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Sunday, June 25, 2017


Recently, we saw at San Francisco City Hall - hundreds of people - most of them working for non-profits - who depend on the dole - given to them by City Hall - beg, cry, come up all sorts of excuses - throwing pearls before the hogs.

The hogs - who are the SF Board of Supervisors - their leader at the Budget and Finance Committee - Malia Cohen and same add-backs - that the SF Board of Supervisors.

This Budget Mess - that our City of San Francisco visits every year - is a JOKE.

The SF Board of Supervisors as a whole -  more the Budget and Finance Committee - the smaller group - would like us to believe - they have the reins - they are in the cockpit.

As a matter of fact - they do little that really impacts the tax payers - the bigger budgets -  has more to do with the Health Department with a $3 Billion budget out of the $10 Billion plus budget - that truly - has all its priorities screwed up.

When you add the increases budget for the  failing the Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Francisco Police Department, the Retirement Board  - even in the year 2017 still continues to invest in " fossil fuel ".

The other Departments -  managed and accounted for separately - those Department Heads - laugh at the constituents and look down at them with disdain.

Even as those - who think their numbers matter - as they gather in large numbers - at City Hall at the appointed time - around 10 am - on that appointed day - and sit down and wait for hours - 5, 6, 7. 8, 9, even 10 hours and more - just to make public comment - a measly two minutes. 

The Controller Ben Rosenfield, the City Attorney who is present in the SF Chambers, Mr Rose who is the Chief Budget Analyst and his team - are pulling their hair - witnessing some of SF Board of Supervisors - who truly are far removed from Accounting, less about Priorities, and their Heart far away - from serving those that need help most.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Mothers, our Fathers are suffering.

Two out of three children in San Francisco go to bed hungry, 3 out of 4 Seniors go to bed hungry - thousands are living on the streets - in tents and other filthy places - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee who should be ashamed of himself - still tries to hoodwink us - this man must step down - NOW.

His nefarious advisor Steve Kawa as left - his other side-kick Olson Lee has left - there are many others who have left - they are fed up - working for this Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - who will say nice things to your face - and stab you in the back.

The fact is that San Francisco is booming - the Treasurer Jose Cisneros and Carmen Chu boast that their Department - are doing more than well.

So, again why are we treating our Seniors with disdain?

Why are we treating our infants with disdain - with no Childcare amenities for free? What harm have our infants done - and that do the very few that are born in San Francisco every year?

Why are our youth and young adult - not given opportunities leading to career jobs? Who is fooling whom with the vain talk but no really action - that can be evaluated - empirical data that matters?

Our Mothers and children are not doing well - and anyone who mess with them - messes with me.

 As I have always done - in all of my advocacy - they come first - so here is the final clarion call - we will expose you all - charlatans - making in access of $200, 000 plus - and failing to your duty.

We will post your mugs - all over the place - so that the world knows - who are the corrupt, the crooks - that talk the talk but fail to walk the walk the walk.

The likes of  Edwin M. Lee, Cheryl Davis, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - others too many to name - but you can ponder on the above for now.

Spreading Lies - what ever happened -
to Communities of Opportunities -
building homes on very contaminated grounds.

How come we have so many tent cities -
how come in recent months -
the homeless have landed in jails - 
their crime - " they happen to be poor ? ".

Behind close doors - the wheeling and dealing goes on - the Pacific Height Mafia - have their fingers - in all the pies - everywhere.

The same ones - evil to the core - that stole the land - who are White and brag that this land is theirs. Is it not - they should not be here - unless they respect Mother Earth.

In less than 300 years they have created a concreted jungle - that will impact all - and finally bring the destruction of all human beings. We must take little and give more - this planet cannot survive for long - with those so GREEDY - they want it all - now.

Some people think - those in Congress and the Senate are represent them - they are NOT representing them.

 This nonsense - linked to fake representation - has being going on - for the last 40 years - nothing much has changed.

Steps leading to the wheeling and dealing -
the " dens " of the SF Board of Supervisors .

Once the SF Board of Supervisors made $38, 000 a year -  they did their work - they did the work of the people - no more. 

Today, they make over $175, 000 with benefits - and pussyfoot a lot - all of them.

 Now and then they talk about one issue - and give the impression they are doing something - but as soon as they realize and dwell on a priority - with that short attention span - some little diversion -  you see them all - drop the ball.

Recently, we have seen parochial issues come to the fore - Supervisors want the City to spend millions of dollars - for a segment of the population that " plays with fire " - and yet they order us and  want us the tax payers - to pay for their foolishness.

Ambulances are called to take some indigent - 50 times in a year to SF General Hospital - costing us thousands of dollars for just one individual. Where is evaluation and more action taken - to STOP this  - nonsense?

