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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Superintendent Vincent Matthews - has his work
cut out for him - weed out those Managers 
who are tyrant - at the San Francisco Unified School District -
more those that control payroll and accounting - hard working
 employees - who are fed up with the harassment at work.

The San Francisco Unified School District - pretends in the many long meetings it has - with long, convoluted agendas.

Talking in circles - and wasting money on all levels - by management and more the San Francisco Unified School District Board - that know what is  happening - and look at the situation at hand with - disdain. 

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) comes under the State of California - all of its students are mostly from San Francisco.

As the years have gone by - the standards have fallen - our students have been put in harm way - and again and again - we see popping up the ugly head - of disdain - for those that work hard - with the SFUSD Board - caught sleeping at the cockpit.

The heads of payroll, those playing a key role keeping the books - are threatened by Management - and this has been going for years - these hardworking workers - must be loved and respected -  but today they are at their " wits end ".

On June 27, 2017 those gathered at 555 Franklin at the SFUSD Board meeting - fed up - having suffered too much - spoke up - and what they said was - " not pretty ". The SFUSD Board sat quiet as they often do - when shit hits the ceiling - quiet as a mouse - not knowing what to say and less to do.

The SFUSD Board treats the hardworking employees targeted with disdain -  and " respect " which is a key ingredient to any working relationship - is thrown - out the window.

It is amazing to see - how the SFUSD - and more Shaman Walton - who now wants to run for Supervisors of District 10 - at this time is the President of the SFUSD Board - failing to handle the  the serious issues - that have reached saturation point.

Those Managers who have failed to treat our friends with respect  - for years have been treating hard working SFUSD workers like animals - must be FIRED.

When these workers speak out - it demoralizes the teachers, the students, the parents, the supporters, the entire City and County of San Francisco.

The SFUSD Board members use the SFUSD Board as a stepping stone - to run for SF Board of Supervisors - Norman Yee, Jane Kim, Eric Mar, Sandra Fewer and others have run for SF Board of Supervisor - but these members did they duty when they represented the SF Unified School District.

I suppose the SFUSD does not want us - thousands to gather at 555 Franklin Street where the sordid, long boring meetings are held.

 Announce how disgusted many parents are , how disgusted many SFUSD workers are, how disgusted the supporters of the those working hard and belonging to the SIEU Local 1021 Union are? The thousand of temporary workers belonging to SEIU Local 1021 - who should all be made permanent - many have worked for over 10 years, more for 15 years as temporary workers. 

Where is the fairness? Where is the justice? We say San Francisco is the City - that know how - truly? Enough is enough.

It is time the Mayor Edwin M. Lee steps up and uses his pressure - that is if he knows how to be a leader?

It is time the SF Board of Supervisors - step up and find out why State and Local laws are being broken - and tie this nonsense to the rain day fund and other benefits that the SF City and County is quick to dole out to the SF Unified School District.

For over 30 years - I have stepped in and brought about some sanity to the the SF Unified School District - and to the Board - directly and indirectly - it is time the SFUSD Board - take this matter very seriously.

Treat the teachers right - treat those doing pay roll right - treat the temporary worked right - and not keep them as temporary worker for over 5 years - and those who have been there for over 10 years, 15 years - must be compensated.

SFUSD Superintendent - Vincent Matthews

It is time - Superintendent Vincent Matthews who makes in access of $310, 000 plus with benefits - rein in the corrupt Mangers and put them on notice. 

You cannot break the law - threaten and treat adult and professional workers with disdain - this is not some Third World nation - and even there professional people in School and Universities are treated with respect.

The Superintendent Vincent Matthews -
has cast a shadow on SFUSD -
it is not a pretty one - and he must do something about it - now.

San Francisco parents and tax payers in the past - have contributed a lot to the San Francisco Unified School District.

In years past there was a healthy relationship with the tax payers of San Francisco, parents, supporters and friends of the San Francisco Unified School District.

I have been following the SFUSD for the past 35 year plus - and in the past 5 years - the SF Unified School District has gone down hill.

There are so many serious problems - that I do not want to write about them in detail - but, if the changes are NOT made I will.

The President Shaman Walton knows me pretty well - and he better step up with the professional who are working in the payroll and accounting department - and tell the Manager to STOP treating those that are working like animals.  This  has been going on for over 2 years - and this must STOP - now.