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Sunday, June 18, 2017


Malia Cohen - when she first ran for office.
She remains the same - arrogant and ignorant -
has not learned anything good - she is a scumbag not to be trusted.

In today's world - only the scumbags go into politics - the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - leading the pack - at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - both of them -  thinking they can fool - all the people of the time. 

That  will never happen in San Francisco.

Malia Cohen is terming out - and she will wither on vine.

 Never mind what she touches - she is fake and when asked to represent - shallow, inept - and a disgrace to anything - decent.

Malia Cohen is preparing to run of State office - she will learn sooner than later - that the nonsense she is steeped in will NOT be tolerated on the State level. The Fair Political Action Committee is warned - watched out for a scoundrel - trying to make her nest with a State agency - pretending to represent.

It does not help that you hear - Malia Cohen  now talking more about Oakland - and less about San Francisco.

 She thinks she can hoodwink us all - she wants to make us think - she know better - when the opposite is true.

 Malia Cohen may be  - making her bed in Oakland for conjugal visits - and at Potrero Hill - to present some sense of presence  -  to fulfill some time spent - that she lives in District 10.

Recently of all the people one could choose - Malia Cohen was chosen on a panel - by the San Francisco Bar Association - to discuss  matters - linked to community policing and other matters Law Enforcement.

Malia Cohen has failed to represent District 10 - ask most people that they will tell you - what they think about Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen - has used Bayview Hunters Point - to further fill her campaign coffers - at the expense of poor people.

More indigent - mostly Black who have been forced to leave Bayview Hunters Point - because of lack of sound representation and help - from those must represent their interest - the interest of the people.

Malia Cohen states that she has a Master degree in Public Policy - these titles mean nothing.

More - if one does not have their heart in the right place.

Malia Cohen always comes out artificial - she cannot make a single statement in a normal way - she is a lying brat - that should never have gone into politics - where facts and decency matters.

As I have been stating for the longest time - Malia Cohen -  is a weasel - hiding behind some facade.

She may have had a childhood full of trauma - that has impacted the way she behave today. 

Frankly speaking she needs to visit a shrink - to rid or may be keep under control - her childhood scars - that are written all over her face. 

Now a days - she bleaches her face and skin - one day black, another half-white - another day - something else - always putting a facade that is not herself - artificiality is her forte.

Politics and politicians that we have in San Francisco today - are a far cry - from what the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - presented themselves - say 20 years ago.

It does not help that Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, and London Breed - from this group - one worse than the other.

Each of SF Board of Supervisors today - has a hidden agenda.

It is not important to them - to represent the people - they pretend to speak some issues- with a twinkle in their eye - and lie to your face.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - all the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - fail - miserably.

Our Carbon Footprint has increased, the many skycrapers generating thousands of tons on Carbon Dioxide. The congestion on the roads and pollution is now compared to cities like Los Angeles.

Malia Cohen has been in bed with Lennar Urban a rogue developer,  ever since she was elected - now 5 Points Holdings LLP - same snake different head.

 Malia Cohen - is on the take - evil to the core - and even in the Chambers - Room 250 -  until very recently - pretending to make amends. 

Prior to that surfing the Internet - have umpteen side-bar talks - messing with the City Attorney in the  Chambers - trying to act the clown - and in short making a fool of herself and bringing disgrace to her District 10 in San Francisco -  that she has failed to represent.

Malia and her side kick London Breed surfed the Internet - all documented and revealed to the public at large -  mostly spending time on Facebook - gossiping.

Shopping for things,  looking for cheap fares - more, to take junkets to far off place.

Using their ill gotten wealth - they have been on the take for a long time - but now they have been exposed for all their ploys and machinations.

In Room 250 - the Chambers of the SF Board of Supervisors - these two London Breed the President of SF Board of Supervisors and Malia Cohen -  all the time - have been holding side-bar gossiping - whiling their time - while pretending to conduct the people business.

Malia Cohen - interfering with the City Attorney, the Controller - right in front of everyone - thinking - that she was doing right - when all the time she was - doing wrong.

Now both these charlatans - London Breed and Malia Cohen - have conducted illegal actives - and must be debarred - but for some reason - the Controller Office is giving these two - London Breed and Malia Cohen a pass. Why?

It is a shame that today at SF City Hall - we advocates are given a measly two minutes to express ourselves - at Public Comment - we need this time - the 3 minutes - to  pin point the many nefarious activities - going on in San Francisco - while those who are suppose to represent - and acting like buffoons.

While all the time London Breed and Malia Cohen - run their mouth - spewing diatribe.

A disgrace to anything decent - and rightly so - these two culprits  must be taken to court and sent to jail - more incarcerated in Jail Number 3 and 4 - at 850 Bryant in San Francisco.

All over the Western Addition - properties are being transferred  to dubious people - folks from Mainland China - land that was taken under Eminent Domain - by the now defunct San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

It is the same with Malia Cohen - who has no clue about the history of the Bayview Hunters Point - since her election - loosing her condominium at Executive Park - staying with her parents in District 9 while representing District 10.

When called out on matters of her residency - she moved to Potrero Hill.

She is now married - and we are not at liberty to reveal - where she spends most of her time - but as you may imagine - it is where - she pleasures herself most - while pretending to do the people's work.

It is the same with London Breed - as much as she pretends to represent the concerns of the Black - she failed to help a 100 year old Black woman - Mrs Canada - who was evicted - scummed to the shock and died. Shame on London Breed and her lackeys. 

Rumor has it - her significant other - is not Black - so much for being a hypocrite.

There is a new kind of politician - both London Breed and Malia Cohen are arrogant - and when you take into consideration being ignorant - less educated on issues - you have a " time bomb " - waiting to go off.