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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Candlestick Stadium has been torn down -
on the current ground - very contaminated -
prone to liquefaction and flooding -
20, 000 units are planned - a shopping mall -
and office space as much as 5 million square feet.

The same Black sell outs - keep selling out the community - in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Now - they want to encourage Proposition " O " - to develop Candlestick Point - 20, 000 homes,  with a large shopping mall and more office space - on very contaminated ground - more prone to liquefaction.

How many times can you tell the 
sellout Negros about contamination -
for money they will sell their mothers.

Leading the charge now on Proposition " O " Sophina Maxwell - the former District 10 Supervisor - who is trying to make a come back. Try harder - chronic sell out that you are.

Others backing this Proposition O - that mandates the City to make amendments to Proposition M - to give Candlestick Point - and a rogue developer newly created to front Lennar Urban - Five Point Holdings, LLC - who have the following sell outs on their payroll:

Sophina Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt, Shamann Walton, DJ Brookter, Linda Richardson, Arelious Walker, Al Williams, Caesar Churchwell -  sordid organization that have done nothing positive for the Bayview Hunters Point and area - Black Young Democrats mostly queer folks, Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club mostly aged and senile folks, and of course the A. Philip Randolph Institute that has learned nothing from the exposure - revealed in the Los Angeles Times.

Why would the Bayview and Hunters Point Area encourage such large development some 20, 000 homes without a sound Environmental Impact Report (EIR) - a through Transportation Analysis Report linked to the area of developement.

 NO Environmental Impact Report and been studied with meaningful community participation - taking into consideration Cumulative Impacts - from the on going operations - Baylands operation, millions of vehicles plying in the area - other operations in an industrial area - a factor that has been left out of any discussion.

Poor landfill on former in fill spewing thousands of tons of Methane gas - as hight as 300, 000 tons   - one ton of Methane Gas - equals twenty two tons - of Carbon Dioxide - contribute to the sea level rise and Climate Change - from this area - only.

Shopping Malls, 20, 000 housing units
on contaminated land - a large parking lot -
next to residential homes - without consulting 
the home owners - defying norms the mostly
Black sell outs.

The rogue developer Five Point Holdings, LLC is out to dictate terms to us constituents. The land really belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - and I represent them is San Francisco.

I am watching these sell outs - mostly Blacks - Blacks now account about two percent of the population of San Francisco and dwindling daily.

In the Bayview the many Blacks are walking like zombies - the walking dead - and these few Black sell outs - want the money - the bribes - for themselves - but have done nothing positive to uplift the community.

Al Williams for example who lives in District 4 - has been raking in millions - selling the community - with large contracts given to him by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

He has just elected himself as the President of Bayview Merchants trying to bring some credibility - but the fact stands - he is a sell out - and has never contributed to the Bayview Hunters Point community - and less to any organization that matters and is working for the community - with limited funds.

DJ Brookter who knows little if nothing about our community - especially environmental issues - is now Director of the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale.

 A Black outsider who with Shamann Walton - another Black sell out - who got himself elected and sits on the San Francisco Unified School Board - talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk.

Both Shamman Walton and DJ Brookter were connected with Young Community Developers - an organization that has reared and an organization that has failed the Bayview and Hunters Point in the last 5 years. 

Shamann Walton is busy pandering to Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Shamann will learn quickly - much as Derf Butler, Angelo King, Keith Jackson, and Dwayne Jones have learned - and more is on the way. The Federal Bureau is monitoring this on going corruption - it may take some years - but get ready to visit your friend that you all listen to now - behind the wall.

Arelious Walker should be ashamed of himself - he knows what is right and what is wrong .

As a pastor he will have to answer his Maker - when he closes his eyes -  this rascal and scoundrel will leave NO legacy - a disgrace to the human race.

What does Caesar Churchill know - beside pulling out teeth that he can no more do?

 -Always hanging in the Bayview a lackey of Willie L. Brown Jr. a former " thug Mayor " of San Francisco - who has his finger - in every pie - making his money - while wearing his fancy clothes and occasionally sporting - a fedora of sorts - he has done Meniola, Texas proud for all the WRONG - reasons. 

Theo Ellington and his queer group have been creating havoc - having programs for young youth - all young men. Oh yea!

Why not young women youth - why are the young women left in the dark? Queer discrimination?

Theo Ellington could have done better - but he now wants to use his stature as the President of a recently formed Young Democrats of San Francisco - to back issues that he and his organization does not understand - less comprehend.

Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is in close proximity to Candlestick Point - a name newly created for an area that is mostly landfill - prone to contamination, liquefaction and severe flooding.

The area and more the surround homes - are prone to cancer, tumor, women delivering still births, ignorant people are told they will housing - but housing that is built on contaminated ground. The surrounding area polluted - and the empirical data is there for the entire world to see and analyze.

Recently MNBC investigates busted up the operations at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - I provide them some empirical data - when Dr Espanola Jackson was alive she was interviewed and after checking the facts with me - gave her interview - which was aired - for all the world to hear and understand.

Why do we have a flyer sent to the constituents of San Francisco - endorsed by all sell out Blacks - when they form only two percent of the population of San Francisco?

Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates and Leaders that matter - will Vote NO - on Proposition " O ".

You read it hear first - watch how the above Black sell outs - one by one - land in jail - the ones taking bribes and selling out the community in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Proposition O is about demanding 5 million square feet of office space - built over 5 years years. The audacity for a rogue developer from outside - to demand such favors.

Right now we have a cap for office space all laid down in detail - in Proposition M - that works. Proposition O seeks to amend the cap on office space Citywide - and focus on office space in the newly planned development - that is contaminated.

Proposition O much like Proposition G - promises Parks and Jobs - Proposition G which was backed by Lennar Urban - rogue developer.

Lennar Urban - has not paid Community Benefits since 2013 - what makes anyone think Five Point Holdings, LLC will keep their promises - same snake different head?

It is a shame how these sell out Blacks I have named above - sell out the community and we all know about their deeds and tolerate them. 

Our infants, our children,  our youth, our young adults, our Seniors are all suffering - mostly because the majority of them have been exposed to the worst contaminants - more from heavy exposure to radiological element - at high levels.

It is amazing how - ignorant folks - who have no clue about cesium, radium, chrome, dangerous particulates, the many hot spots containing dangerous toxic elements - Parcel E2 is one of them - but there are hundreds more.

It does not help that when some few advocates work hard to save the community and more our infants and children - the Black sell outs - many of them just focus on the money - and this is plain - wrong.

Stand up and vote your conscience - and do not back the rogue developers - be it Forest City, Lennar Urban, Five Point Holding, LLC and a host of contractors - like Tetra Tech that keep doing wrong and failing the community at large.