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Monday, June 5, 2017


Wuhan Guangseng Photovoltaic Company.

China is poised to take control of all things Photovoltaic.

Lead the world when it comes to clean energy - more Solar energy.

Today China produces two thirds of the world's solar panels and to top it off - buys half the world's solar panels.

China is teaching us Americans - a lesson - that we taught them -  when we bought  and produced materials - such as rice - and then dumped them - and took control of the situation at hand.

One glaring example Haiti.

We created the Banana Republics - in South America - took their produce - and changed the markets. Killed their leaders - and looked the other way - this tactic has now been stopped - made illegal - but other means of - choking nations - goes on.

Put a choke hold on so many economies - that this and more has come to haunt us today - and as long as decent, well educated people - have keen memories - we know the reality and we can fore see the future - you do not need to be a - rocket scientist.

China has even taken steps to circumvent International Law on Dumping  - building factories in Vietnam and Malaysia - to stay in place and in control. It has learned all that has to be learned - when it comes to wheeling and dealing.

As China is poised to have its voice heard loud and clear - it will win -  because -  when it comes to solar and other materials such as steel - it has already shown the world - it can control the markets.

In cities such as Shanghai, China - China is determined to reduce  the energy consumption by more than half that Shanghai consumes - in less than 5 years. This is something that is baffling the world - but China can do it - when its government - sends a mandate.

Shanghai has a population of 25 million plus - China itself has a population of 1.4 Billion - plus.

The ever growing City of Shanghai.

Urban scientists and others have been closely monitoring  the City of Shanghai.

 While the many skyscrapers present today serve their purpose  - as they have to serve - providing a roof to billions - and facilitating office space and more.

However,  the " standard of these buildings " - as best can be described are poor - because in large measure they were were not built to the modern standards found on most developed countries Germany, France, Italy, the United States, the Middle East the large cities Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait -  and so on.

The buildings were built - without any vision of the future.

 The skin of buildings while releasing and increasing the carbon foot print.

These old buildings - cannot be rehabilitated - and in another 40 years most of them will have to be torn down - to build the more contemporary buildings that we now know to be eco-friendly -  silver - gold and platinum buildings.

China has the money and more is learning fast to manufacture Solar Panels - Wind Turbines - working hard behind the scenes to take and capture the best " technology available " and apply them to save their cities and their people.

If China does not act soon - millions will suffer - perhaps even an pandemic situation make arise - that will jeopardize the world. Anyway one looks at the situation at hand - we must work together - the world has already - shrunk. 

The smog in Shanghai will be completely 
eliminated -  much as it will in Beijing.

The smog in Shanghai for example will be reduced within 5 years - and this determination is made now by the Provincial Leaders - and not left to the proponents - who control the local Markets.

The Markets  work in America, France, Germany, the Scandinavian Countries - other countries that have standards - more democratic.

China under President Xi - who has lived in the United States - is determined to remove all the barriers of the past - and produce quality Solar panels - and foster quality - technology. 

Quickly architects and engineers - are mandated to use standards - when it comes to construction and other essential elements that go into building and constructing - skyscrapers and other taller buildings.

In Shanghai as more and more tall building are built - the deep the pilings go down to hit bed rock.

As the piling attempt to reach the bedrock - the more water is pumped out .

Shanghai as do other Urban Area in China - have to deal with liquefaction.

The reality is that the tall buildings - clustered together in many places - will sink after some years - 6 inches or so - after 10 years. 

  Architects and astute Urban Planners -
are amazed how Shanghai operates -  addressing -
drinking water, sewage, electricity, roads and congestion -
 as does cities all over the world - facing the impending challenge - Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.

China took a key role in the recent Paris Climate Change deliberations - and has positioned itself to be a leader. More with the exit of the United States.

This does not mean that China can and will - suddenly teach Germany, France, the United States, other technological advanced nations.

China will learn and improve on things - they do learn - and often steal - much like Japan did a long time ago.

South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, the many other smaller Nations  - the Scandinavian Countries - that have the ability  to address any crises - much before the happen.

With Solar panels, lithium batteries, wind mills, harvesting energy from the sea and ocean - other sources human beings will have to produce " energy ".

More - to address their needs -  to curtail and eliminate - contamination, pollution, and other harmful gases - methane, dangerous particulates, lead, mercury - and so on - as they continue to grow and populated - vast area.

All the while the Carbon Footprint grows larger -
the Ozone level depletes -
Climate rise and Sea Level rise is a reality.

The world is shrinking - America could have taken the lead for its own good - we have a population of 313 million - and an area that is vast and full of some of the best and large resources - an area 3, 317, 812. 8 square miles.

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Rio, Nairobi - the many other cities - where millions have flocked to earn a living and live in slums and if not slums - in areas where density of living - compromises - Quality of Life issues.

America took the lead after World War Two - and the many model we used and implemented - help France, Germany, the many nations that suffered from World War II - including Britain, Ireland, Spain, Australia - directly and indirectly even Japan and Germany that fought us - we put aside our differences and made our world - a better place.

Today - we have  " a nut " is the White House - no one in their sane mind - ever imagined that some one that we now know has lost his mind - tweets nonsense - has throw out all sound diplomacy and daily act like the clown he is.

The Paris Climate Accord

America failed when some one decided NOT to work with the the other 195 Nations who are part of the Paris Climate Agreement.

With America - Syria stands should to shoulder so it seems - what a paradox - and mind boggling.

 Nicaragua opted out - but stated it wanted stricter standards - so there must be some standard and with it good.

China is busy - wheeling and deal in Africa -
seeing is believing - China knows where the riches lie -
such facts belie those who are fast asleep at the cockpit -
wake up America.

China has trillions of dollars - and is buying resources all over the world - including " rare earth materials ".

All over the world more in Africa - which is a rich continent - China  has cornered - food product rice, wheat, fruits, meat, and the list goes on and on.

In return it dumps its cheap product - clothes, shoes, other things used for domestic purposes - has take a keen role in building the railway, dams, creating opportunities for clean drinking water and hydro-electricity, roads, hospitals, large stadiums where the Africans gather and play games - but also gather to decide their future.

In China now - there are some towns - where a lot of  Africans - who now speak the Chinese language be it Mandarin or Cantonese.

These Africans  - have married the local Chinese women - and aim to integrate - be it in China or Africa.

In Africa the Chinese have married the local African women - and in like manner - China is preparing for the future - on all levels - while we monitor the " tweets " - from a  "nut " who now occupies the White House. Aho.