A segment of the population - are told - that they must not play with fire - and they do - costing our City that worked hard to bring down chronic diseases such as the increased intake of OPIOIDS - and today  this issue is an pandemic.

Our Health Department has wasted millions - millions of dollars that could have gone towards our infants, children, youth and young adults. Prefers to pander to the wishes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is a loser - a man NOT to be trusted.

Conceptual plans look great -
new units built on very contaminated grounds -
shame on the City and County of San Francisco -
working with crooked developers like Lennar Urban -
5 Point Holdings LLP - same snake different head.

It is the same with the City building homes on toxic and contaminated sites.

With intent - building brand new homes in the middle of Chernobyl .

All this costs the SF City and County billions - infants, children, youth, young adults, those with compromised health - suffering from tumors, respiratory diseases.

More from radioactive elements.

At Hunters Point Depleted Uranium was tested - and today readings register very high levels of cesium and other radioactive elements - adversely impacting  - thousands.

Indigenous people are the ones suffering the most - the Polynesian Community, the Blacks, the Asians, are suffering.

Those who cannot afford the very high rents - are moving out - out of San Francisco - never, ever to return, again.

Others - who are now buying homes - with little knowledge - that the homes they are buying in close proximity - to a Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - are contaminated.

That is how cocky the former
Mayor of Willie of Brown Jr. is -
he has his finger in every single pie -
raking in millions - wheeling and dealing .....

The former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., - when the Democrats were in power  - was involved in selling thousands of EB-5 visas and offering other incentives to mostly Chinese - from Mainland China.  Other corrupt developers the like of Lennar Urban.

Each visa costing $500, 000 - faking - to offer incentives for inner city youth and others - creating jobs.

Some jobs  -  were offered for a short time - the young adults and others - left to fend for themselves.

Not one of these workers know about EB-5 visas and less about how these young adults are used - like a " dirty rag "  - by companies like Cahill Contractors' Inc. - situated at 425 California Street #2200.

Nibbi Brothers General Contractors, 1000 Brannan Street, San Francisco, Suite 102, San Francisco.

Obayashi once debarred from working at Bayview Hunters Point - no one remembers the deaths leading to name a park Youngblood  up on the hill.

WEBCOR Contractors - others too many to mention - working with all entities that take vast amounts of money to do outreach and do nothing at all.

Summer Time - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee makes a big deal - offering Sumer Time Jobs, using community benefits from Enterprise Entities like San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - who pay for 2000 Summer Jobs, other entities - all pay for temporary Summer Jobs - and then when Summer ends - that is the end of the show.

Never, ever once have we got status focusing on  say one thousands youth who after completing their education - even after leaving high school - getting " career jobs ".

Much like the many who are given high paying jobs - working for the City and County of San Francisco - and practically - not performing at all.

In many Federal, State, and of sure the Private Industry - every year - an evaluation is made - called Job Performance.

This element is completely missing - at the San Francisco City and County of San Francisco -  costing the City and County millions of dollars - wasted.

This was shown in one Enterprise Department the SF Public Utilities Commission - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project and related programs.

An audit zeroing  on Over Time - deferred maintenance - lack of team work - and most important lack of Supervision at the SF Public Utilities Commission. 

The most important issue to note - lack of sound leadership. 

This report and  other audits are available at the SF Controller Office - shocking to read the report.

London Breed - arrogant - and surfing 
the Internet - while doing the people work -
totally illegal and she must be called upon -
the same with her side-kick Malia Cohen.

At the August Chambers - you have two House Negros - surfing the Internet - NOT doing the people work.

One of the them purports to be the President of the Board - London Breed - the other the Chair of the Budget Committee - lacking information, less education - and an air head - Malia Cohen.

Remember - our City and County of San Francisco has a Budget of over $10 Billion.

There is NO sound line item that is vetted - and more evaluated using time tested Accounting Principles.

 Crooked Certified Public Accountants  - come in - churn out the numbers - create an Accounting Sheet - dubious in nature.

I have had these fake numbers - checked by full recognized and respect Certified Public Accountants - who shake their head in abject and utter - dismay.

We are here - the indigenous - and we will be here - and will NOT be moved. 

We have followed the process - we believe in law and order - much as we will not tolerate -  corruption of the worst order.

Everything comes to a boil - there are times - when things get to a saturation point - we realize - that time is now.

Those corrupt and those that do not follow the law - better take notice - it happens - quickly - before you can blink your eye.

The Muwekma Ohlone - this is their land -
each and every square inch stolen -
this City does not have a single legal document -
that states the Ohlone signed over the land -  for FREE -
not a single document - for all the bragging that  goes around.

This is the Land of the Ohlone.

This land was stolen - each and every square inch.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and the crooks are put on notice. Aho.