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Saturday, June 17, 2017


Our homeless found all over San Francisco -
under the bushes, under bridges, every where - 
more down town San Francisco - in plain sight of everyone.

San Francisco once was always a great place to visit - our unique neighborhoods - one of a kind - admired and visited - again and again.

There was no congestion on our streets - the air good enough to breathe and healthy - all that and more - has changed. Those in charge of maintaining Quality of Life issues - are fast asleep in the cockpit.

Thanks to Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has no clue - how to address - Quality of Life issues. The Mayor talks too much - and the time has come - for him to step down - now.

On one day in January 2017 - the City and County of San Francisco takes upon itself - with some fake ass - mostly white  individuals - lacking " cultural competency " and even less full of " implicit bias " - going to places - where some indigent and homeless make their abode.

More or less - making some vague attempt to make a  count of the homeless - but, their heart in NOT in the right place - and the count always turns out to be fake. Under counting in the thousands - and trying to hoodwink the constituents of San Francisco.

That count of 7, 499 is as fake - as fake can be - thousands of homeless  youth - among them queer youth - that no one has the guts to go and count them - are left out.

Many queer youth - flock to San Francisco - seeking solace - and in the past we have embraced them all - but in recent years - this segment of the population is left to themselves - many suffer - and some die.

There are places all over the City by the rail lines - that only those that know how to enter and exit the area - can have access. For sure these thousands are left out - from this fake count.

Jeff Kositsky  the Director of the Department of Homelessness - is just that - the Director making over $ 250, 000 plus benefits.

With his crew mostly Whites - who live in a totally different world - and exhibit a mentality - saturated with ignorance and more arrogance.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee now has chosen - to arrest the homeless - and send them to jail. This has been happening for the last 3 years.

This year that process has reached saturation point - more homeless jailed than every before. There is a God watching - and this City and  County will be held - responsible.

Those homeless - who are sent to jail - live like animals - are not fed properly and those who are mentally challenged - suffer the most.

The jail situated at 850 Bryant Street - are well known to most - as being primitive - and do not have a working infrastructure - the toilets not working - feces over flowing - not only on the given floor -  but over flowing to other floors - in one case flooding the District Attorney's office and more.

The Mayor and his lackeys - who have spent over 250 million plus - on the homeless - have done little to address the actual problems.

Forcing the homeless to move from camp to another and failing in that attempt - now - incarcerating the homeless - many of who are mentally challenged - which is disgraceful.

Some Non-Profit has promised $100 million - $20 million a year - this attempt is just a ploy - there is no detail plan - and less a holistic approach - to the situation at hand.

We have thousands of Millionaires and hundreds of Billionaires - San Francisco - most of them - do not give a damn about the homeless, our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - our seniors - those with compromised health. Shame on them all.

The skyscrapers in San Francisco are many - some of them sinking.

The rich and filthy - do not care about those that need help - nor does Mayor Edwin M. Lee - with millions stashed in off shore accounts - each time he talks - he shoves his dirty foot in his mouth.

The Constitution of the United States - insures all Americans and those that are legally here in the United States to be treated as human beings.

Thousands on our streets - have no access to hygienic facilities - bathrooms, toilets, eating facilities, health care, child care, seniors who can spend their golden years in peace.

Our Mayor calls our City as a World Class City. Who is kidding whom?

Hundreds of our seniors have died and their remains lie in the morgue - there is no real count and more why so many of our seniors are dying?

It is the same with the others - human beings - with compromised health - the Mayor and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - have no clue what so ever - how so many homeless are living in despicable conditions. Many of them found dead - and the Main Press make some drab reports.

The homeless - facing the inclement weather -  the last minute appearances made by the " hot teams " - who are called to intercede - who instead of doing something for the homeless - take the short cuts available to them - and call the San Francisco Police Department.

In many cases we have seen fatalities  - in few cases leading to the death of those who need help most - shot first and killed and questions asked later.

We have over 30, 000 homes vacant in San Francisco - the owners prefer to leave the homes vacant than rent them. 

A glut of skyscrapers - with thousands of -
market price condominiums available -
the filthy rich making money - with disdain for the poor.

We have a glut of Market Price Rental units - one bed room going for $3800 and two bed rooms for $5, 900. In today market - incentives are given to move in - into these luxury condominiums - the first two or three months - thrown in as a bonus with no rent.

Today in San Francisco - it is not uncommon to see skyscrapers - and not far from the luxury skyscrapers and condominiums - hundreds of homeless - living in tents.

Those who are newbies to San Francisco - looking down with disdain on the less - fortunate.

It does not help with SF Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - two political whores - who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. These two in particular have done little to address the situation at ground zero.

It does not help that the SF Planning Department - has no clue nor cares to address Quality of Life.

More - when it comes to the homeless, the indigent - the mentally challenge - these human beings - on the fringe - are looked as a liability - and when you mention these human being - the disdain shown - is shocking - at the many SF Planning Department meetings.

Today in San Francisco we have over 10, 000 homeless - sleeping in places that are despicable - more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

More - in areas that these folks - who say they are capable of counting all the homeless  - who have failed - miserably.

These so called experts  - do it under the cover of darkness - so that they can say they did something.

They do go near those places - where the homeless are - but do a poor job - as they will not go near the homeless to do the actual count. 

Doing justice to any count - is to do the counts as best they can - not a more or less count - and in reporting a fake count - they do more injustice than justice. 

Sam Dodge the Deputy Director who worked with Bevan Dufty - has more or less some sense - about the " homeless problem ".

Again those making the polices and those trying to address the homeless problems - are White - their  main purpose is to make money - at the expense of the poor.

Those needing help, those needing care, those who are dying are - 
" people of color " - so who is kidding whom.

The Navigation Center are a joke - catering to not more than 100 human beings - at any one time.

As I said the recent ploy - send the homeless to jail - on trumped up charges - this is WRONG.

The Mayor should visit the jails - to find out the truth - if not he will be in trouble - very, very soon.

The population of the homeless - the indigent are more than the reported number of 7, 499 - it is more than 10, 000 homeless by any fair measure.

Our population in San Francisco is about 830, 000 that increases to over 1 million - as thousands come to work and when we have conventions, and base ball and other games - more.

Our poor and indigent - need to be helped - San Francisco has a budget of over $9.6 Billion dollars plus - so - why are we failing our poor - turning our back to address  - Quality of Life issues?

The Muwekma Ohlone -
San Francisco is their land -
each and every square inch stolen from them.

All this in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - land that was stolen - the Muwekma Ohlone -  do not appreciate congestion, less  failing to respect  Mother Earth.

San Francisco - has increased its Carbon Foot Print by leaps and bounds.  Soon this will impact sea level rise and more Climate Change.

 San Francisco and those in authority - love to talk about Sea Level Rise and Climate Change - but are doing nothing much - as far as " empirical data " is concerned - to address the fact that are available for all to see and study.

Too many skyscrapers - and too many homeless - dying on the streets of San Francisco. Aho.