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Friday, June 9, 2017


The guy of the far right is sitting on hot coals.

In the United States Government - we treasure in our vetted protocol.

What is more government - decorum - how to act and follow processes that pertain - to Executive Orders with detail plans, meetings with proper protocol - comprehending  authority vested in the Directors of Agencies - more the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On all of the above Donald Trump has failed - miserable.

There is a law in place that governs the term of any Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

No one briefed Donald Trump on that one important issue - that has come to bit Donald Trump in his butt.

It is a term of 10 years given to the Federal Bureau of Investigation - accompanied by detail language - that Donald Trump would find difficult to comprehend. 

This one act gives the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI )  -  " continuity " and more " stability ".

In this case James Comey - the former of the FBI conducted himself properly - not so Donald Trump.

Donald Trump - who still thinks - he is conducting - real estate deals in the White House.

Donald Trump has been know to use his " tape recorder "  - to tape the " Real Estate " deals - the use of " tape recorders " cannot be used in any setting in the White House - Donald Trump will learn this the hard way.

If Donald Trump used a " tape recorder " - something he alludes to in a " TWEET ".

Donald Trump should - produce the tape - and once he produces the " tape " everything will fall in place.

Trump son tweeted over 40 times in defense of his father - further mudding the waters.

If Donald Trump and his private attorney - truly want to take on James Comey - both Donald Trump and his private attorney - making false claims - all this will STOP - if both Donald Trump and his private attorney - take the OATH.

The tweeting - the private attorney making statements - that are vile - all will cease again - if they are man enough to make these statement under - OATH. Cowards that they are - they choose to say - whatever come to the mind - because they have some cover speaking - when NOT under Oath.

Kushner and Ivanka

 It does not help that Ivanka Trump his daughter and his son in law Kushner - are acting as advisors - to Donald Trump.

 Both of them are now - keeping their distance - because it is just a matter of time - when they will be called to testify - first before the committees can then before the Senate.

The private lawyer hired by Donald Trump - talking from both sides of this mouth - threatening to sue James Comey - and further more called him a " leaker " - is simply a farce - and his statements make no sense.

So far nothing that was classified was leaked.

Of course the lay person - nor do most of the Main Media - know about the subtle distinctions - what can be " classified  " - and what is stamped and known as " non classified ". 

These nuances and handling such documents - come with vast experience - a trained eye, education that counts.

 One single long document - may have one single line that can be noted and high lighted as " top secret " - making a document " secret " or " top secret " - and needing special processes to release the document.

Even under the Freedom of Information Act - documents can be released - with the content from any page or pages - redacted.

As I said such documents are many - and only a trained eye who is educated on issues - can handle such complicated matters.

Donald Trump wanted to become a President - and on his campaign trail - promised his followers the world.

So far - all that Donald Trump - has produced are short, empty - shallow " Executive Orders " - not one of them has detailed plans.

Donald Trump has failed on Immigration, on Tax Reform, on Health Reform - he is not doing his job at the White House - he keeps - spewing hot air - and the sooner he stops the better.

 Proving that he does not comprehend how the United States government works.

The United States today - has many unfilled positions of Ambassadors to the many Nations - less than five percent have been filled. Why?

The reason is simple - Donald Trump lives in his own world - and has no clue about communication and more building bridges.

Today Donald Trump is NOT welcome in England, Germany, France, Italy - in many other places of importance.

 Simply - because Donald Trump - does not belong in protocol - and what is important to note - has no clue about International Politics.

We heard this when he took on North Alliance Treaty Organization (NATO) - Nations that have worked with us all over the world all these years - and laid their lives - together with American soldiers - for our common good.

No - price can be put on any life -  to make some small deal - about paying dues.

It is  immature - today NATO is slowly - moving away from some one like Donald Trump - who does not know how to respect himself - and so by default - has failed to respect others.

Donald Trump wants ratings - so far his personal ratings - are despicable.

Donald Trump wants people and those that work for him to  totally " swear loyalty to him " - this will NOT happen in Government - and here lies the " crux of the problem " -  Donald Trump is an " egotistical maniac ". 

Donald Trump needs help - he should have some psychiatrist - by his side at all time.

It is so difficult for him to stay off his " Twitter Account " - acting  like a brat - and twitting utter - nonsense.

James Comey did something - from the inception he took detail notes.

James Comey - as he stated - rarely has met President of the United States - many times - he met President Barrack Hussein Obama - twice. The same is case with President George W. Bush .

General Michael Flynn -
pandering to the Russians
who do not have the best interests of our Nation.

It is pathetic that Donald Trump - wants everything his way - including trying to convince James Comey - to walk away from investigation General Michael Flynn - who has betrayed the trust given him by the United States Government - pandering to the Russians.

The Russians - do not have our best interest.

The laymen is not fully aware - the damage the Russians - have caused to our Great Nation - hacking into accounts - at most levels in our U.S. Government - and stealing a lot of very sensitive information.

Vladamir Putin -
an evil person - former KGB.

Hundreds of agents - who collected sensitive information - have been murdered by the Russians - under the personal supervision of Vladamir Putin. 

This one fact itself - if revealed in detail - will make anyone puke - the Senators have this knowledge - and few of them - understand the seriousness of this fact.

It is a crying shame - that Donald Trump - even today - with all the " true leaks " - by those who swear to be loyal to Donald Trump - who have acted as double agents - and are about to be exposed in their entirety - " double agents " -  are a disgrace to humanity - that Donald Trump - endorses.

Donald Trump is not to be trusted - and his dealings go deeper than deep.

 Those of us - that understand the " cloak and dagger - machinations, ploys, and shenanigans - know more - enough said.

James Comey - former Director of the FBI.

As I said a long time ago -  James Comey will deal with Donald Trump and totally expose him - as one who is not fit to be the President of the United States - more when it comes to protocol, process, and having a mentality that betrays his arrogance and ignorance.