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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The wheeling and dealing of Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
is too much to bear - while the poor die on our streets -
his off shore accounts - his lies - he says, what you want to hear -
then - he does what he wants to do - hoodwink the public at large.

The buck STOPS at the Mayor's desk - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is basking in the sun - while all around him - pandemonium reigns - supreme.

 Talking from both sides of his dirty mouth - making in access of $400, 000 a year - failing to address Quality of Life issues.

It does not matter to this son of a gun - who has more than 20 cases pending in our court - failing to maintain standards,  failing to represent the people of San Francisco,  failing to take care of those poor - more, the indigent - that need help most.

The steps lead to the rooms -where the wheeling and dealing -
goes on at SF City Hall - we have the empirical data - 
KARMA - the gavel will be struck and those lying and cheating -
will be brought to book - it happens - all the time -
 the TRUTH - prevails.

San Francisco has a budget of $10 Billion plus - and a measly two percent of the budget - has been set aside to serve the poor, the indigent - those, who have fallen on bad time.

Many live in tents - on the streets of San Francisco - under bushes, under bridges - anywhere - where they can get some rest - mostly surrounded by filth.

The Mayor has hired a Homeless Czar - complete with a Department for the Homeless - mostly staffed by Whites who lack  " Cultural Competency  ".

The Czar raking in thousands - in access of $250, 000 plus benefits - while failing to address the issues - that plague our great City and County of San  Francisco.

San Francisco is about our unique neighborhoods - but Mayor Edwin M. Lee a transplant from Oregon - has NO clue what that means. 

In all of his living in San Francisco - with his wife and two daughters - the idiot has NOT contribute anything much - when it comes to serving and representing - our great City and County of San Francisco. He has made NO sacrifice - he has always been about raking thousands - mostly - illegally.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - in his younger days -
he came to San Francisco to enjoy a better life -
he did - and today - he is sucking up to the filthy rich -
turning his back - on the poor, those that he pretended to help -
on issues like housing, good jobs, and fair play.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - and yesterday - as difficult as it was for me - on a very hot day.

 I met hundreds of people at City Hall - who begged me - to speak at Public Comment - and represent San Francisco - the decent, hard working, tax paying constituents - that pay the Mayor's salary - some $400, 000 plus a year - and the over $175, 000 plus benefits - to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Malia Cohen the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee -
ignorant and arrogant - and the time has come for her -
to proceed - leave San Francisco - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

At the Budget and Finance Committee yesterday - hundreds lined up as they do every year - at this time - to express themselves.

This year more than any other year - the health and the deaths of those elderly and others with compromised health - have affected many decent, hard working, tax paying - constituents of San Francisco and citizens of the United States.

Malia Cohen does not give a damn about those she is suppose to represent in District 10.

 40 % of the poor of San Francisco living in San Francisco live in District 10 - where AIDS, STDs, chronic Respiratory diseases one of a type, cancers and tumors - heavily impact those living and mainly dying a slow death - surrounded by the worst contaminated and polluted areas.

In many hot spots over 60% of those living in the Bayview Hunters Point have NOT been employed in years - some for over 20 years and this one fact - says a lot.

City Build and the Mayor's Office of Economic and Work Force has failed the inner cities. Millions of dollars wasted on programs that do not produce Career Jobs.

Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and the surround area - some 2000 acres - is contaminated and polluted. Malia Cohen has NO idea - she has a good idea - of the the thousands she has raked in - bribes, and other gifts - that are well know to Law Enforcement. 

Speaker after speaker - made it known to her - she is in her 7th year - of a two term in office -each term of 4 years - that her District - District 10 does not have a decent Shelter for the indigent.

The poor are forced to sleep on the floor - no showers, and no place to lock up the few belongings of those that have no choice but to sleep on the floor.

Not once did Malia Cohen admit that she has failed to represent her District. She now wants to represent a bigger constituency at the State Board of Equalization - she is not fit to represent on that State Board - not with a track record - failing to represent the constituents of District 10.

Her arrogance knows NO bounds. Now and then being disrespectful to those that were within their right to express themselves. Our SF Board does not permit - applause - a gimmick recently introduced to silence the public at large - under the pretext that applause - wastes time. It does not - and applause and more - are permitted and appreciated - anywhere - where democracy at its best - flowers and bring about progress.

Malia Cohen a Supervisor who represent District 10 and London Breed who is the Supervisor of District 5  - both have been using the Internet to surf sites that have nothing to do with their job - while at work - right among all the deliberation - in Room 250 - the August Chambers of the Board of Supervisors - of the City and County of San Francisco.

The Controller Ben Rosenfield of San Francisco has been made aware of this fact. It is illegal while the deliberations are been made in the Chambers - serious deliberation - scumbags such as London Breed who also happens to be the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - surfing the Internet - on subjects that have nothing to do with the business of the People.

Malia Cohen the Chair of the Budget and Finance - surfing the Internet - visiting sites like Facebook, seeking cheap air fares - to take junkets to far off place - all available under the Freedom of Information Act - and reported in an article - in the Examiner.

Malia Cohen is quick to chastise others - more, constituents who are fed up with her childish ways, arrogance and ignorance of the worst order. She must do the peoples work - she is paid by us tax payers - if it is too hot in the kitchen - get the fuck out of the kitchen.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has heard the people - STOP giving millions of dollar in breaks to companies like TWITTER and other tech companies - that should pay their dues.

Stop building skyscrapers - Stop the congestion on our streets.

This Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - has single handedly - increased the Carbon Footprint - by over 120 % - he has no clue about this - and has adversely impacted our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - those with compromised health - and has BLOOD on his hands.

30% of our City workers - amount to some 30, 000 - make over $175, 000 with benefits - 10% make over $250, 000 with benefits - under this Mayor - too many unfit, inept City workers have been hired - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - must step down now.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the First People of San Francisco.

This land we call San Francisco -  was once pristine - today - a concrete jungle.

The congestion is over whelming - affecting the health of our infants and children most. Many families have left San Francisco - it is too expensive - the rents have forced good, decent, San Franciscans out of San Francisco - latest reports states in the last 5 years 20, 000 families have left - San Francisco never to return again.

We have a population of 830, 000 - and San Francisco is now knowN as a City - with very FEW children. This one singular FACT - says it all.

San Francisco has more dogs - aS reported in the National Geographic Magazine.

Shame on our SF Board of Supervisors - who lack vision - and more the expertise to address the congestion, the population hard hit by - the very high rents, the chronic diseases ,  the contamination - while those in power bragging we are a First Class City - we are not.

We have a $10 Billion Budget - but the priorities are all screwed up.

 What else would one expect - under Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a wheeling and dealing - hoodwinking the public at large.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land -  each and every square inch was stolen. 

Shame on this so called representatives - that have failed us all.