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Friday, June 23, 2017


The KKK having their swearing  -
right under the rotunda at SF City Hall -
nothing much has changed - we still have the
Pacific Heights Mafia - controlling SF City Hall.
This photograph circa 1938.

San Francisco is a Racist City - today more than ever before.

With all the talk about " Cultural Competency "  and many orientations linked to " implicit basis " - our SF Board of Supervisor - have fallen into a trap - the two House Negroes - London Breed and Malia Cohen - have no clue about process - less about the budget - and even less about the Administrative Process and even less the judicial process.

Accountants and more Certified Public Accounts have laughed at our SF City Budget before - and it will not be the last time that they laugh at it this year - with all the loop holes - the left hand not knowing what the right hand is up to.

We have the Executive Branch that is the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a very corrupt person - pandering to powerful forces - the Pacific Heights Mafia.

The Pacific Height Mafia - who long have been known to interfere with our SF City and County Budget - carving special deals.

Deals - that fulfill their evil needs - turning their backs on the tax payers - decent San Franciscans - more, with the aid of corrupt City Officials - who pander to them - and have put them there in the first place.

Malia Cohen - the Chair of the Budget and Finance
Committee has NO clue - how she and London Breed -
are being used - these two House Negroes - 
truly think they are doing us the tax payers a favor -
when the opposite is true.

In past years - I have gone to City Hall to physically look the crooks in the eye - and report about their nefarious activities.

Never mind the stupid questions  - some of the SF Board of Supervisors ask - they are mostly shooting arrows in the air.

The SF Police Department at this late juncture - has a plan of their own - vetted behind the scenes - the inner circles of sorts - some $800, 000  our tax payers money.

" We the people " - have NO clue about - and we the tax payers - pay those taxes - more keep over 30, 000 City  and County of San Francisco Employees -  getting paid.

A full 20% of the City Employees make over $175, 000 with benefits - and some make over $250, 000 for doing nothing at all - we must reveal their names and more their " mug shots ".

The current City and County of San Francisco retirement system is a mess - with tons of double dipping - and many former City Employees now earning more as retirees  - earning more money and benefits - at the expense of " we the tax payers ".

Former " thug " Mayor of San Francisco -
Willie L. Brown Jr. who has his dirty finger -
in every pie that the City and County of San Francisco -
has and he controls while those he controls act as puppets.

At one time our City Administrator was independent no more. 

In 1996 amending the Charter - the City Administrator was brought under the Mayor - and now the Mayor and the City Administrator - have a clear path - to wheel and deal - cheat, lie, and they think we the people can be fooled all the time.

Yesterday - June 22, 2017 - Malia Cohen after the many recesses - that are a disgrace - calling the meetings to order - recessing the meeting - calling the meeting to order at another time - recessing the meeting - getting nothing  done - wasting our time.

Trying to hoodwink the tax payers and San Franciscans at large.

Shame on Malia Cohen - who is totally incompetent - lacks integrity - is a known air-head - artificial who keep bleaching herself white - and looking like a " lemur " - just check her outfit and face today.

 For sure Malia Cohen - is NOT capable to handling a $10 Billion City Budget - more figuring out a two year budget - when right now the SF City and County cannot figure a one year budget.  She purports to have a Masters Degree in Public Policy - but as far as I know she is NO accountant and less comes near many worthwhile Certified Public Accountant.

With the Federal Government in disarray - and San Francisco targeted - on matters such as Sanctuary City, AIDS and LGBT issues.

Same sex marriage, money for our  failing infrastructure, money to address Climate Change and Sea-Level rise - and a host of other issues that the Republicans - do not want to address - and less give us - San Franciscans - the funds for.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been wheeling and dealing -
receives over $400, 000 a year with benefits -
uses just 2% of the $10 Billion to help the homeless -
has failed to address Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has a long track record - lying and cheating - the court cases pending - tell the entire story. When he opens his mouth and states - San Francisco is a World Class City - this lie could not be further from the TRUTH.

The congestion, the expanding homeless, the dirty street, the very high rents, over 30, 000 families have left San Francisco in the last 5 years. San  Francisco who created our unique neighborhood are leaving.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was hails from Oregon and came here to make good - has turned our great City into a cesspool. Those lackeys who praise me - will be dealt with - we the people are fed up of those talking - from both sides of their mouth - with blinders - going with the flow - and aiding and abetting programs that adversely impact the tax payers of San Francisco.

