has a budget of $10 billion - Yes - BILLION - yet in San Francisco today - over 11, 000 individuals are living on the streets of San Francisco.

Many sleeping under bridges, in their cars - some in Recreational Vehicles - in buildings - that have been left unattended and have been empty for years.

Our SF Health Department has a budget of over $3 Billion - and has not a viable and sustainable plan to address the health situation - in San Francisco.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases is on the increase - AIDS that was once under control - is now on the rise - costing the SF health system - millions of dollars.

There was a time - when Dr Silverman and others - had a model - to control AIDS - no more.

Now we have current advertisements - encouraging those who are AIDS positive to have sex - taking some pills - that purport to keep AIDS - at bay - this  simply does not work.

These behaviors are uncalled for and there is NO proof that AIDS  can be kept at bay - in some nonchalant manner - one cannot recklessly play with FIRE and  not get burned. 

Also - encouraging such practices - lead to many have unprotected sex - LGBT individuals are more prone to have multiple partners - and thus bring about adverse impacts - having health programs - that is just the nature of the wild game.

More when alcohol and other drugs are consumed - those drunk and out of their mind - spread AIDS and other STDs -  we the tax payers must bear that cost - while those who act recklessly - get most of their health care for free.

The madness described above - where our City and County of San Francisco -  have no control of this behavior - that will take us down the drain.

Slowly and surely - we will  - all drown in the cesspool  - that has been created by foolish actions - those who are more, spiritually bankrupt - do not have their heart - in the right place.

In recent years - San Francisco has seen an increase in OPIODS - the pills come from Mainland China - mostly sent to Mexico - and from there smuggled into the United States.

The Opiods pandemic is more on the East Coast -  more and more adversely impacting cities like San Diego, Los Angeles , and here in San Francisco -  on the West Coast.

Over $300 million dollars annually has been spent - for the last ten years  - directly and indirectly -  to address the homeless - problem - by the City and County of San Francisco.

While most of those - who are homeless are indigenous people - people of color - those that control the programs and are on the payroll are Whites. Whites who worship their salaries - and have absolutely no desire to serve and more represent the poor for good.

Year after year - hundreds are bused in - to express lies at Public Comment - begging for money - our tax payers money - this nonsense must STOP. We have to change drastically the way we do business - with the poor.

The poor need homes, they need care, they need nutrition - more the infants, the children, the youth and young adults - more people of color who are disadvantaged. 

The Czar of the homeless makes in access of $250, 000 with benefits.

Who is fooling whom. All sorts of " hot teams " - who earn a good salary and work for the San Francisco Health Department - many of them whiling their time - spending more time - pushing paper work.

This mostly Whites who drive around in cars - randomly visit the homeless - with NO blue print that is viable and sustainable. plan that can take the homeless - to a better place.

They simply put out small fires - here and there - calls the San Francisco Police Department - who come to the scene - where they shoot someone - and murdered many - and this nonsense must come to a standstill.

Many of these individuals could be living - are dead - but how can one avoid such situations - when those in authority - come to to the rescue -  of the needy - that have NO training how to deescalate a situation.

Are not trained  - to stay at a distance and control the situation using methods that can be used - by practicing and being calm and recollected.

Some of us advocates have been trying to assist our City and County of San Francisco - in one area - to STOP violence.

Stop the killings and murders, STOP the discrimination that is rampant in some hot spots.

We once had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice.  It does not exists.

Today the Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has no vision - lacks leadership, is spineless - has been spat upon - continue to defy logic and address the violence, the killings and murders - in primitive ways.

Millions of dollars are spent - by out-sourcing violence programs - to entities who earn their salaries - using band-aid methods - and contributing to Gentrification in San Francisco.

They use people of color to work with other people of color - to keep the violence at bay - and often time encourage the violence - and think that some of us advocates - who are monitoring the situation at hand - are NOT paying attention.

We are - when we come before the authorities in force - it will not be pretty - they have run before - but this time they will run - never, ever to return.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
is a JOKER -  he should feel ashamed of himself -
step down NOW.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
continues to set our City of San Francisco -
on FIRE - and the mess continues - when will it STOP ?