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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Malia Cohen - fake, dishonest and lacking the ability
 to represent her constituents -
now seeking a higher position to do more damage.

On every front - at any level - where there is money to be made - some SF Board of Supervisors - are failing to represent.

In particular - London Breed, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, and Malia Cohen. The worse among them all - Malia Cohen.

How can anyone with common sense - spend tons of precious time - right before the other SF Board of Supervisors - surfing Facebook and God alone what sites.

Representatives who swear to do right and do wrong - whiling away their time - while pretending to be good at multi-tasking - and bluffing themselves - caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

This nonsense has been going on for years.

One astute reporter from the Examiner - was astute enough - to use the Freedom of Information Act - to request all the e-mails linked to the Internet - that Malia Cohen, London  Breed and the others used - during the proceeding at Room 250 at City Hall.

Surfing the Internet while pretending to do the people work.

London Breed - she seems to know it all -
fails to comprehend her arrogance and and ignorance -
lacking etiquette calling her fellow SF Supervisor " boy ".

Walla - London Breed came out on top - using Facebook and other sites - to look for things - like cheap fares for the many junkets she like to take - and other mundane things.

Closely followed by Malia Cohen - know to us all as an airhead - who opens her mouth and shoves her dirty foot in.

This woman lacks transparency but more accountability.

It is illegal to surf the Internet - on the job - surfing for things and issues - that do not pertain - directly to one's job. 

More as a Supervisor - they take an oath to do right but each and every day do wrong - wheeling and dealing - and acting the fool.

There are strict rules - that forbid the SF City and County of San Francisco employees from - using the Internet.

Abusing this tool - doing other mundane things and looking for information that does not pertain - to the job.

There is a manual that spells it out in detail and more - available to all - but some SF Board of Supervisors seem - to think - they are above the LAW.

The Controller Ben Rosenfield has been made aware of this fact.

 These two charlatans - more political whores - have to be booked - adjudicated and sent to jail. 

The reason being - they talk too much - put innocent people down in public  - including our seniors - and more those that need help - and now is the time - to send these two charlatans - to jail.

Malia Cohen now wants to run for a higher office - a State position - linked to the State of California Board of Equalization.

Fiona Ma, Mark Leno,  and others must advise Malia Cohen - that she is NOT fit to represent.

Malia Cohen is a chronic a liar - has failed to represent the people in District 10 - more the indigent people that she has touted - and turned away from with disdain.

Malia Cohen has used District 10 - to rake in thousands - working with rogue developers - Forest City, Lennar Urban, other dubious entities - and has been on their pay roll.

Malia Cohen has caused divisiveness in the community and no one decent in District 10 - except the sellouts - listen to Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen has  cheated, lied, and failed  to represent - and now has the audacity to tell us all - that she wants to do good and be on the State of California - Board of Equalization.

Sending us invitations to attend her " fund raisers " - pathetic.

There is trend that is eroding  San Francisco and the current politics - dishonest, rogue SF Supervisors.

SF Supervisors - who say one thing and do another.

Crooked SF Supervisors - who dictate terms to the constituents and tax payers - while they themselves are liars, cheats, wheel and deal - and are in involved in pay to play - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

It is time to evaluate - the time and effort - EMERGE and like organizations have spent on folks like London Breed and Malia Cohen - to allow them to represent - and find out what the results are - evaluate their performance on the job.

EMERGE has to be fair - while pretending to back crooked and corrupt folks like Malia Cohen and London Breed - even as they know - these two are a disgrace to humanity.

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen have failed to represent the community at large - more seniors, the indigent, those that need help and are turned away - and more - those that need help - most.

San Franciscans are astute, educated on issues -  many, have multiple degrees - so it is not too difficult - to review the actions of " morons " - folks that have no morals, less ethics, and for sure - have no standards - some of the SF Board of Supervisors.

You just have to follow the money - and the money collected from which entities to find more - all available on the SF Ethics website.

I see more and more people searching the WEB - and reading my articles written way back in 2011 and before - to find out more - about - Malia Cohen.

Well Malia Cohen - better fade away while the going is good.

Malia Cohen is not fit to represent - for sure she is NOT educated on issues - she lacks basic logic -  will say something totally wrong - that is more so far left - and when corrected - feels insulted. 

This goes to the root - her chronic  arrogance - that pervades her very being - added to the ignorance - it does not serve her well.

Malia Cohen wants to go places - but does not have the fortitude and less the character needed.

Malia Cohen -  is a bad example for the future generations - the younger Blacks - more women - detest her.  Why?

Black women - many of them astute and smart - have spoken before and chastised Malia Cohen - to her dirty - face - at the SF Board of Supervisors - Room 250 at City Hall.

The same goes for London Breed, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, and of course the scumbag of them all - Malia Cohen.