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Monday, June 12, 2017


Two in Four Shopping Malls closing - in the United States.
At Candlestick Point - in San Francisco -  we are proposing -
a brand new Shopping Mall - the Chinese are coming. . .

More and more large shopping malls closing down - many left to run down - all over the United States of America.

Two in four shopping malls - now, converted for other uses - condominiums, clinics and  providing health services, gyms, making room for church services - for anything but dead shopping malls.

More and more on line shopping offers - have better deals and offering - excellent delivery - services.

At Candlestick Point in San Francisco - where once stood the Candlestick Stadium - plans are afoot to build a Shopping Mall.

Backed by crooked and corrupt folks like Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell,  Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Shaman Walton,  Linda Richardson, Willie L. Brown Jr - who is fooling whom.

Some time ago - there was a ceremony of sorts - naming future roads and lined up for the  " ceremony of sorts  " - Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark - of the 49ers who have moved out of San Francisco - to Santa Clara, California.

What a mockery - the crooks and corrupt - hoodwinking the decent constituents of  Bayview Hunters Point area.

A shopper window shopping -
more and more people use on line services today -
better services - excellent delivery systems.

It is shame that in the Bayview Hunters Point - mostly Black sell outs - have sold out the community at large. Having NO shame at all.

The few Blacks left - are leaving - and soon there will be NO Blacks left in the Bayview Hunters Point - worth the salt.

Blacks - the ones on the payroll of " rogue developers " -  foremost, Lennar Urban - now 5 Point Holdings LLP - same snake - different head - have failed all San Franciscans.

Large areas at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where depleted Uranium was first tested - is well known - and no one in their right mind - should be building homes of very contaminated land.

The entire area comes under what is known and listed on the charts - as a " Superfund Site ". 

Only the worst contaminated lands are called Superfund Sites.

Now registering high levels of radioactive elements - cesium and other elements mercury, leads - together with Methane Gas spewing in the air - from land fills - poor infill - full of vegetation that creates the gas.

One ton of Methane Gas - equals twenty two tons - of Carbon Dioxide. Go Figure.

Most of Hunters Point Shipyard has not yet been conveyed for one simple reason - most of it - has not been abated and more mitigated.

There are Parcel A, B, C, D, E, E2 the worst of them all, F which is the Bay. Many Utility Corridors UC1, UC2, UC3, UC4 and so on.

Bottom line the entire area is a cesspool of toxic soil - and the environment not healthy - for living.

Of all the parcels - only parcel A was conveyed to Lennar Urban - a rogue developers - who does not care about Quality of Life issues - and whose main aim is to make money.

Using a ploy in Real Estate parlance called Land Banking.

Promising to clean - mainly large former military bases - then doing nothing much - dividing the plots and selling them for large sums of money. 

These scumbags - are the scourge of humanity - and have no place in San Francisco.

Lennar Urban - as does 5 Point Holdings LLP - are out to hoodwink the community - these " rogue developers " - do not have the money - and more with the drying up of EB-5 visas.

The Chinese from Mainland China - are promised shopping malls - and good homes - and all that more are fading - those that are " evil " - will now have to deal with - K A R M A .

Shopping malls are a " thing " of the past.

 Most decent, educated, astute, savvy folks - go on line and get what they want - for cheaper, better, and delivered at your door.

Folks like Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Churchwell, Aurelious Walker, Shaman Walton, Doris Vincent - and many more of these mostly disgusting - sell outs - were all on the pay roll - of rogue developers .

These sell outs - have taken the money - to sell out the community - and have no - conscience. No one respects them.

Former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. -
the brain behind the EB-5 Visa ploys -
now closely monitored by Law  Enforcement.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
wheeling and dealing - 
has set our great City on Fire.

Our City and County of San  Francisco - once boasted most everything - holistic - and tourists loved our neighborhoods.

Downtown was busy - with less congestion - and no beggars harassing and attacking those that do not hand some money to those demanding money. Some cocky to demand $5 and $10.

Our streets now are full of needles -  with people shooting in plain sight of children and families.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has just realized - the folly of his policies - allowing things to go down hill and then - crying wolf, wolf ....

Opiods are found all over the place - the main culprit - Mainland China - where the pills - are imported from - to Mexico and then smuggled into the United States.

For years - San Francisco - was one of the main markets - on a par with San Diego and other cities  - that I will not mention.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was fast asleep - at the cockpit - failing to address - Quality of Life issues - here in San Francisco.

Edwin M. Lee - a scumbag was busy - wheeling and dealing - pay to play - destroying our great City and County of San Francisco.

The Land of the Muwkema Ohlone.

One day sooner not later  - Edwin M. Lee - will realize what I am saying - he will never, ever enjoy peace of mind. KARMA is at his door step - and time is running out.

This was a former shopping mall -
today a dead town - with no life in sight.

Candlestick Point - half torn down -
today it is flat - with no development in sight -
soon detail photographs will - follow.

These suckers have no conscience  - they keep spewing lies - failing to address mitigation and abatement - even though our City and County of San Francisco - has the Precautionary Principle on the books.

The Controller must step up and ask the pertinent questions - and so must the City Administrator.

I have given the Controller and the City Administrator - both of whom I know a pass.

But, not for long - this City and County of San Francisco - has with intent - put the lives of thousands in harms way.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site in very close proximity to Candlestick Point.

Building homes on land and in close proximity to high levels of registered - radioactive elements - who can be so  stupid  to permit  and endorse  - such actions?

These so called Democrats the likes of Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Willie L. Brown Jr., Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Veronica Hunnicutt, Churchwell,  Aurelious Walker, Walton Shaman - others too many to mention - one worse than the other - should be ashamed of themselves.

You all have BLOOD on your hands - building homes on land that is contaminated - more prone to liquefaction and flooding. Aho.