London Breed on of those show offs - 
she opens her mouth and shoves her dirty foot in -
pandering to the Pacific Height Mafia -
and this and more will come to a sudden STOP.

Katy Tang - who not too long ago -
shredded documents and failed to archive them -
then turned around and said " she did not know that 
she had to archive the documents ". Recently she is 
all over the place - trying to make headlines - shallow to the core.

So after recessing a couple of times - late last night - past 10 pm - Malia Cohen all frustrated - makes a statement  - for all the world to hear  - :

 " This Budget Process is a FLAWED process - with those who have political clout - meeting behind close doors - and controlling our City's Budget ". 

What else is new - at that late hour - Aaron Peskin who is on the Budget Committee was not present - so was Norman Yee - both must have had it - and chosen to go home and get some sleep. I hope to see them today - at City Hall - and more to find out what they have to say.

So, with London Breed, Katy Tang, Malia in the Chair - and the District 11 Supervisor a newbie Ahsha Safai - these good for nothing SF Supervisors - threw the towel - and recessed the meeting to today - June 23, 2017.

Malia Cohen was so exhausted - paranoid - that she forgot what day and date - the meeting had to be recessed - this small things matter - when anyone decides to put an " air-head " - as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee.

Again let it be known - powerful forces - are working behind the scenes - and I have reported  about these forces many times.

 Even our SF Police Department is ripe with corruption - intimidation - that is not to say that there are NOT good people - but these forces - by far measure:

  " corrupt and more who do not have the best interests of the tax payers, decent San Franciscans - and advocates such as I - who have been monitoring this nonsense for over 40 years ".

San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone Land -
the Muwekma lived here for over 13, 000 years -
now strangers - more corrupt have created a concrete jungle -
with a $10 Billion budget - creating congestion, increasing
the Carbon Foot print, building high density - people living like animals - greed bastards -
that should not be disrespecting Mother Earth.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and if I get some time will speak today at City Hall - June 23, 2017.

We do not want San Francisco - to become know as a concrete  jungle - not everyone should decide to come to San Francisco and pollute it.

San Francisco has its priorities screwed up - we are more involved in having parades - putting the lives of thousands in jeopardy and harm way.

 More with the present climate - we should  be spending our money - on Quality of Life issues.

 Not wasting our money - on parades and mundane projects and programs - good for nothing pleasures that do not enrich the lives of all. And please do not tarnish the " Civil Right Movement " with vague comparisons - where there is " spiritual bankruptcy "  and actions associated with such deeds - the devil and evil reigns - supreme.

One segment of the population - more known for taking money away from our health programs - must have an understanding - there is only so much we can tolerate and more support with millions of dollars.

Today much as some STDs are on the increase - HIV positive cases are on the increase - so are heroin addicts - the pandemic of OPIODS - of course homelessness - people defecting, needles all over the place - what is it that those in authority cannot observe - and who has truly created this mess - with " deferred maintenance " and other evil ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - who is fooling whom ?

On our streets - soon we will have to arm ourselves - to defend ourselves - I have been around - and petty crimes, assaults, fights on MUNI, those going " postal " as we saw recently at the United Parcel Service (UPS) - where one of my good friends Mike Lefiti  was killed - are shocking to say the least.

Some arbitrary number of around 2000 was created for the SF Police Department - some of us have been in the trenches for too long - and the SF District Attorney  George Gascon does not give a damn to serve the better interest of the community.

San Francisco Chief of Police - William Scott.

Soon I will be meeting the SF Police Chief one on one - SF Police Chief  William Scott - and hope to listen well and hear  - to bring to his personal attention - whose land this is - and who really controls it - and what has become of it.

History is important to know - not the history that is recent - with thieves stealing the land - killing, murdering, raping women - killing children - they do not have one single document - where the Muwekma have turned over the land to them. Yet, they talk as if all of San Francisco is their - when it is not - and they know it - specially when I speak - they are afraid of the Truth.

Let me tell you all - the Muwekma and the ancestors and Elders come first - not some jack asses the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee, thugs like Willie L. Brown Jr., others that I will not mention - to tarnish this article.

 Novices like London Breed and Malia Cohen - that have failed to do due diligence and more the work of the people. Aho.