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Sunday, June 4, 2017


This land named America - after Christopher Columbus landed here by mistake.

A murderer and every evil person - tarnished from that day he and his men set foot on this land - known then and now by those that care - Turtle Island.

For thousands of years - the indigenous people - the many tribes all over the world - have taken little and protected Mother Earth - more, for future generations.

Not so the strangers - they want it all - they worship - GREED.

Here is the United States - once know as Turtle Island - the  Native Americans - who have lived here in one place - for over 
13, 000 years - carbon dated.

 Well recorded - empirical data -  for those that have eyes to see - but more their " heart " - in the right place.

The controversy on values and standards - the lack of understanding - by such " egotistical maniacs " - as Donald Trump - defy logic - and more common sense.

Someone said - " common sense " is a rare sense.

To the Native Americans - the Great Spirit - revealed in many ways - how the  "paleface " - those that speak with a " forked tongue " - how these one of kind  - would harm Turtle Island.

This land - that is vast -  has one of a kind " resources " - some
3, 717, 812. 8 square miles.

That, today has a population of about 314 million - has FAILED to acknowledge - the First People of this land - well respected and affectionately called - Turtle Island.

Until the United States - truly apologizes - and pays the restitution  to the Native Americans - there will be turmoil - so called leaders like Donald Trump - who is the laughing stock of the world.

Children, youth, young adults, seniors, others - cannot simply comprehend - how this man who talks from both sides of his mouth - made his way to the White House.

He lives in a another world - has NO understanding - for those values - that we have come to respect -  on many levels - after much deliberation - and consensus.

From Chief Sitting Bull - to Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce to the many other Native American Chiefs - all of them - were disgusted by the GREED - of the palefaces - another name - " Strangers ".

It is nauseating for anyone - with some sense - to witness the GREED that has led us to this day - the contamination, the pollution, the interference in the affairs of Nations - that have not attacked us.

Greed knows no bounds.

Those that are GREEDY - and mostly those that are " spiritually bankrupt " are losers. 

Those that talk the talk but fail to walk the walk - have nothing positive to offer - and set us back - one step forward - hundred steps - backwards.

The increase of the Carbon Footprint - primarily is the fault of those that use " fossil fuel " - aerosols and other gases that rise and adversely impacts the OZONE.

Millions of vehicles - that use fossil fuel that go up to the sky - where millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide is " dumped " - much like a vast garbage site.

The OZONE is depleted - and the sun that once was filtered - now - has free entrance - and warms the Earth. The poles that once had a thick layer of ice - is now melting. Seeing is believing.

The " idiots " who do not believe in the present Climate Change - Sea Level Rise -  dare to say they are leaders - are digging their own grave.

It is one thing to  acknowledge a "  egoistical maniac " - but add to that " being spiritually bankrupt " - having absolutely - no idea about the facts - more - empirical data - and you have a - mess.

Thousands of scientists the world over - have produced the empirical data.

Impressed upon all human beings - we must pollute less - to avoid catastrophe - floods, hurricanes, hundred year rainfall coming earlier - taking place every five years or so.

The warming of our oceans - sea level rise - the warming of the Earth - and those that are " egotistical maniacs " - the likes of Donald Trump - simply do not get it.

The wise among the Native Americans - none of them went to the Universities that are filled today - but out of which - come come those with half-baked - knowledge.

More lack the ability to discern - the ability to discern to filter what is right and what is wrong - is critical to any thinking and more acting to bring about - progress.

I have met thousands of them - and see through and through them - they do not have the sound foundation - the values that must be understood, respect for those that have wisdom - they fail to understand - why they are put on this Earth.

If you value the fast food culture - worship " GREED ".

 Have no fortitude - have NO respect for oneself and those that you must respect - " you are nothing - you can give yourself the title of a scumbag " - and most probably - deserve it.

It order to have HOPE - those that can carry this light - must be a vessel of HOPE - and only those can be that - " who have their heart in the right place ". Aho.

Meditation, silence, listening more - can reveal much - but in today's world - more, the Main Media - noise, diatribe, hot air, talking utter nonsense - without doing one's homework - has destroyed and more polluted millions of minds.

The Native Americans contributed to the Constitution of the United States - the Six Nations - the Iroquois Tribe - the Long Cabin. 

Democracy was practiced by these Tribes for thousands of years. A Matriarchal System - meaning WOMEN - called the shots.

The Founding Fathers - once invited the Native American Chiefs - and saw in them and in their wisdom - what they had to offer - for the good of all.

Then came Andrew Jackson and today we have another Andrew Jackson - in Donald Trump - an ultra conservative, racists, follower of the Ku Klux Klan - cofveve  - alternative facts.

I have seen in any great undertaking 
it is not enough for a man - to simply depend upon himself.

Lone Man - Teton Sioux

Camp Oceti Sakowin

Camp Oceti Sakowin

When I was a young boy - I had this dream to visit the land of 
Chief Sitting Bull - that dream came true in November 2016.

With my own eyes I saw the Black Hills, visited North Dakota - and saw thousands gathered at Standing Rock - and more at a camp - called Oceti Sakowin.

Chief Sitting Bull

With all the nonsense going on today - we see that without your heart in the right place - without being educated on issues - there is no way - we can respect one another - and more communicate - speak to the Truth - and Respect one another - here at home - and all over the world.  Aho.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

Closer to home - here in San Francisco - this is Muwekma Ohlone Land. All of this land we call San Francisco was stolen -
the contamination, the pollution, the congestion - is too much to bear. This land was once pristine - it is now toxic - cesspool.

Donald Trump is as " shallow " they come.

More - when it comes to one's  - " faith " - read on: