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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The wicked Nancy Pelosi
She failed the Democrats and more San Francisco.

The Democrats lost in Georgia - and they have been losing in other places too - always making excuses.

Pouring millions of dollars - on local State elections - mostly - out of State donors - defying standards, norms, and having no Blue Print - most importantly - the Democrats have no leadership - worth the salt.

Local politics are just that - the candidates must represent the local issues - and most of the time on the local level - the ploys, machination, and shenanigans going on in Washington DC - do not matter.

Gavin Newsom - this metro-sexual jerk -
desires to be the next Governor of California -
go figure - what ever he touches - stinks to high heaven.

The Democrats at this late date - do not understand - that without a plan - a viable and sustainable plan - the Democrats will NOT win elections.

All over the Nation - the Democrats are NOT to be trusted - and here too on the local level -  Gavin Newsom, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Kamala Harris, of course Nancy Pelosi and the aging Dianne Feinstein  - you get the drift.

At the local level - no one cares about 
Donald Trump and the nonsense he is involved with -
at the State Level - important Quality of Life issue count more.

Never mind what Donald Trump does - people on the State level - want results and are concerned about Quality of Life issues - they do not care much how Donald Trump behaves.

Nor do they give a hoot for Nancy Pelosi - who failed the Democrats - who loves to point fingers and criticize others.

More - while she and Barack Obama - failed on key issues Health Care, Immigration, Taxes, and a host of pertinent issues - that are now coming to bite them in the butt.

The Democrats still believe they can use Hollywood and other billionaires - be they Democrats who interfere in the local elections.

Imagine pour over $50 million in the recent Georgia elections - bragging without empirical data - that the Democrats would win - then drowning and losing - in the elections - drowning in the sordid, cesspool of their own creation.

Nancy Pelosi is that " witch " - that has destroyed genuine fair democracy - her stunts have not been analyzed by those guru who purport to know some - more - because they do not have the facts.

The ways of the MAFIA are deeply entrenched with Nancy Pelosi - you only have to step in the right direction - and look where she truly comes from - then moving to the West - befriend Philip Burton and his wife Sala - and the rest is history.

Paradoxically all this and more happened in San Francisco - where even though we have an astute, stellar and informed constituency - some how, Nancy Pelosi - wins all the elections linked to her sordid term in the House.

 As Leader of House -  now doing what she does best - controlling the elections at every level within the Democratic Party - all over the Nation and losing.

 Using devious methods - that have now come to roost - at last people have realized - you simply need to get rid of this evil person - who smiles on your face - and stabs you in the back.

Pouring over $50 million in a special election in Georgia - and revealing to the world - that there is only so much - anyone can tolerate - of this lack of leadership, poor standards - tainted with illegal activities - be it greed, money, power, and simply lacking respect for all - citizens of the United States of America.

Entities that have NO clue - about places like Georgia - where local issues matter - where the constituents are well educated - more culturally savvy -  and proud of  their local achievements.

We still believe that Dianne Feinstein -
can do something for us -
senility has been her forte for years now -
time for a drastic change - dump her.

San Francisco should have dumped the Democrats a long time ago - we still hold on to the skirts of Senator Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - two hags - that have done nothing much - except push their own agenda.

Few people know that Congress person Nancy Pelosi's husband has raked in millions - in places like American Samoa - where workers earn less than the minimum wage -  working in the tuna and fruit canning factories.

 These wages and other benefits denied the hard working, decent, Samoans - by the " influence " used by Nancy Pelosi when she led the Democrats - who under her leadership - lost the elections - and mostly because of her very poor leadership. 

Google Paul Pelosi - Nancy Pelosi's husband - and see what you find out.

It is the same with Senator Diane Feinstein - her husband Richard Blum has raked in millions - using his wife's position - to get contracts be it with URS, AECOM.

Position himself  using his wife's position to  take control of access property and one example our United States Postal Offices - and no one seems to pay attention - to the tactics used - to accumulate - so much wealth - using undue influence and more.

Diane Feinstein has two large mansions - in the Pacific Heights area - in one case she stole land - that belonged to the City and County of San Francisco.

A compromise was made - where she promised to tend to the landscape - stolen land all the same.

Backed off  - back room deal - some litigation on that stolen property - hushed - that revealed the crooked ways of the aged, senile Senator - perked to levels -  when it comes to accumulating wealth and fostering GREED.

Dianne Feinstein - was once the Mayor of San Francisco.

Dianne Feinstein - failed us then - and has been failing us ever since.

One recent Town Hall held at a meeting in San Francisco - led by Bevan Dufty -  had the crowd screaming and shouting at Dianne Feinstein.

 Dianne Feinstein has since tried to placate the constituents - using digital media - something that she refrained from - for the longest time ever.

A leading pariah Democrat - going no where -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a jackass -
wheeling and dealing - has amassed millions illegally.

These pariah Democrats the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein - others.

The San Francisco Democratic Central Committee -  all those charlatans there - representing all sections and levels of San Francisco - have failed us all.

Scott Wienner - another one of those Democrats -
who is now in Sacramento - doing great disservice
to San Franciscans.

Election after elections - the SF DCC produce slates - with names that deceive the people -pushing for people - that are corrupt and have no integrity.

Less character - and the ability to represent the people fairly and with integrity and fortitude - the likes of Scott Wiener, David Chiu, Kamala Harris, Malia Cohen, London Breed - one worse than the other.

The Independents - all over this Nation - had an opportunity recently - with Bernie Sanders' vain attempt to be the President of the United States.

Again Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton  - used money - that she has illegally accumulated - from Russians, the Middle East, Indonesia, other dubious places - that no one has bother about to tally. More to find the source of this tainted money.

Hillary bought Bernie Sanders and the rest in history.

The Democrats are trying to make a come back - they cannot do that - their heart is not in the right place - the Democrats are NOT educated on issues - have failed the working women and men all over this Nation - the Democrats cannot take this Nation - to a better place.

Hillary Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump -
given questions before the debate - 
Donna Brazile - interim Chair of the Democratic Party -
how quickly we forget such incidents.

Most of the Democrats are spiritually - bankrupt.

Interested in sordid and mundane issues - not afraid to lie and cheat - as did Hillary Clinton.

Even today - the Democrats - still think Hillary Clinton a liar, cheater, and disgraced politician - will make a come back.

Go Figure.